Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kanye's Sample

This proves Kanye is genius still here are good amount of his samples and he has a mind that many wouldnt come close too. A lot of samples you wouldn't even think where he got it from where he finds these tracks and comes up with these hot tracks is beyond me.


B.O.B -Champion

This Track from Bobby Ray goes. I think he is one the underrated cats in the game he def talented, saw him at 930 club awhile back and he just displays his skills and talents. If you dont know about him yet make sure you check it out.

B.O.B -Champion


Lloyd-Pusha ft Pusha T




My man Fab made top 10


FlyBoy Radio

Once again FlyBoy radio does not disappoint. Always a dope show but never the same. We have a new intern on FlyBoy radio Amber who will be dropping the best of R&B. We have the usual Throwback Segment with .Kane, G.Rap, Rakim and etc.. The FlyBoy Radio crew was def a lil deeper past show with DMV's own FNFG, Ice Tha Villian, BP Cooper, Mouse the Waldorf Postaboy etc.. FlyBoy radio always epic and never disappoints.

FLYBOY-RADIO.COM is the new home of the podcast! Bookmark it folks!

Live today from 3-6PM:

88.1FM if in College Park

Online at:

Catch the Podcast here on Dats Dope also if u missed the Live show.


So Many..

If you are a Hip-Hop lover you can not deny the talent that has been producing lately in the game. Many of us are happy as hell that we actually have something to listen to. From Wale to Blu, to Big Sean to Kid Cudi Hip Hop as a wide range of MC's out that gave us back something we lost and showing that true art in the this genre of Music has not died. We were in a whole for awhile with music that you were embarrass to call Hip Hop and everyone was going back to old school just here some knowledge drop, But thing has changed.

I love that we are back in the game but Damn sure there is a lot of cats spitting right now that you can't even keep up. I was joking with a friend day about that and I was like sometimes I don't know who to listen or try out hearing new people because so many I just look and think they might be dope. They have so many you want to give each individual a chance but you cant it all comes down to your listening style. Some may love that gutta ish or that Cali West style. Many people have been put on to who they listen to by friends or they just randomly caught on to one of them.

Here are some Cats I listen to on a daily basis and have there mixtapes.

Wale, J. Cole, Donnis, Kid Cudi, Drake, TiRon, Blu, Pac Div, Big Sean, Asher Roth, and B.O.B
To DMV cats that are doing there thang:

Phil Ade, Nike Nando, Lyricss, XO, RaTheMC, to shitload more out that all are dope

Cats Ive heard about and know they are dope by others but quite haven't got into yet:

Dom Kennedy, Fashawn, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, XV, Skyzoo, Tanya Morgan

To even to the singers and vocals you have many Hooks :

Chester French, Mike Posner, and Mr. Hudson

Its ridiculous how many people are reinventing the game with there own styles. I left out many people still so you have to see where I am coming from lol. But in all I am glad they all are here because I can finally say I am in happy state of music, to everyone music is everything that is one thing you can agree with anyone is that they can not live without music.

Who are some of your favorites out right now? do you not like anyone in the game right now?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old School Video: Outkast Elevators


Consequence – Whatever U Want f. John Legend & Kanye West

You can always tell a Hype Williams video just like you can tell a certain producers beats, hype is the best he been doing this for long time.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Hear about this all day took forever for me to find it though. Dope video I really wish I had skills in this.


I want to Cry

Many of you who actually know me already know I am one of the BIGGEST SKINS FANS EVER. It took me awhile to write on the events that took place earlier. My boy premo aka cudi jr wrote on his blog about it and it actually took me a minute to read myself. It is crazy how we lost this game to the Detroit Lions, like REALLY? all I could think was just sadness and I really could not be proud of my skins. I have not been proud skins fan since Sean Taylor blessed us with his talents and put that jersey on and came correct EVERY Sunday RIP to him. I blame not much of our players but more on Head Coaching and Owner. Many always say stop blaming the coach, but with me I supported Zorn for THE longest. When people butchered him I would say relax let him do his job its only been a year blah blah... But now I am tired of doing it the play calling that we have is ridiculous I am not saying I am the most knowledgeable person for football but some of the calls you can put in or COMMON SENSE.You see the disappointment in my face

Now on to our Owner Daniel Snyder... ughh the name just makes me SICK. I never like him since I was a kid and he came and took over and took our beloved field and changed it from Jack Kent Cook Stadium to FedEx field. He has done bad decision to another He thinks his money will produce wins when we need overall good foundation for our team from Head Coaches to New Conditioning Coaches to Scouts, all those people play major role in franchise to develop in to something Great I usually will bash his "ways" but I will not stoop to the level being racial/prejudice and what not against his beliefs... but eh kick him to curb and throw some penny's at him. We wasted 100 million dollars on this Haynesworth cat where we could of got a DOPE ass Offensive Line not dropping Haynesworth talent but he has been getting injured and Knowing OUR luck tomorrow they will say "Haynesworth out of Season" and well there goes 100 mill down the drain.

Hopefully these Gumps from Redskins organization see this or any angry fans post and change something ASAP because we cant suffer, it is truly the hardest job in the world being a redskins fan and trying defend your team 24/7

I am going leave you with a little video I guess the skins really learned its cold in the D ...... smh

LOL still worst video i ever seen LOL

You may see me rocking new team soon still hurts O yea... thanks to skins I cant listen to Sports Talk 980 or watch Espn for the next 2 weeks


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marie-Claude Marquis Paintings

Haven't put any Dope art up in a minute. She gets her inspiration from many pop culture life and graffiti. Her oil paintings are just sick she combines new with the old and brings the painting to life I love art like this wish I had these skills.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

93.9 WKYS Disses Wale

My man DdotOmen just had a post that really disturbed me. We all know the battle Wale has had with local radio stations i.e 93.9 WKYS where they refuse to play his music. It is sad that how DMV artist try so hard to be accepted in the game but our own will not help and show us Love and actually will do hard and try to damage ones hard work is shameful disgusting act. Just like X.O. said this is crab in the barrel aspect and we will always bring one down. Part of excerpt from DdotOmen states :

In this shameful display, 93.9 parodies @Wale’s single and has a caller with the same name claiming to be his cousin where the music is rejected due it not being “hot” or “new”.

Now, the journalism degree I’m going for says I should keep this professional by addressing this tasteless behavior and lack of respect for our homegrown artist(s) in a mature fashion but the young nigga from PG county in me says “GO IN ON THEM“… Via:DdotOmen

This still disgust me why on earth will you want to butcher your own peoples career. They do so much to put our city on show us LOVE all the time and things like this happen. Just like my man said in his post "EXACTLY why D.C. we’ll never be respected in the Hip-Hop realm as a force to be reckoned with. New York, Atlanta, L.A…hell even Florida, all hold down their hometown artist" You never see other areas doing that we have always been that city that people Love to Hate, why cant we stop that and pass that. Thank you DC for putting us down and not supporting us and making us look like a joke.

If you want to listen to the commercial go


Friday, September 25, 2009

Melanie Fiona – It Kills Me (VIDEO)

Dope Girl her music is great , her sound is beautiful she is def on major things I am glad I got to meet her real down to earth. Support her music you will enjoy it trust me.


The Cudder Gone from the twitter

Many of us who are actually on twitter realized that Kid Cudi was no longer there anymore. Many speculated that it was because he didn't want to hear the negative feed back from the people on twitter, which had 104,419 copies sold. Here we have the real reason of his leaving twitter in his own words.

The REAL reason i deleted twitter, in MY own words.. i wanted to keep my mind to myself again, u kno, like how it use to be. i put so much of ME into my music i gotta draw the line somewhere. plus my words fall into the wrong hands a lot. I’ll leave u with this cool quote i came up with
“Hear he, Hear he, no one shall ever get close to me, think of then and think of this, iam now the man the myth”….spread this quote to all u kno
To my fans, i do love u and ill see u at the shows and give up daps and pound when i can. sometimes shit can be crazy and i wont have time to stop and talk. with that being said dont ever think im turnin my back on u cuz id never. u never turned ur back on me and i wont forget that. everyone that has met me knows if i can stop and say wut it be, then ill stop and say wut it be…anywho, u like ME cuz im ME and this is ME taking control of my life again. THANK YOU to all who copped and supported my debut album. shit is still surreal to me but iam def on cloud 9. first weeks sales were 104,419 copies sold. iam very blessed to have so much support from all of u guys. for once in my life i finally feel important.
goodbye, i love u all sincerely. til we meet #inthesestreets
peace and love
from ur bud, Cud
-via Heather @Herfection........


Wale- I'ma Champ

New track from wale. Dope new ish for the day, this is of the 2k10 mixtape by Don Canon not everyone wants themixtape so we just giving you that new Wale hope you enjoy

Wale -I'ma Champ


DOPE I need these

Ight if you know me well enough you know I stay with my iPod and if I dont have it I go crazy. These headphones Sony Ericsson MH907 have made are just SICK. These are no ordinary headphones Put them in your ears, and your music starts playing; take them out, and the music stops. You got someone hittin your phone up put the ear bud in your ear to automatically answer the call, and just take it out to hang up. The only wack thing is right now they can only work with Sony Ericsson phones and outputs BOOOO to that. Eh O well they were 55 bucks and knowing me I prob break them or lose them I go through a lot of headphones.


Mr. Hudson-White Lies

I forgot to post when I got home but I dont know what it is but when I am school and using there computers it wont ever let me post videos. Who knows wise I think they trying to hold me back man WACK ASS MC but yea anyway here is the video.

Mr. Hudson - White Lies from kwest on Vimeo.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Boi – For Your Sorrows

Big Boi- For Your Sorrows


Paul Wall - I Need Mo

I used to rock with Paul Wall hard, I always thought he was dope especially on that Drive Slow track with Kanye he was very high demand on tracks but just slowly faded. I wouldn't have posted this video at all but the only reason was because I think this is the video that was shot with an Iphone so yea I just wanted to let yall see how it looks


Jay Z on Oprah

Ight I am still not big fan of Oprah I never will, but I know many of you might still wanna see Jay-Z on there if you missed it. If you want to really know why I cant stand Oprah hit me up I let you know because it is way to much to type and i dont want to get heated on here again LOL.



These are some pretty dope shoes on this line up for Clae, real chill to go clubbing in are just to chill on every day basis check them out.

Via :Hypebeast

The Clae 2009 fall collection delivery 2 enjoys an extensive look here. New for this particular season is the creation of the Khan model. The shoe features a subtle moc-toe upper with a velcro strap. The shoe joins the usual suspects including the
Whitman, Rollins, Romare Hi, Cousteau, Thompson and Russell. Check your local
Clae dealer for availability.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maestro Knows: Nike Campus

Maestro Knows - Episode 9 (Nike Campus) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Once again like Ive said since Ive started watching his clips it inspires me to do what he does. Maestro seems like a chill dude and trying to show people what they don't get to see on everyday basis I have been trying to accomplish this for awhile but haven't found the right people so if your out there and what to roll with me doing this recording stuff get at me.

O yea by the way I have to make a move in my lifetime to Nike campus it looks BEAUTIFUL.


Flyboy Radio

So FlyBoy Radio is back in action like usual and always delivers best of hip hop and never misses a step. Check out the podcast here or on the there main link, Enjoy special guest and ThrowBackSwag and much more including special guest. Make sure you turn in next Sunday for some EPIC stuff and every Sunday after that 3-6pm


Rime Crazy

I debuted these Cats couple months ago. Still very young in the game but there learning there skills and potential they have. Many new artist do not know either how to pick beat or rap on certain classic tracks, they have showed that they have the skills and time they will def be something to look into check them out on this new track they have dropped.

New track : Love Song


Chrisette Michele x Wale "Fragile"

Behind the scene of her new track, hopefully with Wale popping on a lot of tracks and being seen in videos he will get a lot more shine.


Give Me Dat BECKY!!


Broke them ankles

I peep this online just a minute ago mad funny. Model on the runway falls not once but TWICE peep game tho the second fall was priceless look like she got SHOOK haha. The funniest thing is how Jim Vance and George Michael are DYING hysterically but this has to be old clip but yea get your 7 chuckles in on this one


Light Em Up

This really DOPE, next time I go out with nice button up i need these on the cuff's asap, They actually light up on just make sure you a full and burn your whole outfit up. Get them for only 40 bucks


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sheed's Adventures: What the Htc see's

So I decided to get a "break" from Homework like I ever do it until last minute anyway ha. So me and my buddy JJ hit up the Hooters on the Pike grab some wings and got me my brewski but not no ordinary one i got me the "BIG DADDY" cuz you know they think im there "BIG DADDY lol. Ate that passed out back to HW I guess ....... BLOWN

The epitome of me Texting, Tweeting, Eating, and Breski's what a LIFE!!

BYE BYE BIG DADDY we will meet again no homo? ha


"Drake X Kanye X Weezy X EM" FOREVER!

I was @hooters when it dropped and it wouldnt let me copy it HAHAH but none the less GREATNESS.

O yea Lebron is gump in this haha.

AND yes EM is still dope and still got it just love how he RIPS it


The Crazy weekend

So I was suppose to be blogging about this crazy ass weekend i Had. So it was my boys bday was this pass weekend. Was all over the area from Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Bethesda to even tearing up VA to where ever you want to go. From sloppy nights to get twisted and waking up in random spots, Wish I could have pics of Good Guys but yea you know camera's in strip joint. O yea fuck that Cab driver who trying hustle my cell phone haha We will see you again trust me ha. Bethesda was wild hit up Union Jacks for my man Deej Bday got a lil wild and o yea F that bouncer who kicked us out HAHA but yea wild weekend I am def bout to start documenting the wild weekends and show yall the DOPE spots you need to be at.


TiRon - Throwing My Money (Video)

Finally the video is here, I have been waiting for him to drop this for awhile. He tells the truth about throwing that money.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Affian Crockett “Hunt Chris Brown [Run This Town]“ Spoof

This dude is STUPID, not the best one he has done but I sstill got couple laughs, He balled with him mocking Kanye West dance moves lls. He needs his own show soon


Top Laptops

Need Laptops? Is the one you have acting up, or do you just want to treat yourself? Well I will be giving you the top laptops to get right now.

The Best for the price:

Apple MacBook Pro

Lenovo ThinkPad X Series

Sony Z series

Eh they ight :
Dell Latitude E6400

Samsung X460-44P

Panasonic Toughbook

Check them out.


Top Hangover Cures

Thought I do something different and help you all out with many things, we start today with the Hangover Cures. Many of us those hard partying people and some go out every now and then but once in awhile you might get that horrible feeling from rough night so check these out.


Advil and Water before bed- people think dehydration is the only cause of a hangover, but inflammation is a big contributor as well, Fights inflammation; placebo effect. Not the fastest way to cure but still effective.

Gatorade- When hungover from a rough night most people are dehydrated so the best way is drinking Gatorade, just like the days when you played basketball, football are ran track replacing what you need
Why it works: Electrolytes and salt work to reverse dehydration

Hitting the Ganja- No scientific fact but if you do hit a "J" during a hangover because it stated from online search it helps with the nausea and relaxes your nervous system.

Drinks some More- Many say best way to cure is drink again to cure a hangover but the best liquor will be bloody Mary's not my personal favorite drink but it does wonders I heard. The reason why is because BM's are spicy and help you slow down the methanol process.
Why it works: Delays painful methanol breakdown

Cold Shower- Yea Ive done it and still do it I guess it just makes you feel better.

Pickle Juice- In Poland this is the main remedy they use.

*MY ultimate remedy* Ginger ale and Bitters- Reason why because it helps that painful nausea you have and relaxes your stomach don't pour to much bitters just couple splashes and you be a OK.


Meet Mr. Lauren

Its funny many of yall thought yall were Mr. Ralph Lauren, Mr. Polo, etc... But none of yall seeing 88 keys man has been rocking nothing but this since 93. He isnt just rocking this shit he putting this to a whole new level just watch the video and let him explain.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Cudder on Letterman

I really respect Kid Cudi as an artist If you on hate on this cat i think you are really not giving this guy a chance. He is not a rapper he is an ARTIST, I saw him perform at 930 and it was dope mini Glow in The Dark but it was sick. I am glad my man Pico aka Premo put me on with this cat, I was a doubter first but i saw the light haha. Make sure you cop his cd and whole time the cudder was SMACK during this performance haha.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Music Video: Fashawn – Life as a Shorty

The first thing that caught my eye was the title, reason why is because I was a big Shyheim fan and still rock to his music but yea this dope song and video shout out to illvibes-dmv for putting me on


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shinobi Ninja

SHINOBI NINJA found out about them while back from my man J. Ferb when they were at UMD did a post on them a while back they just made a new song 1993 its dope I cant wait to hear them live real dope band get wit it people.


Old School Video: Naughty By Nature “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”


Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam” Official Release Date

Well I am back again talking about these wonderful kicks I am basically acting a fool over. I talked about the Space Jam's in a previous post a while back. I prob said they be out around November but new official release date is in December. This is prob one of the most anticipated kicks that will dropping rest of 09. This is def a great holiday present, hey anyone want to get me a dope Christmas, Hanukkah , Kwanzaa present? HINT HINT (yea i celebrate all 3 ahah).

Release Date: 12/23/2009

Model: Air Jordan 11

Color: Black/Varsity Royal-White

Product Code: 378037-041

Price: $175



Meant to put this up a minute ago but yea here none the less


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funny Spoof x Kanye West


J. Cole - 16 Bars (Video)


Skate Talk Flow


Support the Music

Just got some new cd's i am just waiting


The BeetKeepers

Everyone Knows Dats Dope loves to get new different original ish. Dats Dope wants to not to be the typical blog, today we have some new stuff from The Beetkeepers pretty dope group from University of Mary Washington. They have some sick DJ skills with mixing up all types of music and bringing there own little twist to the mix. There goal in the Facebook Group says " We will make any party a dance party." So you know you are about to get a dope show when these cats come in. We got some new mixes from the fellas "Blame it" and "1234"

If you want to check out rest of there music if your feeling it here is there June 09 mix that has list of dope mixes like:
Akon - Beautiful
Kid Cudi - Day 'N Nite
Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool Commercial

SCRIBE MUNDO DE PAPEL from ladies on Vimeo.

A pretty dope commercial coming from Mexico, to advertise there notebook Scribe had a pretty dope idea with this really original.


The Get Up Remix

The Get Up Remix


Monday, September 14, 2009

Yall Remeber this Kanye aint the only ONE

The Original wild boy RIP ODB



This is def a must see for me. But whole time where Chris brown get facial hair from? LOL they drew that on his face


More Than a Game TRAILER


Ghostface Killah - Stapleton Sex (Video) [NSFW]

ME lol.

Here we got the brand new video from GHOST shout out to 2dopeboyz for putting it on OS player because youtube def would give it the boot asap.


Saturday, September 12, 2009




Thursday, September 10, 2009

Donnis Run This Town Freestyle

One of my favorite new artist out right now that many people dont know about is Donnis, I believe I blogged about him a while back. He is own style cant even lable him as anyone but he is something serious. Found this track via 2dopeboyz but if you do not have Donnis 10 deep mixtape get that ish NOW trust

Run This Town-Donnis


STUSSY DC x Adams Morgan Day

I should be in attendance....
Just enjoy a good day with some people should be fun and relaxing via: real mango juice


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