Friday, May 1, 2009


Let me find out Canada is bringing out some Dope artist. I want to put you all on to some good feeling music with this cat Slakah the BeatChild, the name itself is DOPE. He is another Canadian artist that has been popping up lately. I was doing my usual Internet thing listening to music on all these other blogs and I think it was more of his name that caught my attention. The song I heard first was "Enjoy ya Self" and its featuring another Canadian native Drake so I gave it a listen. I had to give it another listen to see how much I liked it and had to listen to all of his other songs and they were all dope to me. He brings that Raphael Saadiq, J Dilla type of sound that I love if you are into music your going have to love this.


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For this blog the sky is the limit there is no end in the possibilities that we have from Fashion, Trends, Art, Music, Graphic Design, and Technology to things happening here in the GOOD OLD DMV. If you are any type of artist or someone who wants to get a word out here just shoot me an email and we can get things started. I am here to get anyone & anything out there from struggling music artist, clothing designers to whatever you can think of.

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