Monday, November 23, 2009

Diggy Spittin?

HAHAHA i had to get a laugh in when I first saw this. Ight another Simmons is trying to get in the hip hop world young diggy actually drop a mixtape the other day. I am not going to lie you or anything I like diggy on the show he is a fly lil dude. After the mixtape he drops a song Point to Prove to show he is not a joke to yall(us) in the Internet world to take him seriously with his music. I actually gave it a listen to see what he had to spit I could say one thing he is better then his older brother JO JO and he is only 14 so he ight. Listening to it tho I did hear Wale's Mama Told Me beat.

Point To Prove
- Still blown it got over 2g's worth of downloads LOL

All I have to say when is Lil Russy about to get his shine? Russy cant get any love? HAHA they always have russy in the back burner


Lupe Dropping a Mixtape Thanksgiving

I really cant be mad at music right now, everything has been so good to me Hip Hop to me is in very good state.


Friday, November 20, 2009


So I really need this Jacket, Stussy in getting ready for their 30th anniversary coming out with some dope ish. I really need this Jacket in my life right now. Here some other stuff they are dropping also but mainly that jacket is dope.......


Fabolous – Imma Do It f. Kobe (Video)



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rick Ross- Angels rmx

Rick Ross- Angels rmx


Wale x J.Cole waithing for Food

LOL this was really amusing, Wale and J. Cole chilling in the Denny's waiting for some food after theyre show hit some freestlyes to pass the time around. Easily could tell these cats were faded. Wale had me rolling he should spit like that at the BET cypher ha. J. Cole was funny peep the ladies face during his verse ha Classic. This is why Denny's dont like black people haha.

“She wanted Jay-Z, but this nigga will do”

Shout out to TeamJcole for this.


XO - F.R.N.O.

XO - F.R.N.O. from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

This is just proving my point more from my Top freshman class that X.O deserves this check the video out.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kanye West x John Legend xCommon x KiD CuDi x Big Sean x Consequence – Whatever You Want (rmx)

GOOD MUSIC in the building def have some of the most talented artist on there roster GOOD music come together for a dope track...


WHAT UP 2DBZ good looks


Maestro Knows - NYC Edition -Jonathan Mannion

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (Jonathan Mannion) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


Mike Schpitz

I got another sick track from cat. Mr Rogers this track goes in, I cant say anything about any of his track because each time they just go harder in and then you find smaller things in his lyrics just like "sheesh he really ripped that". Really check out this dude though I cant back him up enough really waiting to see where he goes with this. Download the project with 9th wonder beats Love Potion The Hangover.

Get dope tracks..

Mr. Rogers

The Hangover


Start your car from you iphone!!!!

wtf this DOPE, all I need is a car and a iphone ha. What will they have next I dont have a iphone but it is easily the best phone people will say different but look at this man no other phone can do stuff like this... technology is CRAZY


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BAPE x Beatles

Not the biggest Bape dude but when they do come out with ish it is usually FIRE, still one got some of dopest designs


Joe Budden-Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette


Robin Thicke- Sex Therapy Video

I rock with this cat and music but he irks me because he has the baddest wife and all the bad joints in the video's LOL. But he delivers another dope video.


Curren$y- Jets Over Everything

Curren$y- Jets Over Everything


Bobby Ray- No Mans Land

I keep saying I am going listen to him more but I never just sit down and chill to his stuff i dont know why. I have seen him live and dude is a genius from his stage presence to his lyrics to even playing all types of instruments, I guess he is more of a musician then a MC I think that is another reason people have not got on to him yet. This video right here proves my point in his skills


Monday, November 16, 2009

k-os – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman


XXL Freshman Class 2010?

Over the past year we have experience a big changed in Hip Hop. XXL comes out with a freshman Class for the year to come to show MC's that will be on the rise that year who either not hear of or maybe even have big following. Last year Class was probably the most talked about because of all the talent that was there from Blu to Kid Cudi and Asher Roth to Wale. Another reason the leaders of the New school class was probably more talked about then the previous class of 2008 because there was more of different style of Mc's unlike 2008 many people only thought it was Lupe even though they had some sick people on that list also. So I come up with my Top 10 that could be dropped on the List if they still do it because word on the street is that they might not do it this year.

My Top 10

1) Fashawn- If you haven't checked out "Boy Meets World" yet its a must. Fashawn def is on the rise like Life As A Shorty. I got my first listen to 21 to grown by him and its dope tape.

2) X.O-DMV native def had to throw him in the Mix he is def doing his thing Holding it down. He is making major moves besides local dope MC with his own specific style. I threw his All I had " La La" Video down and songs like "Crabs in a Barrel" that basically describes Hip Hop and without a doubt DMV hip hop scence.

3) TiRon- This cat is sick his Ketchup Mixtape had me going like damn, when people haven't listen to him im just like WOW. Out of all the new cats from Cali he is def on the top for me. Make sure you get Ketchup Mixtape before I slap some sense into ya.

4) Pac Div- This group who also be rocking with homeboy TiRon def should be on this list from they're Tracks Shut Up, Mayor, Whiplash that just constantly be spinning. These dudes make dope music download the Church League Champions Mixtape.

5) Curtain$- Everything I ahve heard from this cat has been crazy sick. He is dope lyricist many people told me about him and I finnally gave him a listen.

6) LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz- If you read my blog constantly you would have notice this cat. I have to throw one of my peoples out here. This cats holding down for the Midwest with his classic beats and his dope lyrics. If you love hip hop you going dig this dude. I dropped his Sunday Drive Mixtape when he first dropped it now its available on itunes and many other singles have been posted here.

7) Big Sean- What is top class without another Kanye protege? Big Sean is def on this list from his Finally Famous mixtape to UKNOWBIGSEAN. Dude is just sick and the way he can spit on any beat is just dope. He has a new mixtape that should be dropping this November.

8) Donnis- Has to be my favorite, I might listen to him the Most. He is from Atlanta but not your typical southern rapper. He def has his own flow and style, he keep it real gutta but also keep you away from some thug ish. You here the Outkast and Goodie Mob influence in him deeply. I got into him by just skimming through music and got hooked. His 10 deep mixtape "Story of Atlanta Brave" is always on the ipod ready to be blasted. Just make sure you don't call him a Hipster.

I needed 2 more def to finish this list, None of this is any particular order by the way. It was hard because of so many rappers out right now. They are two main rappers people would say Why didnt I put them on. Drake and J. Cole. The reason for this because I cant even consider them Freshman in a sense. They have both made major names for themselves both very talented. They are both killing the game and people geek over any line they say. Both have been on major albums like BP3 and I think that can knock them out the rankings easily because you worked with Jay you basically set.


Clipse – “Popular Demand” Feat. Cam’ron VIDEO



GQ – Kid Cudi, Drake & Wale Killin Gangsta Rap?

So the cats or gracing the GQ mag. Killing the Gangsta Rap scene in hi hop. Well anyway as we all first saw it we were all questioning Drake's Fit. Is him being a Bama some days a Canadian thing lol? It looks like a Furry Vag he rocking. The sweatpants not irking me like that damn fighter pilot jacket lol. But yea check out the mag when it drops.

Peep your man Drake tho, throwing his ATF symbol maybe?


Friday, November 13, 2009

Kanye West – I’m So Appalled

Man it feels good to here some Ye. Whenever Ye does come out with his next album its going be EPIC. Im telling you, listen to everything he has been featured on he has been RIPPIN everything he has been on.

Kanye West – I’m So Appalled


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

12/8 is the big day people will be blasting this for a whole year straight DEAD ASS


Wale x Cmonwealth Meet & Greet

So went down and hit up Cmonwealth for another even they be throwing down for, this time it was for the man who is putting DMV on the map Wale. Not what I expected at first, usually Stussy and Cmonwealth when they have events they throw down and just have it as one big party and show just for everyone to enjoy. We will have music, drinks and just good ol time. That's what I had on mind we were going to do just chillax people get couple autographs and do what we do. The organization was a lil shaky but EH it is what it is.


It was a Hypebeast central event once again, I love seeing that seeing people who got "extra" fresh or they say "everyday gear" come down and show their support for DMV native Wale. Let me tell you Wale you have some dedicated fans for the ones who waited in line in the cold to get couple pics autographs they love you man. It was the usual scene the Dc superstars were there from your standard Stussy and Cmonwealth supporters to Wale's boys and his right hand man Tre of UCB. Many shirts were on sale music was blasting just mad love in the room.

Finally got my copies...

Nonetheless it was dope event, always could be better but just glad people came to show there support for very monumental time in the DMV area. I will def have much other footage from people who attended the Ibiza event and more.
I had much plan for the day, buying BIG cd's then getting them signed and what not lol, pass them out get people to enjoy and notice the cd but anyway!!!

Here is video of event and my endeavors:

Wale Meet & Greet from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wale-Jimmy Falllon

You missed last night episode with wale on Jimmy Fallon? Here ya go


Episode #1: FB Extravaganza Commercial

You all better be there and experience how we party!!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mike Schpitz

Mike hits us once again with to dope tracks with the final two leaks from my 9th Wonder produced mixtape, Love Potion Number 9th: The Hangover, he drops Hating Again and The Rain. Both tracks are dope classic 9th ish but also my man Mike knows how to spit on proper beats he picks that classic sound that just has your ear wanting to listen to more I don't know which one is my favorite off of these two tracks, i dont know what it is has to be a Midwest to thing b/c they all can spit and just have you like "WOHOO that's some dope ISH".Once again if you haven't downloaded the Sunday Drive it is officially on itunes now so make sure you get it.

The Rain

Hating Again


Wale talks collab The Cudder and Drake

Big ups to DDOTOMEN and Rap Up


Wale- Attention Deficit

Todayis very big and epic day for the DMV. Wale debuts his first CD today. Attention Deficit is currently number 2 of the Itunes Chart. This is very mounmental time for the DMV, no one else has ever released a major album in this area. he opened doors for us. Wale has done what many couldn't. I had much plan for todays post with getting many copies and what not and reviews but just couldnt. The reason why was that Attention Deficit was completely SOLD OUT!!!! Thats crazy, many stores did not have the copy but every store people have visited have ran out of every copy its crazy. Many people cant figure out why this is such a great day for us but you have to realize that Wale has put the DMV on the map. I am not going to go through every track and review for you because I want you to just go buy it your self.

I will just be saying some minor ish on some of these tracks

Mama Told Me: This is dope track and you can hear the emotion in wale and everything he says you can feel yourself.

Beautiful Bliss: Wale, J. Cole, and Melanie Fiona ENOUGH SAID!!!!

and If your like me and didnt get the Hard Copy yet make sure you get the Itunes at least to get the bonus tracks like

Center of Attention : This should have been on all of the CD's this track is sick wale has def developed as a rapper.

Tv In The Radio: WHOA WHOA BUDDY!!! thats all I can say Wale and K'naan RIPPED this track.
I will leave you with this Wale Video

Go support

OkayplayerTV: Wale from Okayplayer on Vimeo.


RAtheMC -We Riding (Video)

RatheMC ''We Ridin'' directed by GreatWhite Brothers from GreatWhite Brothers on Vimeo.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Melanie Fiona -London Subway

Ms. Fiona hits the last installment of her lil tour jammin with some of the local artist at the station in London, really dope make sure you get her album TOMORROW 11/10


American Apparel

You got to LOVE American Apparel all there ads or risky and creative they just make you want to go there, really dope I love all there adds.


Attention Deficit

Tomorrow November 10th is the big day for Wale ,the whole DMV area and his many supporters, Wale debut Album Attention Deficit hits the stores so you better get your copy and support. On Wednesday they are having the Ibiza event to support the album but also Cmonwealth is having a Meet and Greet at 8pm that night. Cmonwealth would not pass up opportunity to support Wale on his big day as he has been a very big contributor to there shop. In addition we will be releasing Commonwealth X Wale exclusive tees the same night. So def make sure you get there early because if you have never been to an event that joint will be PACKED believe it. Make sure you def catch a copy of Attention Deficit to get it sign that day.

These collaboration tees will also be available at Commonwealth VA and Online.


FlyBoyRadio Extravaganza

This Thursday it is going DOWN. If you been following the Post you very familiar with FLY BOY RADIO, If you reside in CP or nearby, you're definitely familiar with the most prominent College Radio Show on the East coast; FLYBOYRADIO!; you're familiar with the radio station parties, and interviews with various hip hop figures.. well.. NOW ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE.

Come parlay & party with the FlyBoyRadio conglomerate at the COCO CABANA BAR & GRILL

-5 minutes from UMD Campus

-The admission is $5 ALL NIGHT, 18+, & drink specials alll night.

DRESS TO IMPRESS!!! Ladies get sexy, Fellas get dapper... Dingies WILL be given the boot.

Early in the evening come out and enjoy live music from:

- The Five One Band
- Black Diamond
- Sugar Junkie

Brought to you and hosted by DJ T.A.S.K., Big Daddy Erm & The rest of the FlyBoyRadio conglomerate. Later on in the evening get a couple drinks (or 10) and party with music by the world famous DJ Uneek (Love, Fur, Pasha Lounge, 24) on the 1's and 2's. You won't wanna miss this...

RSVP on Facebook at

If you miss this you are def LOAFIN HARD, there is no way this wont be one of the hottest events this year. You love jamming with us EVERY SUNDAY and hearing our crazy party antics so now heres your chance to experience how we throw down make sure your there.


Happy Bday Big Pun

Happy Birthday to one of the most underrated rappers of all time who for some reason never gets the shine he deserves, no one could doubt his lyrical skills. Capital Punishment was the first cd I ever had and listen to all way through I took it from my sisters room when I was younger just because the poster inside haha if you own or ever had a copy of Capital Punishment you know what I am talking about. RIP Big Pun


from Big Pun videos were the reason I had an obsession with Latin women hahaha WORD TO BIG PUN


UCB – “Pat Your Weave” (ft. Wale) Video

Three/21 presents directed this video fo UCB ft Wale "Pat your Weave"
Three/21 is def some of the best direction comes to film from what ive seen they always deliver dope ish, if you never heard the song before this is def a great party jam for everyone to enjoy.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Robin Thicke – MeiplĂ© (Me I Play) f. Jay-Z

Paula Patton husband hit up Jay-Z in this track Me I Play is very mellow dope track, Mr. Patton has done it again.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (Anoma Ya Whittaker)

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (Anoma Ya Whittaker) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


Friday, November 6, 2009


Today is the birthday of a good friend Lij Paul. It has been good 3 years now since you have left us we truly miss you man and you are def in our spirit. We didn't just lose a a good friend and very talented young man who could of done many great things on this earth. As a friend you were def there for everyone when they needed it. The Morgan fam was def a strong bond that, to the man who always down for his peoples Lij, L-boogie to partying in MV having the first time we all drank the crew juice we will always have you in our heat man have Happy Birthday playa we really miss you down here RIP.


“Cheaters - We Were Once Nike Heads”

To all my sneakerheads hahaha pretty funny. shout out to NiceKicks

Cheaters - We once were Nike heads. from DGinandTonic on Vimeo.


Kinetics × DJ MURO × Timberland 7-Eyelet Boot

I am really feeling what Timberland have been doing lately. I haven't worn a pair maybe since like the 10th grade, even tho Timbs have been trying there best to get back in the mix with best of the boots that are here. They are def doing good job with all the designs. check them out at Chapter.


Curren$y – “Life Under The Scope

Haven't gotten into Curren$y like that yet but everything I have heard from dude has been dope, the video is sick I am really feeling this.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big Sean : Dope Couture Boutique

this cat Big Sean is funny as shit wait till you get towards the end haha.


Gucci Mane ft. Usher - Spotlight

I had to bring out the video for the GUCCI lovers, but the real reason was to show off the new bad joint in my life the girl in the video i.e Eddie Murphy oldest daughter who is TOUGH enjoy in the video BURRRRRR


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clipse x RAWSE -I'M Good


Video: Phil Ade "Hollywood"

Phil Ade "Hollywood" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Fly Boy Radio

Back again this week with FLY BOY RADIO hottest radio station ever, if your not hip get with it. This pass show we got Lil' Wayne's "No Ceilings" mixtape, and the pass that made Lil' Wayne's craziness explode from Dedication's to Droughts & Carters. Fly Boy radio also brought us with some of the dopest MC's right now who are on the come up and have been killing the game of Hip Hop.

ALSO!: Mark your Calendars, Thursday November 12th FlyBoyRadio is having their first party/event at the Coco Cabana on University Boulevard...Music by DJ Uneek, Featuring performances by The Five One, Black Diamond, & Sugar Junkie...admission $5, 18+...Mark my words...this will be the ILLEST party of the semester.

Live Sundays from 3-6PM:

88.1FM if in College Park

Catch the show on your left id you missed it


"YAOWA" Joell Ortiz - Popular Demand Freestyle

Prob the best out of the group ortiz comes again with a dope freestyle, every new track that has been out Mr. Yaowa has been killing everyone ish with his dope lyrics dude is crazy

Joell Ortiz - Popular Demand Freestyle



Gucci Lace Ups

Well these are pretty sick I love me some boat shoes so comfortable. I am not no Gucci Out type of cat cuz I dont be balling or "fakin" like the most of you I stick to what I can afford haha Call me Stussy or Crooks $ Castle Out haha this is 2010 preview for GUCCI AYE!!!!


VIDEO: Chrisette Michele feat. Wale - Fragile

Fragile - Chrisette Michele



Well this OD hahaha. Basically a device just for twitter no contract or nothing lifetime service. This is crazy already people are really about to be FEINS for the twitter now if they get this.. yes most of you might have apps on your phone and what not but this still a sick idea. But peep whats with the phone :

* Unlimited tweeting anywhere, anytime
* No contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees ever!
* Large, full-color screen and full keyboard
* Long battery life of 4-5 days. Fully recharges in under 2 hours
* Usable throughout the U.S. with full nationwide coverage
* World’s first Twitter mobile device
* Unlimited tweets and direct messages
* Nationwide coverage. No wifi signal necessary
* Includes service for lifetime of device
* No contracts or hidden fees
* “Always on” instant tweet delivery
* Full QWERTY keyboard, large color screen, click scroll wheel
* Long battery life lasts up to 4 days
* 30-day money back guarantee
* 1-year manufacturers warranty

So basically no waiting on reloading its better than all your phone apps this is just sick, im not saying I will buy it but its DOPE and only for $200 you cant really complain.
shout out to one my favorite blogs Marcus Troy for this one.


Rihanna – Hard f. Young Jeezy

Can I say Rihanna is back? This is def the hardest track that she put out so far Jeezy comes correct like usual. Shout out to 2DB once again for this def a Hard track.

Rihanna- Go Hard


One Foot Out The Door” Episode 3:

One Foot Out The Door" Episode 3: The Making of OFOTD the Mixtape f. Clinton Sparks and Big Sean from Mike Posner on Vimeo.

Here we got my man Mike Posner with another episode show his life on the road and school, Make sure you got his newest mixtape One Foot Out the Door it is Legit and def the special. Coming up sometime next week Mike got “Drug Dealer Girl” music video starring my wife Rosa Acosta.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clipse Acapella Freestlye

“Success is what you make it”

The most anticpated album of the YEAR, it will be the best album of 2009 for me and thats a lot because 09 has been a good year for HIP HOP and many of you cant deny it. Shoutout to NahRight and H.e.r
Enter text here.
"CNN said i be dead by 21 BLACKJACK just pulled an ACE as you looking at the king in his face"

12/8 Till the Casket Drops


UGK – She Luv It (rmx) f. Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon NSFW

You can never go wrong with some good ol UGK. Here go the rmx video of this track with special guest with some skrippers. If you haven't been to the tittie bar in awhile here some great visuals , good looks from 2db. Shout out to the biggest UGK head I know my man Pat lol


Halloween 09

What a very interesting night. Halloween like usual is just a good excuse to act stupid and enjoy many of the festivities. This year I headed down to Gtown. It was pretty dope nothing to EXCITING had my fun. I was pretty out of it before I even got there. Me of course had to be something tad bit creative for Halloween, I went for that whole Kanye West look. DC on Halloween is pretty wild tho, you have all types of crazy people , costumes; people going as Obama to NBA players, you have your Nuns to your usual Halloween sluts the night changes up and down with the craziness of alcohol and candy a very deadly combination.

I am going to let you finish But I have the Best Costume of All Time this Halloween

By the end of night you can tell I was yea.......


Whats on your Feet?

Well the weekend started off and Friday is pretty much a chill day and of course Saturday was Halloween. As you know now I am doing this "Whats on your Feet?" just to display the fashion sense of everyone and why they chose the put that on there feet for that specific day. As the weekend begins usually every goes for comfort on Friday's just for those Long weeks and you get to Friday and you just relax for the day until the crazy festivities begin at night.

I went for my usual chill weekend footwear my Jordan Flip Flops so comfortable and just do the what they need to do.

Rocking with the Jordan's is always a great way to start of the weekend no complaints here.

And of course the I need the ladies in it On a weekend that begins you cant beat the comfort of the Uggs I am not the biggest fan but the females love the comfort.
Like I say if you have twitter TwitPic me what you have on, get at me @KoolKidSheed, and if you dont have twitter hit me with an email or something and your kick game on Dats Dope


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