Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sheed's Adventures

Now that is summer and eve though I do not have a shitload of time on my hand because of work me being who I am I will always run into some type of debauchery lol. So every time something does happen I will now have my camera to witness any event and blog about and this summer people will get to enjoy "Sheed's Adventures". So for our first entry we will have the "Crazy Night in Glenmont Forest" If you stay where I have you have experience the craziness that has gone down there for YEARS.

(In these stories most names will never be named for safety and legal reasons LOL)

So where to BEGIN hmm??? Anyway I was invited to this "party" some of my friends were throwing for memorial day weekend. I had work so I was not sure I was even going but I got off a little early and left to participate in these activities. My friends have thrown many events at there house and I kind of knew what to expect. A lot of people being loud, drinking, a little smokage of the devils lettuce and maybe ONE noise complaint so i show my face for an HOUR and dip. WRONG this was a WHOLE new scene for me and my boys who rolled in, and let me tell you it was only 12:30 when I got there and I see cops and kids running and going all crazy. So I circle around till my man tells me its good to come through and come to find out it was just young kids acting reckless trying to fight people at the party cops came you know the deal. So at the party Vibin chillin dap and giving people pounds that I know couple brews in the system feeling nice, couple dances you know.

Some Clips of folks censor of faces so no incriminating evidence LOL i got yall dont worry.

So party going crazy I am like damn half of these people I dont even know and here once again Cops come LOL just busted all in the crib haha I am like damn. So this is still the beginning of EVERYTHING lol. So people start clearing out and the cops getting all crazy and shit I guess no action happen tonight so they got all brawlic and shit. Cops cussing people out and first thing they did wrong is messing with the wrong young adults ahaha I guess they didn't realize that majority of the people in there are educated and no the LAW lol. If you have not been in argument or any type of dialogue with a cop you do not know that they HATE when people actually know the law. So my friend owner of the spot yelling at them get out my house blah blah because technically without permission of the owner officer can not step foot inside the residence if it is own, and if they do they have to have specific papers IE warrant to be able to step in which they did not have lol yea I took law class I know a little something. So I leave anyway and one small cop tried to come all in my FACE cussin me out trying to size me up I guess out of all people ME I guess its the glasses I dont look intimidating enough so yea haha. He tries me and then I talking to him and shit he still get all aggressive so my man grabs me and I walk away because I have been watching CNN lately and to many young folks getting ROCKED my the police and I am not trying to be the next one .

So we clear out so we come back again help clean up and stuff like that just chillin geekin and just acting goofy. Everything chill and then my man who actually brought people with got faded:
So this when it gets funny as shit the people he brought were all tryin to figure how people will get home and we getting him out of there lol. So after millions of attempts I just start laughing cuz its been like forever for me to do this. So the owner my friend spazzes and wants him out blah blah and I am just like what ever I just want to go home I am tired. No one wanted to pick him up because 1 he might throw up on somebody and 2. He might jab somebody he a angry drunk haha so no one was trying to deal with it.

So finally we get him out he goes with his boy and were chilling outside, but its not over as soon as we get comfortable we see a little to much movement and people pointing in our directions and I am like whats going on. Our friends their neighbors window got smashed and they called the cops so my friend told us to dip so we were like not again. This is about 4 am so we all leave everyone dips in there car my mans also walks in our direction also near our cars but he is with "tiger" we will call her that cuz thats a whole NEW sheed's adventure stories haha. So I am walking with my boys and we see 4 cop cars parked right next to ours like really wtf what are the odds so we walk and already knew they were going try to give us the D**K anyway they ask for ID's and me being the asshole that I am I said for what, they said to identify you I am like for what I am no minor I am not pass my "bedtime" or "Curfew" so before I could say no my boys already had theres so I was like whatever. So while they were processing us we were talking to the cops and they were chill whatever but then all of sudden I swear like 7 more cop cars showed up I am like damn none of us have warrants so I am like wtf so we were basically trapped I see there lil clubs "Nigga Beating Clubs" and shit so I am like o shit bout to go down, so those cops were dicks and im like ughhh can i just leave I am just blown to the MAX those asshole cops just came to add there 2 cents in and blah blah.

So that was my night lol moral to the the story do not have OD ass parties and have young heads kill joy the whole mood, don't let cops be assholes to you and the biggest one especially to all my Dats Dope readers out there if you bring a chick "Tiger" and you trying to get at her and do not get to OD drunk and sloppy because there is always another nigga right behind you waiting to scoop her up ahaha shout to my mans (no names he knows) LLS

Another shoutout to Skeemer of the year who left his own party dip gave the DOUGGIE and came right back reckless ass HAHA


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