Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Next 48 Hours w/ Wale pt.3 (Video)


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

X.O - Blah Blah

The DC native brings out another hot track. This is X.O single off of One One Ten dropping this New Years. X.O will be having album release party at K street lounge that day also sponsored by Rocksmith and Durkl.

Blah Blah


Smoke Dza xAsher Roth x Devin the Dude x Curren$y x June Summers- Marley and ME Remix

Man I was just talking about how I really have not seen my man Asher in awhile, no track NOTHING. He features on this track with many follow chiefer's in the world on this dope track. This is for all my pot head readers. Many people thought it was a wrap for my boy but he came back strong very ill.

Marley and Me


Ludacris x Twerk Team (Video)

Official Twerk Team: How Low from DTP TV on Vimeo.

Have not been bless with one of there video's in awhile LOL, Shoutout to 2bz for this one lol.


Fashawn Memory Lane

Fasahwn goes on this classic beat. Haven't heard anything from Fashawn in awhile, def in 2010 he will be a force to reckon with. He is dope MC if you don't know much about him make sure you check him out. Look at 21 to grown and Boy Meets World.

Memory Lane


Illustrations by Kervin Brisseaux

This cats portfolio is ILL, I love art wish I could do a lot of the stuff these people can do.


Wale No Days Off ep 4

Wale - No days Off Episode 4 from RealMangoJuice on Vimeo.


Royce 5'9 -Pick My Balls Up

Royce Goes in on this track.
Pick My Balls Up.


Richard Mille RM011 Ti Americas White LE Watch

Go cop this asap if you got 90 g's to drop LOL, still a dope watch.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Wale Halftime show

Wale performed at the Redskin Cowboy game during Halftime. I will not discuss the game many of you no my views. I am on vacation right now on talking about football. Anyway Wale gets to do his thing for his home town team. Below is footage of Wale reaction when showed there effortless tries to do anything in the game. That's a true face of Skins fan every game I know that feeling. (sigh)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just Begun -Talib Kweli x Jay Electronica x J. Cole x Mos Def

O Man O Man O Man, LOL man this track was crazy maybe listen to this song like 20 times and still cant get enough. I am still trying to catch some lines these dudes hit, these cats have bars for days and its crazy how good they are. I am proud of J. Cole for getting on track like this with some greats in the game def a good look for him and of course he held his own like he is a vet in the game already. It was produced by Hi-Tek off his Talib upcoming album Revolutions Per Minute, with a line up like that its over nothing bad could happen. When I first heard this was going be a song with them I went crazy and couldnt wait I am official happy haha. This would be like the new Four Horseman haha.

Just Begun - Talib Kweli x Jay Electronica x J. Cole x Mos Def


Amerie x Fab -More Than Love (Video)

One of the most underrated chicks in the game Amerie drops this video which features Loso better No So. Her album was pretty dope I enjoyed it people really sleep on her.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maestro Knows: Season 3 Ep. 3 – “Ibn Jasper”

Maestro Knows - Episode 3 (Ibn Jasper) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Man if I could Interview Maestro or just be around this dude would be dope, he brings out a whole new outlook on things and hits everything on the dot when it comes to our generation. 09 was def a good year for him and his video's. He brought originality and dope ideas with these projects, showing kid other doors and how so many people out there in the same boat who are trying to make it. Very inspirational


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wale- Bedrock

I dont make NO bedrock I turn that mattress into a Pool BIATCH!!!
Another fly track from Wale, he has def been putting his work with these freestlyes. I wish he went hard at the BET cipher like he did in these pass joints. The cipher was ill but these pass couple joints he has been RIPPIN



More of the Space Jmas

Here is the arguments wish I had better camera. The video is eh because it was acting up and would not let me update it. Pretty blown about it but yea still amusing nonetheless

Sheeds Adventures Space Jams from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.

Sheed Adventure pt 2 from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.


Sheed Adventures : Space Jams

Well it started off as very interesting couple days. The Space Jams came out today and as one of the most anticipated kicks of the year and def in a lot of people's top ten and on a holiday week you knew it was going be crazy. The day started as figuring out what stores and how many pairs they will have in stock or were they opening at 8am or come to the midnight release. Figuring things out and having couple game plans to follow Me and boys hit up Wheaton Mall.

I was going bring my camera to document things but I was like eh. Anyway while at the mall we found out that Finish Line was not having the midnight sale and I was kind of upset. I ended up at Sports Zone which told me they were not having a release that early but they had a line. So while in line I was upset waiting prob like 50 people in front of me. While this is going on I am figuring out other plans to try to get these shoes so I don't get swindled. I hit up Montgomery Mall, City Place, and Lakeforest. It was to OD to get to Montgomery and lakeforest said there was no line but by the time we got there it was a WRAP.
They gave out the tickets for the pairs you wanted. Knowing I have the most popular size range I was out in like 5 mins. Hit the crib started loafing and said we will just get up in the am. If all else failed we was def hitting up Bmore because you should be guaranteed a pair there because not as much folks in Bmore rock J's like that on a normal basis. So after all that midnight release I was believing I might not get a pair and was heated. So we decide to leave in the am and we all meet up and get ready to head back to wheaton.

Lines I believe in Texas or Cali but word on the street was they had like 400 plus in these lines OD!!!

Its like 5 something in the morning we getting ready scoping the area of the mall like some splinter cell ish haha we almost found like a extra exit to break into smh. We all post up at the mall to get pair. We stop by the Foot Action to get our spots because Footlocker and Champs was already full. DTLR, SHOE CITY, and Finish Line were not inaction yet and for some reason people were not in line there yet. Funniest part of the night we in line people start to argue, this chick comes out no where talking about this guy who was in front of me when I got there cutted the Line and started talking some mess. (Don't worry video footage is provided) It gets to the point manger of the mall calls the cops and almost tell us all to leave at that point I almost went Chris Brown on here cuz she wouldn't shut up and they was going kick us out for her mess. When we get there someone was talking bout what they went through and how Sport Zone the store we were there first had 90 PAIRS, I was so upset at myself for leaving but lakeforest gave us false hopes HAHA, I could of had my pairs and been sleeping instead of being up.

So anyway time goes buy Foot Action employees are there and then this is when hell broke loose. Dumb ass Foot Action only had like FOUR PAIRS to give out and no half sizes BULLSHITTIN TO the max, if any Jordan reps ever see this the Foot Action in Westfield in Wheaton MD needs to be sued. Things hit to the next one of my boys stays cuz they might have his pair, Me and my mans hit up scope up some other stores. We looks lines looking long and we got blown but then we was like F that we getting out pair. We swindled our way to the top of the line and stamped our spots no one said shit. Finish Line who was suppose to have midnight release had all the pairs we needed and did it smart. They got all the sizes out went through the line check who needed what and just went two into the store and bounce. i was like 5 in line so I WAS IN THERE BABY.

Finally got my pair and I was Happy, Many other people who dealt with this went through more of Hassle then I did. Many stories I heard were from fights and unorganized stores who had people in the front of the line push to the back. Footlocker stores in PG and Atlanta were pushed in and they broke the gates down... BANANAS!!! Check out some of the photo I received from other blogs and myself. Sorry for shaky and dark video it wasn't the best area but it was very amusing plus I was loud so that always helps. The funny thing is that crazy girl you will here in the video left and didn't get a pair and cuz did.



Kanye @ Cudi Concert

Kanye at a Kid Cudi concert comes on stage shows some love and goes and spits some bars that were crazy and rips it. I am not sure if this was just the a cappella for a next track he is on but you already know Kanye is far from a lot of these artist out right now.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Juelz Santana - "Move The Damn Thing" Feat. Lil Wayne

I used to geek over these collabin way back.. Still juelz is one of my favs but yea both come dope on the track def give it a listen.
Move The Damn Thing


Kid Cuddi in Cuffs..

Kid Cudi was doing a photoshoot with NME in Cali when police officers pulled out there gun on Scotty, they mistaken him and his crew as burglary suspects. I guess the cops did not take racial profiling class. They rolled up on his entourage just to detain them the Cudder was not arrested. I guess burglary suspects rock Supreme and have camera crews near them tsk tsk.

Who knows, really, the story changed a bunch,” he said. “I’m just happy to be back. I’m a free man! For that moment I was not free. I was in handcuffs. It did not feel very comfortable.”He added that he did not begrudge the police for the error: “We’re in LA, it’s a rowdy place in the United States, you know? And a lot of shit goes down. And these cops have to use force. So it’s, like, I understand that they were doing their job. I just wish we weren’t in that place at that time.”


Kendrick Lamar – Interview / A Little Appalled (Freestyle)

I heard this kids name around before just never took a listen to him. This cat is dope after watching the brief interview and hearing him rip this beat he is def someone I have to try to listen to more.You have to love hearing the hunger in the voice of an artist. He says in the interview he changed his name from K Dot to his govt because he wanted people to know his story of who he is and where he came from, also says he wanted people to take him more as an artist and not just any other cat out there rapping. You have to admire stuff like that.


Jay-Z – “Forever Young” (ft. Mr. Hudson) Video

So I just heard many people do not like this song.... WHAT this is my JAM lol but nah first I heard this song I liked it but yea check out the video.


Cory Gunz – HipHopBeef Freestyle (Video)


Monday, December 21, 2009


Have two more videos for you with these puppets. Krs One as Santa responding back and very amusing. Nike has hit the mark with these people always look forward for these


Wale – The Meeting

"I spit that Rayful Edmonds till my mouth is numb"

Wale went in on this track, this was actually considered as the opening of Attention Deficit. This track was produced by Osinachil, I believe this was the track before Wale was officially signed and was told to spit what he wanted to accomplish as an artist. In this track you here the thirst and hunger in his voice and you still here that in his music today you have yo admire that as an artist. Wale has def came into his own.

Wale – The Meeting


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kobe x Lebron x Lupe Fiasco (Video)

YO blizten aka Lupe rip this haha, these Nike commericals always have me dying out. Another Dope commercial from Nike

"Santa lookin’ shook. Kobe lookin’ shook. Lebron lookin’ shook. I’ll throw your ball on the roof."


Friday, December 18, 2009

Wale – Thank You Freestyle

"If you havent heard this shit I recommend you rewind"
Wale – Thank You Freestyle


Thursday, December 17, 2009


I thought I bring some Holiday joy to Dats Dope World. Many are on break and ready for holidays and presents. This is an old video of Sean "Take Dat Take Dat" Combs brought a dope lineup on this Eartha Kitt classic making a dope sample remix to this song. You have Rev Run on this track with Onyx, Salt N Peppa, Snoop, Keith Murray and Mase. Snoop def comes on this track this brings back memories to that early Hip Hop days when Bad Boy was the ish.



Rosa Acosta has to be the baddest in the game, I cant find any flaws on her and if you follow her on twitter you want her even more LOL. Def a hottie of 09'


Stussy Japan 2009


Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Who doesnt like Tim Burton, he has def made some legendary films that many people grown up on.


Young Money on Mo'Nique


R.I.P Chris Henry

Today was brought to me that Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry has passed away. To who that know about Chris Henry he just started turning himself around after rough early years in the NFL with his off field situations. Chris Henry was great player for Cincinnati as nice deep threat. He was very young man just taken away at the wrong time. The situation is still not clear just that he had an altercationg with his fiance. It is just sad to see someone who was turning their life around and getting right go like this. R.I.P Chris Henry pray for his family he has three young children he has left behind.


Raekwon – Pyrex Vision (Video) *NSFW!!!!**

Like I it says in the title *NSFW* must be 18yrs old and over to watch this.

my question is who has the most raunchy video Chef or Ghost with Stapleton Sex?


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 YEARS for Graffiti? REALLY

Wow this very disturbing thing to Me. Make sure you watch the video Before reading.

18-year-old Sebastian Perez was sentenced to 8 years. 8 YEARS PEOPLE for spray painting on some buildings. I am not justifying what he did and saying he is right but the kid is 18 yrs old 18!!!!, at 18 everyone is still doing some of dumbest things and I know many people doing foolish things today but if we got caught for every dumb thing that we did man we should of been in jail years ago. We spend more money on Jail funds then schools, that is just not right that instead of building our youth up into something great we punish them and sentence them jail for small crime yea crime is a crime but we have use logic in this matter. How you going take someone life away so early? He will be out by 26 but so much life is wasted right there he will be in a state prison CRAZY!!! While we have child molesters and rapist only doing 2-5 years with chance of parole. Homeboy here gets no chance of parole and has to do each year. Lil Wayne said it best in

misunderstood "you know we don't have room in the jail now for the real mothaf**kas, the real criminals sex offenders, rapists serial killers, s**t like that"

The damages Perez did cost nearly to 7,000 dollars but that is nothing compared to 140,000 dollars the Texas Taxpayers will be dropping to keep him in jail. All that money we could building Schools, Rec Centers and etc, that is a lot of money we could be dropping on more important things in life instead of being ass and trying to prove a point of people.This sickens me to see how they can throw us young people away and not care about us thinking this system actually works, then expect them to rehabilitated when they get homeboy probably will not be able to get a job cuz he spent 8 years in jail for spraying a wall. This is just not right..........


Vintage film

I love seeing vintage clips from back in the day. This was the beginning of Hip-Hop many people prob think this is nothing..... but this is something big seeing something from the start and the excitement all of them had many prob would have never thought back than this is where it be right now.


Play Cloths 2009 Holiday Collection

Play Cloths holiday collection is pretty dope. It took me awhile to actually like there designs, but there simple designs all come together properly. They def have some ill things coming out right now. Via: Hypebeast


Coolrain – Kasina 12″ Figures

This is pretty Dope idea, make some toy's and have them rocking clothing that is very popular. Actually have some of these shirts, its just weird seeing smaller version of it and why did the shirt of shirt I have the guy looks so extra mean ha.

Coolrain a Korean Custome toy-maker recently put together the a series of figures for Korean retailer Kasina. There are four different versions that mimic some of the current influences within streetwear on both a fixed gear/skate and fashion perspective. Source


Maxwell feat. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix)

Help Somebody


Type and Walk

Well this is another Dope thing iPhone has done. Its crazy how they came up with it, people always texting and never paying attention to there surroundings fall or bump into things. With this they activate your camera screen and you can text while your walking so you can pay attention DOPE.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mystery Solved?

Dude from NiceKicks said it best that the Muppets are out generations Mars Blackmon and Lil Penny. These are def our thing, mad funny.


!llmind x Dub MD – Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 4 (Mixtape)

I actually got this sent to me the otherr day but I was just listening to the mixtape I forgot to post a dope little mix.

As the festive season grows closer and closer, Illmind and Dub MD are back with an early Christmas present for everyone following the movement, with the fourth installment of the Blaps, Rhymes & Life compilation series. This edition is a little special, and the first of its kind, comprising of 2 Discs with double the dose of classic !llmind production. Volume 4 showcases the usual mixture of mainstream/upcoming artists: KRS-One, Keith Murray, Erykah Badu, Big Pooh, Skyzoo, Jared Evan, Reef The Lost Cauze, D-Black, Thoth and many more.

!llmind x Dub MD – Blaps, Rhymes & Life


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