Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is this the last Kobe & Lebron Commercial?

Now that lebron has been kicked out the playoffs will this be the last of the funny puppet commercials? I was going drop the lil dez one but this maybe be the last one and you might not have all see in it so I bring it to you today. Really though Nike keep them coming them commercial are hilarious and who ever is coming up with it pay him so more haha.

Man forget that here is Lil Dez also


Its A Sneaker Thing

LOL this is to all the "sneakerheads" out there. Sometime in your lifetime you felt like this, maybe you still do. What time if anyone stepped on your kicks especially brand new one it was automatic fight. Especially people who would clown you for loving your kicks you always wanted to Jab them cuz they were the main ones stepping on them. To The SneakerHeads !!!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wale x Carson Daly

In case you missed it last night here is goes, Wale gave big shout out for all of us this is def a good look.


Friday, May 29, 2009

So The Cops again

Now this is way to far. So Cops fighting damn EMT are you SERIOUS? Message to you cops stop doing stupid things you know people have there camera ready. just watch the video. SMH moment


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fab- My time

All I am saying Fab needs to hurry up and drop this shits dope

O yea once again I say RYAN LESLIE = GENIUS


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drake x Peter Rosenberg x YE

Peter Rosenberg is funny as shit this great little interview he had with Drake shitty camera skills but always dope none the less Rosenberg is always a good look shout to MOCO lol.

Rosenberg to drake: "Your being something I could never do Being Black and Jewish" "Its never goin F****N happen Ive tried ask anyone at north chevy chase ES"

O yea peep the awkwardness kanye does with Rosenberg haha classic YE



Today I was driving and my ipod was dead so I was forced to actually listen to the radio which I hate doing. I go through all our main DMV stations and listen to about 15 songs prob and I hear a lot of Kid Cudi, Drake, shit even some Asher and I equally jam to each of theses cats but one thing that came to my head where is WALE? Not to be like Wale is better than him or anything but last time I checked Wale is on top of the game with many of these new MC's and hold up aint he from the DMV hmmm??? So why isnt he getting enough air play like all the other MC's that just coming out. I am not even the biggest fan of Wale first single "Chillin" because he has better but wouldn't you think as someone who is from the DMV and is repping where he is from that area would support him and play his music a lot on the stations? I would think so but I guess that is not happening. As Wale's Hate Is The New Love basically describes what I am actually talking about. If you are from the area it does seem like people will hate on anyone once they see them actually shining I guess you can say and when ever they see that person they really try to bring them down, so is this what the radio stations are doing to there own local artist? I just want everyone to realize that this actually happening, and I have had many discussions with people and a lot of us always said for Wale to get big he would have to leave DMV asap and he did and I think he gets a lot more love out of the area then in DMV, You tell me I would like to know.
If I was Wale I know I be a little dissapointed wouldnt you?


Monday, May 25, 2009


lol let me find out that pitbull actually got some hood in him he wasn't lying LOL, look at 55 secs and see what Pitbull does to this cat and the gangsta part about it he keeps on going with his performance like nothing happen. Via:DdotOmen



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life Of Villains

I came across this a while back I was on hypebeast and i checked out there forums and new designer groups they have, I go there a lot especially just to see how people do different things with the clothing line specifically because I need to learn because of my process to do y own clothing line, and it is also a dope way to find new clothing people do not know of that is dope.
Here is some clothing from Life Of Villains I am diggin alot of there stuff I wish they bring out some stuff that did sell out.

Def check them out


FlyBoyRadio 2.0 The Summer Edition

I hope you did not think we were done with this. School is over but flyboy radio is still in session. my man T.A.S.K delivers another great show today with always best music, hottest college radio station in the world.
Here is the podcast of today's past session:

But do not wait until later enjoy it by podcast come by and jam to best college radio station live in action every Sunday 3-6

88.1FM if in College Park

Online at:

call in when you can during live show 301-314-8800

Read more... x Briana Latrise Interview

My man D. Omen from has done it again and brought us a dope interview with the one that you may know as the Sonic Crusher. I believe Charles Hamiltons assistant the girl who jabbed him in the face but yea anyway I meant to put this up the other day but work came and didnt get time to blog but yea.
Here is the interview:

By the way you should def check her blog out she is dope artist def bout to get some of her stuff to put on the blog.


Nike Basketball MVP’s Kobe & LeBron Mrs. Lewis Commercial

These videos are too funny lol.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sheed's Adventures

Now that is summer and eve though I do not have a shitload of time on my hand because of work me being who I am I will always run into some type of debauchery lol. So every time something does happen I will now have my camera to witness any event and blog about and this summer people will get to enjoy "Sheed's Adventures". So for our first entry we will have the "Crazy Night in Glenmont Forest" If you stay where I have you have experience the craziness that has gone down there for YEARS.

(In these stories most names will never be named for safety and legal reasons LOL)

So where to BEGIN hmm??? Anyway I was invited to this "party" some of my friends were throwing for memorial day weekend. I had work so I was not sure I was even going but I got off a little early and left to participate in these activities. My friends have thrown many events at there house and I kind of knew what to expect. A lot of people being loud, drinking, a little smokage of the devils lettuce and maybe ONE noise complaint so i show my face for an HOUR and dip. WRONG this was a WHOLE new scene for me and my boys who rolled in, and let me tell you it was only 12:30 when I got there and I see cops and kids running and going all crazy. So I circle around till my man tells me its good to come through and come to find out it was just young kids acting reckless trying to fight people at the party cops came you know the deal. So at the party Vibin chillin dap and giving people pounds that I know couple brews in the system feeling nice, couple dances you know.

Some Clips of folks censor of faces so no incriminating evidence LOL i got yall dont worry.

So party going crazy I am like damn half of these people I dont even know and here once again Cops come LOL just busted all in the crib haha I am like damn. So this is still the beginning of EVERYTHING lol. So people start clearing out and the cops getting all crazy and shit I guess no action happen tonight so they got all brawlic and shit. Cops cussing people out and first thing they did wrong is messing with the wrong young adults ahaha I guess they didn't realize that majority of the people in there are educated and no the LAW lol. If you have not been in argument or any type of dialogue with a cop you do not know that they HATE when people actually know the law. So my friend owner of the spot yelling at them get out my house blah blah because technically without permission of the owner officer can not step foot inside the residence if it is own, and if they do they have to have specific papers IE warrant to be able to step in which they did not have lol yea I took law class I know a little something. So I leave anyway and one small cop tried to come all in my FACE cussin me out trying to size me up I guess out of all people ME I guess its the glasses I dont look intimidating enough so yea haha. He tries me and then I talking to him and shit he still get all aggressive so my man grabs me and I walk away because I have been watching CNN lately and to many young folks getting ROCKED my the police and I am not trying to be the next one .

So we clear out so we come back again help clean up and stuff like that just chillin geekin and just acting goofy. Everything chill and then my man who actually brought people with got faded:
So this when it gets funny as shit the people he brought were all tryin to figure how people will get home and we getting him out of there lol. So after millions of attempts I just start laughing cuz its been like forever for me to do this. So the owner my friend spazzes and wants him out blah blah and I am just like what ever I just want to go home I am tired. No one wanted to pick him up because 1 he might throw up on somebody and 2. He might jab somebody he a angry drunk haha so no one was trying to deal with it.

So finally we get him out he goes with his boy and were chilling outside, but its not over as soon as we get comfortable we see a little to much movement and people pointing in our directions and I am like whats going on. Our friends their neighbors window got smashed and they called the cops so my friend told us to dip so we were like not again. This is about 4 am so we all leave everyone dips in there car my mans also walks in our direction also near our cars but he is with "tiger" we will call her that cuz thats a whole NEW sheed's adventure stories haha. So I am walking with my boys and we see 4 cop cars parked right next to ours like really wtf what are the odds so we walk and already knew they were going try to give us the D**K anyway they ask for ID's and me being the asshole that I am I said for what, they said to identify you I am like for what I am no minor I am not pass my "bedtime" or "Curfew" so before I could say no my boys already had theres so I was like whatever. So while they were processing us we were talking to the cops and they were chill whatever but then all of sudden I swear like 7 more cop cars showed up I am like damn none of us have warrants so I am like wtf so we were basically trapped I see there lil clubs "Nigga Beating Clubs" and shit so I am like o shit bout to go down, so those cops were dicks and im like ughhh can i just leave I am just blown to the MAX those asshole cops just came to add there 2 cents in and blah blah.

So that was my night lol moral to the the story do not have OD ass parties and have young heads kill joy the whole mood, don't let cops be assholes to you and the biggest one especially to all my Dats Dope readers out there if you bring a chick "Tiger" and you trying to get at her and do not get to OD drunk and sloppy because there is always another nigga right behind you waiting to scoop her up ahaha shout to my mans (no names he knows) LLS

Another shoutout to Skeemer of the year who left his own party dip gave the DOUGGIE and came right back reckless ass HAHA


Friday, May 22, 2009

American Apparel RECKLESS

Why Are They So Reckless with there ADS lol what do you think about this comment.




That is what I am calling this track, this def epic my man J Ferb def threw me this track early this today on the twitter with his man Shov check this out I AM TELLING YALL DATS DOPE READERS ITS A MOVEMENT YALL GET WIT IT.
Listen to it here:


Damn Charles

LOL Charles Hamilton just got B***H by some chick on video that was priceless to me. LLS though I guess Homegirl got in her feelings must be some real background shit but 1 point for chick 0 for Charles Hamilton haha yo CH I guess there isnt nothin like a brooklyn girl lol. wait till the near end



Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I would buy this but...

Dope Shirt still blown so yea eh here it is.



Never really listen to this dude but its always a Lost in the game to see young dude be lost so young in the game. This one track goes kind of weird though he just made this track Last week i heard he talking about his death kind of off some tupac shit not lyrically but just talking about the week he does pass away. Anyway RIP DOLLA.

Georgia Nights - Dolla


Monday, May 18, 2009

Later T.I

Here is some footage from T.I farewell party from 2dopeboyz. This is funny to me though like everyone and especially TI has been doing all this stuff and go crazy because he going to jail. LOL son you are only going for a year he acts like he is getting what he was suppose to 20+ years lol. I have never been jail and never planned to but still I take that year and eat up over 20+easily haha. I just find it funny he is having all these big events and shows and talking how he is going to do it in jail, I swore he did like 2 years before so he should be happy he has like 12 months. None the less TIP see ya in a year and don't drop the soap.

O yea Just in so TI will only have 2 month hahah lucky bastard ahaha big ups to TI for only having that and still acting like he gone forever

Secret Video From T.I.'s Farewell Party from Gyant on Vimeo.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Asher Roth - Be By Myself Live (Video)

Pretty Dope Asher and The Roots its a PA thing lol but nah asher is sick people keep loafing on his skills the cat can spit stop underestimating him people but yea this is one of my favorite tracks from the album.


Old School Video

Mobb Deep - G.O.D. part 3

What Happen if Prodigy stayed consitent and stayed off that shit this nigga would've been one of the best. Mobb Deep were so DOPE. Havoc and Prodigy were the truth back in the day this what I really first listen to as a kid but yea here is the vid.


Yea I'm Getting these

Air Jordan 5 “Toro Bravo” aka Raging Bull Pack are to dope for me to pass up usually in packages I always look for someone to get the other kick but these are to dope for me not to get both they release world wide May 30th yea I be paid by then lol.


Cops REALLY think run ISH

Before watching video Have to say this is very disturbing and not everyone be able to watch it. This shows that cops think they have control, to me I think many police officers have some inner ego problem that they had from young age and have many power issues in there life. I personally have no respect for officers I dont like any of them they bother me none of them are doing there JOB they are here just to harass. So to this video this is a Pastor video tape his experience. Many officers feel threaten when the "subject" actually know there information on the law and try to get real BIG with you. Just watch the clip and see for yourself.



Thursday, May 14, 2009

D. Omen - Say What I Feel

My man D. Omen from spits on drake track shits dope he flowed on the beat perfectly shits crazy he has not dropped anything in awhile he just been doing his blog thing but he is rapper and he is nice he back in action look out for my man.


So Here Is the Story

So here it goes It started of with this video Click the snapshot to watch it. So VIBE came out with another Best Rapper Bracket and I know no one knew about it until this pass video that was on JoeBuddenTV, because no one really cares about VIBE. So if you do not know the story already Joe is disappointed in the list and many of the seeding. I am more upset about who is actually in the list then some of the seedings. So budden goes in and talks about a lot of the rappers here and brings the name of METHOD MAN and that is where we r today.

Here is the Bracket:Click to enlarge
I personally Hate this bracket LOL, it some of biggest BS ever on here a lot of it is on name and sells, because if you go on best rapper EVER you DO NOT have MC HAMMER OR BOW WOW. This turned into a highly LONG discussion on twitter by the way follow me SHEEDDAKIDD but yea it was like 2 pages long. So the argument now is would budden murder METH in a battle and who is better. My argument was budden is NASTY with lyrics and would finish many of these artist on here. My thing is with the seeding Meth deserves his spot because we are not talking about battling just best rapper and lyricist and Meth is up there he has his stripes, but budden def deserved a Higher spot then damn 32, it looks to me VIBE just threw a list together from what was hot then and now because you have like 50 vs Rick Ross. They weren't going by the skill.

Here is printscreen of some of the views of the matter. Click to enlarge
ANYWAY the bracket sucks but for me Budden should have went at someone else Meth is a season VET in the game he is no BUM he is NICE he done so much for the game. Because your talking about ever you can not put peoples old work out of the situation because that is what made them. Because people are like right now joey is better or so and so blah blah, if that was the case this would be the best rapper of 09 and it would just be rappers like BLU, BUDDEN, WALE, DRAKE, ASHER, LIL WAYNE, TI, LUDA AND ETC. But because we are talking about EVER people we are including 36 chambers and songs with Meth ripping shit in M.E.T.H.O.D MAN.
But it is whatever right now because I ve been talking about this forever and it wont stop because this is what ME and my PPLS do for fun talk HIP-HOP but Joe this is what he does he battles, Meth is NASTY with it, BIG UP TO VIBE for putting the biggest controversy of 09 for hip hop this is what they had in plan get them a lil boost in the ratings. We will just have to wait and see if these two cats will Battle and have the best 16. I would love to see these two go at it wouldn't you?
O YEA CANIBUS AS 31 SEED and that's same as BOW WOW lol so you consider them on the SAME LEVEL your saying BOW WOW is better than BUDDEN? and same level as CANIBUS LOL VIBE YALL SUCK and some GARBAGE LOL


I guess I have to learn how to SKATE

Couple post ago i showed you the Para x Vans shoe and my addiction but they had something in the shoe I did not even peep and that was pretty dope. If I suck at skating does Tony Hawk & SKATE video game count lol?


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Like most people I know and surround myself with are SNEAKER HEADS and I MEAN heads. I am far from one compared to a lot I know there like the MASTER and I am the young grasshopper LOL. Anyway these two kicks are pretty dope and i would ROCK THEM BOTH pretty hard there just dope to me. First is the KEnter text hereKK icks/HI x Reebok Reverse Collection Many people around me know about my infatuation with Reebok I do not know why but the remake of a lot of them are Dope as Hell and there comfy as shit I can pretty much walk anywhere and the feet are all gravy. I think the Reverse Jam is probably my favorite one out of the Reebok the colorway they have I am really digging. These are released in atmos but hopefully they will have US release date soon are try to go to atmos and change it to us from Japanese.

The Second shoe is Nike “Tennis Ball” Hypermax I would FREAK THE HELL OUT OF THESE I don't know why but I guess the bright ass colors scream to me. They look real comfy to that's another major kick rule for me COMFORT but yea back to the point these are dope and this a LEADERS link up with the shoe and I am really feeling I guess I am going to have to make a trip to Chicago No release date on these yet.

All Via: HypeBeast


Stussy DC & Stones Throw

This was dope ass event. I went with my man Premo once again on another mission. This was last week we ran into a lot of folks. I heard of this even via twitter and Premo was explaining me to who there were. Basically Stones Throw is record company and plays there music through podcast. The music was live and I was already in the zone so I was feeling it way more. Music was on point and everyone was jamming the vibe was real good. Check my man Premo at 5 mins lol staring hard as shit haha I was there somewhere haha didn't get any clip buts its all good. Check it out and def look Stones Throw they got that good vibe music.

Stussy DC x Stones Throw In-store Event from Commonwealth on Vimeo.


Call Simone

Tracy Morgan is HILARIOUS he is my man I saw this couple months ago but I finally found the clip. He does a parody of Eryka Badu Call Tyrone he does it for the fellas GOOD STUFF TRACY ahaha.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Psp Design

Thought this was pretty Dope design if it is for the PSP. The Psp was already dope but with this new design it will have better Internet capabilities and better screen to watch movies. The slide motion is pretty sick so you can just watch and play on the go easily.


Nike Air Flight Lite White Men Cant Jump


Vans x Para

So my man Premo got me on vans and that is all I have been pretty much looking at lately and like trying to customize my own colorway to rock they are some comfy ass shoes so do not be surprise if I get like 6 because there a nice ass price but yea saw these Vans x Para thing up and they had some dope designs on these.

Via: Hypebeast


SpongeBob SquarePants x Nooka 10th Anniversary Watch

"Scheduled to release throughout 2009-10, the watches for men and women, will see a retail price tag of $170 and $275"
Via: HypeBeast


Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Missions

My Sunday missions usually just making regular moves but today was mothers day so was doing mostly fam events. But I still got to go hit up FLY BOY RADIO it was very live show and hot segments.

A interview with DC's own Osinachi, Darkchild Producer who has produced for Wale (Nike Boots, etc.) Ciara, & PussyCat dolls among others. We also got a free copy of Ciara's new CD.

Silver Spring artists Rich & Seyi ( drop by the studio

Shout out to my man Izeeky the Most Freaky who came up for the week and did his thang on FLY BOY RADIO today so big ups to him

Show was very dope with couple cyphers going on we made it fun event.

But check the podcast of fly boy radio

And tune into FLY BOY RADIO sunday 3pm-6pm

During the trip I had my partner in crime PREMO who been doing a lot of my Sunday Mission and other missions but yea he does his little recording of us jammin in the car and whole time I had no idea I prob wouldve given a little show r sometihng if I knew lol but I guess thats the film major in him lol but shouts outs to him.


Back In Action

Sorry for the Inconvenience folks. The pass couple days I have had problems with the page with comments and loading and extra stuff. I could not get to it earlier because it has been finals week and school has been crazy that's why I have just been posting a lot of videos to keep you occupied till i got everything situated but anyway we are back in action people and we can not be stopped.


Friday, May 8, 2009


LOL I do not know where my man got these photos but I know know other website, blog or any other media source had it because he is the only one I saw updates from and twitts from. SHIT IS CRAZY first CASSIE now RHI hahah man RHI is killing Cassie right now haha WOWZERS is all I have to say. Thanks again to DDOTOMEN.COM for the twitts and photos this is classic

must be 18 or older to see these crazy raunchy pics (I always wanted to say that haha)


Wale on ESPN’s First Take

So wale gets on First take talks about the Caps show is support for local teams and is fan of the game I am liking this and giving us some lime light 09 has been really good for DMV but WALE saying "this is what I DOES" LOL for real son? haha but its all good its a good look and I am glad he got on here.

Wale on First Take from Elitaste on Vimeo.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wale Behind The Scenes "Chillin"

got hold of Wale and asked him couple questions while on the set of the "CHILLIN" video he also got hold of Tre of UCB, Young Chris, and Jabari the video looks like its bout to be Dope they shooting a scene at Legendary Ben's Chili bowl, also D.Omen did provide us with some great photos and of course BUN B had to come through to show DMV some love. x Wale Interview from DDotOmen on Vimeo.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Old School Video

Man When This song came out this was the ish lol. I am not going to lie to you back middle school I thought JaRule was like best rapper out there LOL. None of you out there can lie that you did not think that was hot ass track and when jarule came out it was dope haha. I was a real fan though too and if you knew me in middle school you might of remeber my screen name lol but yea Jay rip it like usual this song was just dope and right soundtrack for Rush Hour and everyone knew that.


Monday, May 4, 2009

What a Great Cypher

So like I said before I was going give you all the cypher that we had later after we were of the air on FlybBoy radio but yea we got it recorded and I will show you what I expect from most people when they send me stuff. But yea anyway I was watching this and even my 9 Month old nephew knew this was dope ish lol he was bobbing his head and calmness the whole night he knew what was up. so enjoy the cypher you are bout see.

Fly Boy Radio - College Park Cypher from Malcolm X on Vimeo.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

FlyBoy Radio

Today was a great show once again the Best College Radio Station FlyBoy Radio. Today I got to swing through the radio station and see what was good with FlyBoy Radio. I am going give you a little summary of what was going on earlier this afternoon. Well TASK had a guest appearance from Colo Bondz and he dropped couple songs of his the first song I was personally not feeling but the other tracks were decent. They also had RouteOneforLife Project come through and talk about there project and what they our doing around the CP life. FlyBoy radio bringing you the regular jams and ThrowbackSwag on 1000 west coast edition with Classic Snoop, Dre Cube & More

We also had couple live cyphers and one after the we went of the air hopefully Tobi your mans can send me it so the Dats Dope viewers get to enjoy JFerb and extra get it in.

Check out the podcast folks I will be delivering you this every week and stay tune for next week for the last show of the semester of FlyBoy Radio.

If you also want to check out the Route One for life movement they got going on just check there site


5 things about Kid Cudi

Cudi is weird cat lol this is pretty chill video of him just saying 5 things that you wouldn't know about him but hmm yea he seems like a chill cat but the funniest thing was the "Non-Athlete" comment he had haha when Kanye ask him to play ball hahaha.



Peep everyone in the background faces from the camera man to the two guys geeking in the bottom right corner LOL-- priceless

Man I know a lot of you are pretty upset if you ordered that fight last night. So the Hatton car gets knocked out in like what the 2nd round that is not a good look my man. My questions after paying for a fight and its over like that what do you do when your having a big fight party? haha But yea Pacquiao is crazy but I still think Mayweather will bang his small ass out


New Mixtape- Hezekiah

So I bring to you a Fresh new mixtape from this cat Hezekiah. I wrote on him earlier last month, he was opening for Mos Def and he is pretty live with his performance so I was digging his music and everything. This is actually his first mixtape even though he has been in the game for awhile. He gives a new good sound to the game right now that I like, his flow is nice and everything just really blends well. The mixtape "CURE FOR THE COMMON SOUL". I dig this whole mixtape I give it 8.5/10 I would have rated it higher but at first he was spitting a lot in the beginning but I have forgotten he was a producer first but yea anyway mixtape is dope go ahead and download it.


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