Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Like most people I know and surround myself with are SNEAKER HEADS and I MEAN heads. I am far from one compared to a lot I know there like the MASTER and I am the young grasshopper LOL. Anyway these two kicks are pretty dope and i would ROCK THEM BOTH pretty hard there just dope to me. First is the KEnter text hereKK icks/HI x Reebok Reverse Collection Many people around me know about my infatuation with Reebok I do not know why but the remake of a lot of them are Dope as Hell and there comfy as shit I can pretty much walk anywhere and the feet are all gravy. I think the Reverse Jam is probably my favorite one out of the Reebok the colorway they have I am really digging. These are released in atmos but hopefully they will have US release date soon are try to go to atmos and change it to us from Japanese.

The Second shoe is Nike “Tennis Ball” Hypermax I would FREAK THE HELL OUT OF THESE I don't know why but I guess the bright ass colors scream to me. They look real comfy to that's another major kick rule for me COMFORT but yea back to the point these are dope and this a LEADERS link up with the shoe and I am really feeling I guess I am going to have to make a trip to Chicago No release date on these yet.

All Via: HypeBeast


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