Friday, October 30, 2009

Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind


Thursday, October 29, 2009

J.Cole – Unabomber

J. Cole Bless us with a dope track, gettin a track fro J. Cole is always good needed a new one soon.
Check out Unabomber


Whats on your Feet?

Today I came out today with the idea to show what ur own personal style is with your kicks. Pretty Much everyone who does read the blog is in love with shoes or huge shoe head. So i decided that I want you to show whats on your feet and why you had them ; weather, matching a dope outfit, or just you love send me what you wear daily.

Got Jordan's on an chilling

Or maybe you are at the beach chillin in the sun.


Old School Vid: Fugees Boof Baf

Fugees have to be my favorites of all time man, and many of yall def forget that Lauryn Hill used SPIT and kill it in the day O lauryn hill where art thou lol we need you.


Lupe - Say Something

Lupe not about to stop. haha my man is going keep going till he is satisfied MTV you have let out a monster. Lupe is def not gettin what he deserves in this game but here he goes with the Say Something Track #shoutout to 2db


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Task Productions

The hottest producer out right now comes and throws me some of ish that he mixed up. We got two new tracks from him. You should be familiar with Task because he host the Hottest college radio station Fly Boy Radio that comes every sunday 3-6pma and broadcast here on Dats Dope. Back to the track he has one from Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy and Lee Bueller.

Check both Tracks here :

Circles In Time Square

Play My Position


Doxx Bread Truck rmx Ft J.Ferb

My man J. Ferb sends me track he did with OH own Doxx they both come on this track and rip it. J. Ferb is def on his grind love seeing another brutha doing his thing and goin at for what he wants. Track is ill nothing but Dopeness.

Bread Truck


Obssesion of Twitter

LOL these cats had me dying their seriousness of twitter haha. They were really going on all the followers they had haha Niki is so PHAT cant Rap but she is Phat


Jordan Commercial

why are Jordan commercials always so Epic, they depict sports life so well makes you just want to get out there again you feel like you are there.


Mike Posner One Foot Out The Door

Well it was not suppose to drop till tommorow but thanks to 2DB we got the mixtape here. Mike Posner is def force to be reckon with. Make sure yall check him out I will have his episode 3 tomorrow though hopefully. And look out for more of Mike Posner on Dats Dope

One Foot Out the Door

01 One Foot Out the Door
02 I Don’t Trust Myself
03 Traveling Man [Snippet]
04 You Don’t Have to Leave
05 Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix)
06 Don’t Trust Me (Benny Blanco Remix) f. KiD CuDi & 3OH!3
07 Kiss Me Thru the Phone f. Saigon
08 Red Button
09 Bring Me Down f. Big Sean & Freddie Gibbs
10 Mirror’s Edge f. Bun B
11 Speed of Sound f. Big Sean
12 Close the Door f. Clinton Sparks


Rosa Acosta

Ight well I was not going to do a post on this but I can not leave it alone. Rosa Acosta is the baddest joint in the game right now Hands down. You can not go to any guy and them not knowing who she is.... and if they don't slap him then show him a picture on your phone cuz I know half of yall one ha. I remember when I first saw Rosa Acosta I got HOOKED it was way before the Drizzy Video, and only few cats knew about her. So I still believe I discovered her for the Internet haha yea I like to gas myself every now and then. ANYWHOOO back to the main point Rosa Acosta is so bad and she just not know regular video chick she is a professional ballet dancer and to become professional you have to be DOPE in what you do it aint no easy task. But that does explain her crazy stretches that has the fellas HOOKED to the screen when she comes out with a new one.

So this is to you Rosa Acosta lol to the Baddest joint in the game we are glad you are here and to show us your beauty haha this post was dedicated to ya.

And o Yea what happen to that ummm video you promised us (ME) on twitter for getting you all those followers hahah we (I) would like to see it. Dats Dope wouldn't mind an exclusive

I wasnt goin show that many photos cuz of my younger readers.. LOL but ..... she so bad I had to show it hahaha


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If you missed the BET Hip Hop awards and it maybe 50/50 because some hate the coonery that BET stands for and the others Love to see the coonery they have on there. Well this is prob the only dope thing of the night, the show was decent but these cyphers were sick. In the first cypher we got Joe Budden x Nicki Minaj x Buckshot x Crown Royyal, then KRS-One x Wale x Nipsey Hu$$le x Gsan x DJ Premier and in the second we got Eminem x Mos Def x Black Thought x DJ Premier. And yes Em KILLED IT and why wasnt he on the top MC list again but yea that's another discussion.

The Best for last


Pats World: World Tour Howard U Homecoming

So you know my obsession with videos like this with the whole Maestro Knows series. If you enjoy those you will rock with this. This my man Pat get real familiar with him if you don't, he is the next Maestro, He started this mini series Pats World; World Tour going on campuses and showing the experiences, parties, and lifestyles of other campuses. Here he brings us Howard University at the Homecoming.

Make sure you check his blog out. Dope Science


Lupe Fiasco – All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle

I didnt get to post this earlier because I was in class but I was rockin to this during class tho, Lupe went in on this, I guess he is coming out with a lot of hot joints now prob cuz of the MC list and he wants to show his place on the top.

Lupe Fiasco – All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle


Maestro Knows – NYC Edition

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (Nigel Sylvester) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


Melanie Fiona- Canada Subway

Couple of post ago I showed you Ms. Fiona footage of her down in the subway's of New York performing with many artist in the city, here she is in Canada doing her thang.


Wale feat. John Mayer – Letter

Wale has been putting a lot of work this year, He has gotten a lot of dope artist of many different styles to come on his tracks so show is different style he has. He brought one of the dopest artist that we have gotten to seen John Mayer on the track. This is a Mark Ronson production

Wale feat. John Mayer – Letter


In Living Color was the ISH

hahaha growing up In Living Color was the show these or two of my favorite clips they had. But you know I can never forget the " HATEDD ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT"


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Honda FC Sport

Ight HONDA I see you LOL, this a sexy little whip here. These one of the cars you just drive at special events to stunt but nonetheless its a interesting design


Common- Make My Day

Guess Common was bored to decide to make video's still for UMC but hey it still dope track .


Lil Wayne Run This Town

WOOOHOOOO LOL WHOA WHOA WHOA Wayne KILLED THIS. Wayne went it IN on this and totally owned this track haha.

Run This town


Its On Me

I am not a big fan of Adidas but they do have most of my favorite ballers and its a dope commercial.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mike Posner x Big Sean Live Smoke & Drive

Big Sean & Mike Posner – Smoke & Drive (Live) from Motion Family on Vimeo.

This has to be my favorite track of his from the mixtape Matter Of Time. This is what I jam to every time in the car gets me real hyped. I am really waiting for him to perform at UMD this November I will be there hopefully I can an interview that be Dope. It will be interesting Mike stepping foot on UMD territory him being from Duke and all lol. I can officially say I only like 2 duke people Mike Posner and Jay Williams LOL


Mike Posner- One Foot out The Door Artwork x Episode 2

"One Foot Out The Door" Episode 2: Wale, Virginia Tech, and Benny Blanco from Mike Posner on Vimeo.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Raheem DeVaughn – Bulletproof f. Ludacris


Clipse – Popular Demand (Popeye’s) f. Cam’ron

So we are getting more ancy to get the album with them dropping the most anticipated song with Camron.



Mike Schpitz

Back again with 2 more tracks from Money Isnt Real. Money Talks and Stop Me Then, dropping 3 serious tracks in a week he has def put in the work to make these memorable tracks.

Money Talks

Stop Me Then

and make sure you download the Money Isnt Real.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wale-Attention: Deficit

Waiting to cop this album November 10th it wouldve been earlier but none the less we will have it soon so make sure you get yourself a copy.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

XO- all i had "la la"

XO "All I Had" (LaLa) from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Enter text here.Still rollin up and just hit 5 J's niggas on the pill be up for 5 days and niggas on that water be naked on the highway so thats why i smoke nothing but Chronic

still married to mary jane see the ring bitches thats my bitch for life I even let my man hit it

Real dope track and the video made it even better. Very artistic video, X.O is def a dope artist any of yall got that LA LA?


Mr. Hudson x Kid Cudi Everything Is Broken

I want to here the official one def bout to be a hot track


Shyne to be Deported

So according to Miss Info the man who put 9 years of his life for diddy might be getting deported back to Belize. Shyne has to appeal to come back to the states.. Hey shyne we here for you


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Levi’s Jeans Ad

You got to admit this pretty dope. Its def not a US product


Polo Nansen Boot Buffalo Plaid

Yes these polo's are rocking. If you are faking you are sleeping Hard on these. Polo boots have done it again. There are several colors that are out check them out.


Visvim Backpacks

This is def the SPECIAL!! these joints rock hard I def need to cop both of them but the black rocks so hard right now get with it people.


LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz - We on Fire

He is back again with some FIRE.. Dats Dope readers if you have not got on to this cat yet I do not know why. I stay posting this cat and his flow is ill. Mike Schpitz is def next to blow up I am still confused why I have not seen that much about him but time will show. Check his skills on this track We on Fire from the new mixtape that will be out Money isnt Real, this track We on Fire is produced by Rob Bates

Go check out the track


Fashawn- 21 to Grown On

Fashawn drop his new mixtape. This cat is sick, I just got put on to him not to long ago I had post a lil back on him. go download it here.. 21 to Grown On


Monday, October 19, 2009

MY Weekend

Gettin Faded

Bday Boy Lou popping that Bottle

The rain was really OD this pass weekend and killed a lot in what I wanted to Do.. But that didnt stop me from showing Love for my man Louis on his birthday at Mio Lounge. The boys we was outchea that night. It was dope night liquor, women, music we couldnt get any better. If you were there and have me on twitter you would of saw the Baddest GROWN women ever lol.. Welcome to the 21+ game people.. If you want to see all the R rated footage and here me talk about my nites you better follow me on twitter.

Part of one of the Bills Props to my man Ish for the photo
And did you really think I was not going show you that BAD MOMMA lol....


You gotta Love this

Caught this in Sunday Style section of The Post. The DMV movement is getting its shine peep the art work you have to love seeing this.


Wild Things

I am ready to see this movie


UMD: Juke Joint

The other day I was in attendance at Juke Joint at UMD. Juke Joint is a event that showcase many of the university's musically inclined talent. I came for my man man Yamil aka Eye Deal who was a featured artist that night who performed some of his poetry and spit couple rhymes with house band of the night Black Diamond.

While watching the video's I would like to apologize now for shakey video because we had people
walking up and down and bumpin me while I was filming hope you enjoy and comment.

Before I get in the video's of Eye Deal, I got to here a young brutha Judah drop some nice knowledge to the crowd. I caught his set as I got in, he is very talented from what I heard he is well known on UMD campus for his poetry and his word play.

Judah from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.

Now here is some footage of Eye Deal performing. In his set he gets some help from another artist from that nigh Funsho who was dropping some vocals for him. Check them both out.

Eye Deal from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.

Eye Deal pt2 from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.


out with the Storm?

New phone from Motorolla the "Droid" might actually be the next best phone for verizon.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Till The Casket Drops

Pusha has a copy of Til The Casket Drops from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Here is Pusha T teasin us with a copy of the album and I am blown I ahve to wait till December 8th to listen to this ughhh


Sounboard 2

back again with the soundboards the first one is funny


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Melanie Fiona

It is really crazy how much talent this girl has. Her sound is so beautiful you just want to listen to her all day, Here is video of her going through main landmarks of cities subway stations. She performs songs with local musicians and use the songs from her upcoming Cd The Bridge. She truly has a gift I cant wait for her to hit DC again maybe I can get a real 1 on 1 interview with her and not what I had @ibiza lol even though it was still dope. She is def a beautiful person and if you haven't heard from her yet make sure you have she will def be changing the game and make sure you get her CD The Bridge when it drops this November.

Make sure you check this video on the bottom of her promo of doing her own solo tour

We will see you in DC


Toy Story 3

Cant fake like this was not the movie, my man is going to college damn time flies LOL. Best part of it its 3D in there no faking big ass kid


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Mayer – “Who Says”

No one can doubt the talent that John Mayer especially if you didnt know him but you heard him at the Michael Jackson funeral ripping it.


Mens ‘Liberation Tartan Puffer Vest’ By Moncler

This vest is Dope but I dont know I am willing to drop $1150 for it yea . ook


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Mi nah do no more tings fi har becuz she too outodda &she rude and she disobedient"



LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz with Phys Edison- Sucka MCs


Tyga – The Nausea

If you are sleeping on this cat you are LOAFIN HARD. Since someone put me onto his potential mixtape I have been rocking with this cat. I thought he was joke when he first came out but this dude has bars and is killing it make sure yall download the "The Potential Mixtape" by this cat

Tyga – The Nausea


Monday, October 12, 2009

Lil Boosie – Better Believe It (rmx) f. Yo Gotti, Trae, Bun B & Foxx

You cant have a remix track without Bun B and Yo Gotti these cats. Boosie hits some of the other southern cats to roll on this track before he heads up for a leave of absence for 2 years.

Better Believe It (rmx)


The Process

The Process - Profile: Eddie Cruz from Evil Monito Magazine on Vimeo.

Maestro Knows season may be over but Maestro and Mr. Kim teams up for a new web series that I will be def looking out for. This a web series is just looking for inspiration and what not. Check out this first episode with Eddie Cruz


Rick Ross – “Lay Back” Feat. Robin Thicke!

Had to put this one up to for Thicke. Even tho its my man the BAWSE RICKY RAWSE track no one can deny that Thicke killed this track and the video is dope.


Robin Thicke- Sex Therapy

I think people have just found that new track to put in boom boom room. My man Robin Thicke was thinking of the ladies on this panty dropper track, I am fan of this cat got a dope ass demeanor real chill. And his wife Paula Patton is BAD


Shopping While Black: Would You Stop Racism?

I actually saw this on World Star the other day. This is some real sad shit just because it does actually happen and you feel bad even tho you know she is acting, not because you know its wrong because if your black or any other minority this has happen to you at least once. I usually watch these ABC segments because it is always true but people love to ignore and act like it does not happen. I love some of the way people acted and there true colors came out on national TV some cried, some spazzed and then you have the others like eh, or even agreeing and then switching the stories up when they got confronted lol.


We are just FAT

Basically there are researchers checking out our status's on facebook seeing trends to see basically whats the most talked about loved time of year. Basically seeing what day of the week people or most happy, you get your usual difference in the scale for example when Obama was in office they are saying it jumped to a ridiculous amount. Many of you prob thought people would think Christmas would be that holiday everyone is happy on but I guess not. As you can see thanksgiving is killing everything else we are either really really FAT and all we think about is food or it could actually mean more. Thanksgiving is a holiday everyone can enjoy not like how Christmas and other religious holidays so that can play a part. But its my favorite holiday because of the food yea I am fat ass I love the food and I cant wait to grub.


Birdman feat./ Drake- “More Milli”

“I keep my darker shades on until the flash stops/This for my LA girls getting them implants/And all my DC girls getting them ass shots. Got ‘em for a reason, baby go ahead and bust it open/I keep a secret, baby, nothing’s heard when nothing’s spoken/Haters talking like my buzz isnt enough promotion.”-Drake on “More Milli”

Drake is a funny Dude hahaa go get your your daily dosage dopeness


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Been MIA

Sorry I have been MIA lately I was in baltimore for Morgan State Homecoming with my Fam I missed O so much. Ill have some stuff on that later this week didnt have that many photos r fotage kept partyin way to much lol.


Jay-Z & J. Cole – A Star is Born Live

Its dope to see someone get the shine they deserve. J. Cole really deserves it, many people who have been following him for awhile are just proud to see young simba finally get where he needs really dope shoutout to 2dopeboyz


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lupe- Fire

Its real refreshing to hear some Lupe with all these new hip hop heads that say they bringing the game back, where we had Lupe who is dopest MC's that is out still underrated in the game. We needed to hear some new Lupe its been awhile for hears to hear some good music.

Lupe- Fire


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr. Hudson – Instant Messenger

Mr Hudson is def one my favorite new artist. This video is for his new track off his Straight No Chaser, which I am actually waiting to cop.


Shyne Released

Shyne was released from prison today after serving a decade in there. Its crazy when you see someone actually face there full term in prison. Shyne was def one the best up and coming artist. I was still real young when he first came out but he still hit us with some hot tracks that showed us his potential.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Wale – Bittersweet f. Colin Munroe

Here new track from Wale, via twitter. As I put this track down Wale has def developed as an artist but lets not get into that now that is a different post yall will enjoy ha. But yea this track is dope and smooth I can't wait till his album drops so I can jam to it.
Wale – Bittersweet


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