Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Death Of DMV

I really meant to put this up earlier but I loafed on posting. I actually saw this on one of my boys twitters and I was really feeling it. I was trying get hold of this cat but couldn't. Anyway I am not really sure what spark this up but its a dope track he really kills this, there must be some real stuff going down in the DMV that do not know about this week it might pop up and things that were underground will show up and maybe we will see whats going on with the DMV hip hop scene.

Nando-Death Of DMV


Monday, June 29, 2009


Drake Finally signed. He is officially with the team he started with YOUNG MONEY, so this means he will have back up from universal did any of YOU really doubt that? You had to know it would end with this.


Still blown that this was like the final performance lol like really Im not sure has he even been officially signed but yea here it goes but o yea to back up drake he really tore his ACL so that why he was sitting and didn't do a REAL performance you know. So i guess we did get that Wheelchair Jimmy






So Back to biggest Coonery Channel ever with the corniest event REVIEW. As most of us watched the BET awards really just to see if they will have a dope MJ tribute. Jamie Fox did his thing I will give him that his hosting was dope and it started off pretty good. I will also give credit to BET for doing this in such a short time. BUT I was really hoping to see a good Michael Jackson tribute with all of the songs and dances performed from the people who idolize him from Usher, to Neyo and Chris Brown. I heard they did not want Chris Brown perform just because of the incident. I do not think its fair to punish him from showing respect from his idol. Anyway I was still waiting for a classic performance. Hopefully there will be better tribute but I still am not BET lover and I do not except there coonery and the evil ways of Debra Lee-vil. How did you enjoy it and think of the show?



LOL @Wale he went on cat at Sneaker Pimps as a dude in the crowd tries to go and Wale goes SMACK at cat it was very amusing, I think it made the performance even better wale had so much more energy and so extra live


Friday, June 26, 2009


The Greatest Performer of all time passed away today. Michael Jackson was the best, he is the only artist people will never be ashamed to say I know all his lyrics, or I have the best hits of, from Jackson 5 to doing Thriller to Making Great MOVIE VIDEOS that started it all he was great. Linking up with great artist such ass Paul McCartney to actors and comedians like Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker EVERYONE loved MICHAEL he was the man and is now the Legend no one could be him with the concerts and the music he has produced its not dupliable. He has had his crazy spotlights as a celebrity, and is prob in every joke in the world but people will always love MJ. Rest In Peace to the Greatest Entertainer Of All Time.

This here is prob one of my favorite videos of Mike this is a classic


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tha Future

We have a new emerging artist out of VA. He has been on several shows that he has showed his talent on BET from spring bring freestyle which he won to 106& Park and The Center. I got his new track It always something, Its dope track I was feeling the whole production he had some real futuristic track like Kanye Stronger type. Many people cant flow on beats like this so when he came on it I was surprised and I was digging I can def get in to his music check it out

Its Always Something



Drake - Think Good Thoughts ft. Phonte x Elzhi

I meant to put this last night so I was tired and some other BS was happening but yea this is for the true cats who know and listen to this but in ComeBack Season drake stop this dope ass track and said he didnt pay9th for the beat but here it finally is.

Drake - Think Good Thoughts ft. Phonte x Elzhi


Wale & Kanye

Today I was checking out the usual blogs and I came across Wale new Mixtape Back To The Feature one Kanye blog. This is a good look for Wale I was really glad to see it an wale getting some great views on here with the mixtape, he has already blew so many downloads in such a short time now on pretty big blog where I believe many folks go on A LOT get to see Wale and maybe with Wale being cool with a lot of kanye boys does this mean a collab in the near future? That would be real dope for Wale and he done great job with putting DMV on the map

If you want to check out a great review on the album check out DDOTOMEN



So last post I was telling yall how my name dats dope was basically stolen. And way before I posted this and was heated really I sent a twitter remark and message him coming at him off some real grown man shit before I knew the nigga bought the name out and its legally a domain. I came at him correct cuz yall no me I am not that type of cat and im not no "INTERNET THUG" who be rapping and yappin at cats but punk out in person. So I get a email from this... lets just call waste of life, talking shit I will show you what he wrote me after basically talking shit and rapping like a little bitch. Usually you know I do not curse on the blog to keep suitable for everyone so they can read and make legit but this punk ass nigga came at me in a way like REALLY? wtf.

So first he was like how G am I? lol Like son for real what does being G have to do about this damn shit, and first wtf son you from RHODE ISLAND why the fuck you talking about being G or thug or whatever whats hood bout that anyway. Then he was like he promotes he a rapper his name is big in his state blah blah nigga you want a cookie for that shit? Anyone can be big in Rhode Island shit I could fit that shit in Rhode Island Ave in the city Adams Morgan is bigger than that. So I am really not that type of person to talk trash but he really blew me off that shit. He saying all this shit how he got fan base and how MY blog is some shit? have yall seen his site that shit is GARBAGE I talk about real shit and REAL music I am not even goin to both listen to his trashy ass music LOOK AT THIS NIGGA HE LOOKS LIKE A GUMP.
LIKE REALLY SON? come on so he goes on disrespecting my shit saying its not real and I just sit and I am a gump come on son I am going on you because you came at a nigga wrong like your sites wack you are wack and your music is wack there is nothing DOPE about anything you do this will be last post on this bullshit cuz im mad I had to stoop this bitches level but anyway you check out his shit and show me if it compares http://datsdope.wordpress.com/FAKESITE towards my shit which is legit I keep doing me like I have been doing and I will blow his bitch ass shit out the water

O yea here his bitch ass TWITTER http://twitter.com/JorgeDope


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dats Dope FRAUD

I get emails on traffic I use on my blog, and other sites that say where my blog name has been used. So today I get a email saying there is another Dats Dope blog. So I go to it and see there is actual site with my name that just started this month. Where I have been doing this more months. I found out that now he actually bought the domain name dats dope so its legally his? THATS SOME BULLSHIT real talk, if someone tries to use a name that clearly has system for awhile they need to notify people before anything like at least can i get a email stating someone wants to use it or tell them they cant I would have purchased it if I knew. Fuck that I will not change my name or anything I really think as my Dats Dope readers you should go against that fraud of a site and stay supporting mine. And yea I have a right to be pissed because after you put so much work into something and then this happens to you man F that.

Go here to look at the fake site they have up with MY NAME

Wack ass


Monday, June 22, 2009

Metro Crash

As a DMV resident the Metro is big part of our lives. Many of us use this transportation system everyday to get to work, school or any other activity we have to do. There was very bad train crash today on the Red Line which is the stop I may start off if I leave my house to use. It happened between the takoma and Fort Totten stop. I am very sadden to say that there were some deaths in the crash. My prayers go out to anyone who was involved and there families.

"A Metro train slammed into the back of a stopped train on the Red Line during the height of rush hour Monday afternoon, killing at least six people and injuring 70 others in the deadliest crash in the transit agency's 33-year history."

Via: News 8


Clipse - Kinda Like a Big Deal f. Kanye West (Video)

What you have been waiting for a while people, Kinda Like A Big Deal vid is finally hear everyone has scene the snapshots of the behind the scenes and now one hottest song out this summer from Clipse is here making people wanting to get the cd asap.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Wale & 9th Wonder - Back to the Feature (Mixtape)

So it is here Finally after long wait new WALE mixtape with 9th is HERE. After many delays and people anticipating for it "Back to the Feature" is here. This mixtape is straight for the hip hop lovers TRUST shit goes Loving all of it jamming on IPOD for a good minute. Even tho it took a good minute to come he does not disappoint and has many people featuring like Joe Budden, Skyzoo, Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, Young Chris, Black Thought, Big Sean, Torae, Memphis Bleek, J. Cole, Curren$y, Jean Grae, Royce Da 5′9″, Bun B and many more.


And congrats to wale for reaching over 12 thousand downloads in such a short time he dropped it

Here are both Links




Camp Pack On My Back Tee is Dope

28 bucks

New T-Shirt Design by LRG


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rapman Ron G

Been trying to post a Baltimore Rapper for awhile, just seem like I couldnt find one at first but we finally got one. Rapman Ron G from B-more has a track called “Da Law” it thats song if you hate the cops, like I mean HATE. If you cant stand being harrased for no reason driving, walking down the street, or being on the metro and you have the dick head of a cop who has low self esteem but has to have that big ass ego to mess with you out of all people. This song got me all types of hype when I heard first. Like I always say F the POLICE yea I said it.
This will be my chant forever now lol:

“Fuck the police simply because they fuckin wit me if I aint stealin or killing ni**a let me be and get the fuck off me”- Rapman Ron G., Da Law


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old School Video: LL Cool J - Big Ole Butt



Is this Fair?

Today we found out that NFL player Donte' Stallworth will be serving ONLY 30 days in jail. Where Michael Vick served 22 months in jail and still currently under house arrest for fighting dogs.

First I just want to say that what happen to Stallworth could happen to anyone and glad he wont be Jail for the rest of his life because he could have served over 15yrs for manslaughter because of his DUI. Second I do not agree with what Vick did with the dogs but I still think there is big difference between killing and animal and killing a human.

I have nothing against making Vick serve time but the man lost EVERYTHING all his money, his home, endorsements and hopefully not his career. Peta made this a bigger event than this really is, we have drunk driving accidents happen so much in this country but we wont take stand and make a serious matter? I don't see MADD going crazy saying we need to kill Stallworth, ban him from the NFL. Vick got the worst treatment I still do not condone to what he did I love dogs shit I myself have a dog. But America has to get there priorities straighten out. We have so many people in jail for a long period in time for DUMB SHIT like marijuana possession gets you pretty good time, where we have people who committed a crime like murder or rape and child molestation basically getting off or serving no time at all. Vick served his time leave the man alone Fuck PETA. NFL let Vick get back to what he does best.


Study Ball

I guess they were not thinking of Blacks in general when they created this LOL

It is a pretty smart idea because we know it takes forever for student to even start studying and then not giving up after 15 mins. But my whole thing is the Study Ball will start up some controversy especially in some African Diaspora classes lol.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday Drive

LoveJones and Phys Edison- Sunday Drive

OK so back here again with some DOPE stuff. Right before I was going call it night I get a email about this tape "Sunday Drive". First let me say the title is on point this something you can jam to ALL THE TIME, the production on this was so dope and such aimed at a different style. LoveJones and Phys Edison deliver you some great stuff on here with great flow mixed such a mellow tracks. I went through a lot to get this so you know it was dope I had to go someone else crib off late night tip just to download this because my computer was acting up.
Anyway Phys Edison creates some dope beats that just got you loving music the whole production caught my ear real quick, he mixes a lot of classic and real chill instrumentals and You just cant stop listening "Phys Edison Brunch" is one of those tracks you can just be in anymood for. LoveJones is on point I did not even expect this at all, each track he spits on I was like this another good look for the game. He has nice flow and everything he does just sets the proper mood for this mixtape. Couple Tracks I was digging was Sucka MC's which cool remake of Tribes Sucka N****, Had a Dream and New World. These two are deadly combo they mix real well. One track was still DOPE but did not fit so well was The Get up but I still like the track it kind of goes away from the look of the original concept I think. They also sent me a video for "New World" which I think also caught my attention it was real different and creative www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eqW7WmVvWM

Overall I give this 8.5 out 10 on Dats Dope scale
Out of all the emails I get from people they might be one my favorites and I get A LOT
I know a lot of yall would love this especially if you around me and know what we listen too.

Art Cover x Tracklist
Click Image to download :



Monday, June 15, 2009

J. Cole = Dope

J. Cole Mixtape dropped today and this shit was BANANAS, I meant to drop this earlier today but I was so busy Listening to it non stop i had no time to blog lol. I've been hearing buzz on young simba for couple months and I really thought he was dope then but I didn't know his buzz was HUGE like people I am cool with have been knowing about him for a good MINUTE. Anyway back to the mixtape is certified CRACK easily 10 out of 10 and I am going jam with for good minute. I am now glad to say I am satisfied with the music my genre is actually making right now and we got TALENT people and Hip Hop is getting back in action trust.

Via: EveryHipHop Blog lol ( cuz its just that dope.)
Click Image for link:



Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 things about Wale

MTV meets up with Wale to 5 things about which they did with Cudi , Cudi was just funny cuz he such a goober lol just goofy dude. Wale talked about sports, fashion, and DMV


Rosa Acosta


New Artist Of The Week : Rime Crazy

My younger cousin has been rapping for lil while now so he is real new to the game. Him and his boy have a rap duo Rap Duo Rime Crazy. Ive always told him to just go harder in all his tracks and he delivers me some crack that I can show him some love on the blog. My cousin Jah Smooth and F. Bezzy both got nice flow and ridiculous wordplay that has develop and from listening they can only get better. Both still young in the game but ahead of a lot of people from what they accomplish so far. They are expecting to drop a mixtape this summer "Rime Crazy's OO-Fishie-Al Mixtapee" Expect dopeness here is freestlye they have done for the mixtape and I'll give you another freestyle video they have done check them out and show them some love.
Click link for track.

Something slight they have done Below:


Saturday, June 13, 2009

The ‘Booking T-Shirt’ By Maison Martin Margiela!

This shirt is Dope I would rock this but I am not dropping 140 for this I can photoshop this myself.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Wale x UCB x Tabi Bonney - Rock The Vote Show (Video)

So we finally got all the footage from the show at 9:30 club. Shout out to DDotOmen once again for the great footage, and glad you back in the game hope you feelin better champ DMV blog life was slacking. Anyway back to the jump the footage is dope makes me really regret not going I shouldve just not show up for work and saw what happen late lol. From the clips man show was so LIVE Tabi rocked it Wale Kilt it and Young Chris got crowd real live. Here are some of the clips from it if you want to see all of them go to DDotOmen.com

DDotOmen.com - Wale takes stage @ 930 Club (Rock the Vote) [6.3.09] from DDotOmen on Vimeo.

DDotOmen.com: Wale - Nike Boots (Live) [Rock The Vote] from DDotOmen on Vimeo.

DDotOmen.com: Tabi Bonney - BEAT ROCK (Live) [Rock the Vote] from DDotOmen on Vimeo.

LOL im laughing so hard watching wale hit some classic GOGO and the people in the front looking so CLUELESS to what what is going on haha when you see people at concerts and they dont know certain songs is PRICELESS to me

DDotOmen.com - Wale rocks GO-GO w/ UCB [Rock The Vote] from DDotOmen on Vimeo.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phil Ade

I bring you another tough track from this kid I am telling you this cat here is next out has to be shit is dope check it out.

Phil Ade “Going Off”

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Birthday Sex Remix

On twitter today and got great lil verse from my homie Samantha on the Birthday Sex track. Very talented chick since I met her when were still at good Ol Morgan State. I was telling her she should do the whole song and just make it dope remix in general but check her out.


So then the whole song is done
Like i said she did the whole song this time check it out



Slauterhouse Freestyle..

Enough Said



So this artist I have hear sent me an email to put him on the blog. I really like his grind actually because most people ask me to throw them here but dont put the effort. He gave me all his info several tracks information and all that. His style sounds different to me which I like I cant really put him in a "Category" right now or pin him to another artist that he may sound like. He is own The track I will put down next with the link Doin What I Do is pretty dope track its the best one he sent to me out of all. Another Good looks on his part I believe he sampled Wale Nike Boots in the begining of the track and aint even from the DMV so good looks on showing love. Check this cat out and tell me what you think.

Doin What I Do-


You Have Talent?

Ive always tried to have that Artist Of The Week but its hard to determine that when you get request. I love receiving emails for peoples talents I like putting people on. Before I would just wait and space out who I want to put on but if you send me info I will def put you on so hit me up all my info is on the bottom in the disclaimer so def hit me up with your music, art and etc..

But make sure you check the blog because I do have couple things lined up from alot artist also New Mixtapes, Debut of some new local artist coming up in the game So bring the best out people I will show you love and put you on BUT I WANT TO HEAR FIRE so give it your best


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I dont promote movies but this is MUST SEE lol. I saw it twice yea I did and it was equally funny.


Phil Adé


First big ups to my man J. FERB for introducing me to this and saw him on his tumblr literally like Ferb said on twitter this cat is the future of the DMV. Phil Ade is dope MC he is lyricaly crazy, his flow is something that caught me quick and i was like WOW and I havent said WOW in a minute. I saw this video on the tumblr Gimmie Dat. Bout to give you after this, but really listen to this cat his delivery is dope like he has so much energy this is what the game needs right now. In the video he spits so much with the energy and it does not go away. This is such a good look for the DMV right now and the game check his myspace www.myspace.com/philade301


Monday, June 8, 2009


I was online and I actually got some photo's by one of my my friends Jenna she is dope photographer and she took some photo's while she was there check them out. Make sure you check her blog out for some of her work. jennagang.blogspot.com or www.jennagang.com/hopefully there will be datsdope x jenna gang photography very soon


FlyBoyRadio 2.0


Then I am here put you on. Back again with the Best College Radio station in the World FLY BOY RADIO . DJ T.A.S.K is back at again summer is going on and no school so we def bringing the best out right now.

Neptunes Edition of Throwback Swag on 1000 - A whole hour of hits produced by none other than Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

The Cool Kids and Pacific Division tell you all their fashion do's and don'ts

If you miss it during its regularly scheduled time hit the podcast at:


But on sundays if you want to get it LIVE check it out :



Thad Reid

I love putting new music up especially of local artist. My sister actually sent me info on this cat Thad Reid who is from the VA area. The thing is I actually heard about him for awhile through her before all of the blogging stuff I am actually doing now. I gave it some more listen and the guy has talent his production is really dope, real clean and he flows right on each beat. His energy and delivery kind of reminds southern ludacris but knowledge and flow scheme of common type of flow, its something i def heard before but really original. Thad is season vet and has a deep discography shows his grind and the time he has put into his art. Two tracks I was digging were Not them other places and Must be Love. Check him out on his myspace www.myspace.com/thadreid or his official website www.thadreid.com/
Download his mixtape click picture for it


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dipset, Dipset, Dipset, what (Oww)

I will never front on my loyalty to Dipset LOL I do not care what people say but back in High School Man everyone wanted to be part of dipset or anything with new york. Easily to me back then Juelz was my favorite rapper back then I think From Me T o You was my first CD I bought with my own MONEY lol. Cam and Juelz to Hell Rell and JR I was never Jim Jones cat. But none the less Dipset was where it was at to me you will still here me jammin in the whip time to time Santana's Town, Jealousy to We Built This City and Crunk Muzik lol to me I just guess it reminds me of 9th 10th grade for me. O yea a lot yall can not fake yall were FIENIN for the new Purple Haze when it was suppose to come out and with all the push backs lol.
But here is classic Diplomats for me check the Vid out.

I am feeling real Harlem I guess right now so let me throw you Juelz newest single it aint no classic to me but got to show him some love.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


Friday, June 5, 2009


Just pay attention to Fabs part in the first minute. Fab been dope to me since I was younger shit he was always fly with all the jersey back then remember when them shits were hot lol


On Air: Southern Hospitality with J.Ferb

My man J. Ferb and also part of the Fly Boy conglomerate comes back with a great show Southern Hospitality. If you are not Familiar with J. Ferb I brought him through a couple times before with Blunts x Bourbon and also the dope track remake of the Kind Of Big Deal with his boy Shov. But today I bring you the latest show done.

Ive listened to the show and it was pretty epic.

He had the PR i believe of Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, UNI and more it was pretty Dope they were talking about Ferbs give away.

Where he was giving away tickets to camp bisco in NY with Kid Cudi, Nas, Asher Roth and more

Check the podcast for the Show at
http://tinyurl.com/PFOPxJFERB always see a dope show


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wale - Family Affair (Video)

We are blessed with the Family Affair Video directed by Rik Codero who is Dope director who has done many of the top performers from Enter text here. Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, The Roots, Q-Tip he is well respected in the hip hop industry for his creativity and Wale was able to get him for this that is pretty dope. Many people heard the leak of the track earlier and there was interview that Rik did with Rik did with Wale that previewed the video also so here it goes its a great week for wale and his supporters.
Enter <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4"><span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">te</span></span>Shout out to Wale & Three 21

Enter text he


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