Sunday, January 31, 2010


These cats have been on here before two young MC's in the game still getting there name out there. They spit on some well known instrumentals and show there skills and they have developed since last time they were on here check there tracks and give some feedback.

I wanna Rock

Climbing Trees


Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Go! Experiment

The GO! Experiment from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

This is really a Dope thing to have, I wish we could do something like this in the DMV one day anyway tho this is just a preview of what will be and the series starts tomorrow I believe I will most likely post some of the vids they have on here


NYTY- One J(Jenny) x Yall N***AS Cant Rap

"She like my DC talk , My Maryland Thoughts and my VA games"
I got this sent trough twitter the other day and thought I give it a listen. I always welcome artist a platform to sow there music especially DMV own. NYTY is one of those DMV artist I rock with this cats wordplay he goes in on bot tracks very well check out both of @MCNytyMusic

One J(Jenny)

Yall Niggas Cant Rap


Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Sean


Dom Kennedy – “Menace Beach” Video

A lot of my boys are Dom Fans so its only right I throw some of his stuff on here. This was a dope song I was put on too now got some visuals for it.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mos Def - “White Drapes”


Add-2 - "Don't Sweat The Technique"

I do not know what it is about these Cats from the Midwest but these cats can SPIT, I have been sent a lot of music and a lot is actually from that area and I have posted all of them and gave dope reviews. Add-2 is another one of those MC's that is just sick, I actually found Add-2 myself online just looking at different blogs and myspace music of random artist. This guy has talent he been on MTV The Freshman. Well he spits on the Dont Sweat The Technique Sample

Check I'm out on his twitter @Add2theMC and myspace

"Dont Sweat The Technique"

via: FSD


Ciroc Star

I just gave you the trailer now here is the official video for this is how I will be living in 2010 YEA!!!


Smoke DZA - Marley & Me (Remix) (feat. Devin The Dude, Curren$y, Asher Roth & June Summers)

Another dope video out from creative control man they got me wanting to get loud soon haha, I am bout to make a new playlist on the ipod.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check Out Chester French’s “Ciroc Star” Trailer

Well my favorite band out right now Chester French brought this trailer out for there song "Ciroc Star". If you do not know Chester French by now they are indie group base rock and hip hop, they blend it well and have worked with many artist from Asher Roth, Talib Kweli , Bun B, Wale to Diddy they are under Pharell Star Trek if you have not downloaded there mixtape Jacques Jams you better make that happen.


Wale - CJ The Genesis Freestyle

This was very Dope thing Wale did to show his skills and give people a chance to be heard. Yesterday on uStream Wale told people who ever sent in the best beat to him he will spit on it. That price went to @CJTheGenesis, I guess its great to have a twitter these days like this because you get to see different opportunities because you can interact so much with different celebs and artist. I bet CJ earned a couple followers off of this, thats whats up tho for him congrats.

CJ The Genesis Freestyle



Maestro Knows - Episode 4 (Bun B) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Another dope series, I def look at Maestro as someone who inspires me to look at things different and way I blog. He has def done a lot in just one year that he built up to get there hopefully the grind I do here will eventually let me experience some of the dope things he has done, seen and been.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cudderisback (video)

KiD CuDi "cudderisback" - Directed by Jason Goldwatch from DP on Vimeo.

When I see stuff like this makes me want to get a camera and videotape everything, I feel like when artist make these video you see there true selves and you and your friends in things like this. Cudder is a fool


Monday, January 25, 2010


CURREN$Y - BREAKFAST from Creative Control on Vimeo.

This is how Life should be spent, it would be lovely thing.


FlyBoyRadio Presents...Hennessy & Nuvo at the Coco Cabana

Well Fly Boyz are at it again, bringing you another dope party to start this semester off RIGHT!!!
3 minutes from UMD Campus

contact: Tobi Smith @ 301-642-1756 or Yamil Martinez @ 301-807-6697 for table info

Start your semester on a positive note & come party with the FlyBoyz @ our HENNESSY & NUVO themed party. The HENNESSY & NUVO will most definitely be flowing for great prices...make sure you and your friends purchase your VIP tables.
DRESS TO IMPRESS!!! Ladies get sexy, Fellas get dapper...

The famous DJ UNEEK, whom you may have heard DJ at LOVE, IBIZA, FUR, etc, WILL BE SPINNING!

FlyBoyRadio Extravaganza from SheedDaKidd on Vimeo.

My boy yams supplied the soundtrack, if you like it download Henney & Nuvo


Drake – Killer (Fan Video)

Drake - Killer (Featuring Nipsey Hussle) from Tony Billz on Vimeo.

Was about to go to bed when I saw this on 2DopeBoyz.Man people have to crazy talent in life, I love seeing Fan made videos just like this. This shows the skills of many people and the creative mind that people have.
Tony Billz produces yet another reference video…this time, with a Drake and Nipsey Hu$$le collaboration. Not only does he create dope visuals to add to ‘Killer’, but also notice his original artistic interpretation of the song. We were informed that this will be his last cover video produced, so enjoy!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lil Wayne "Money On My Mind"

I came home late last night and caught this on World Star, easily the dopest track on that album glad they came out with the video. You can tell this was done way back because 1 Wayne doesn't look like he been on crack n lochs look a little short haha plus you got Curren$y in there several times. I always wondered what would of if Curren$y never left Young Money, would he have been part of that whole YMC with drake and Niki? I doubt it he didn't fit in with them he would have to be doing big and better things but glad he is not.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Melanie Fiona - Redemption Song

This is why I love this women, she beautiful talented and talented I swear this is my future wife ha. She is very down to earth also, anyway this really shows her talent cuz she is sick while doing this too you have to hear her live.


Kanye West – What It Do [Demo]

Some New Ye' for yall could be just a regular track or could be a leak of what he got for his album that will be out for summer/fall. Kanye has been on many songs featuring and rips everything he has been on so he has big people anticipating a real hip-hop album. They said this is the demo and clearly not finish so we should see whats up when the official drops.

What it Do

Courtesy of 2DB and FSD


Friday, January 22, 2010

Jersey Shore Soundboard Complex

LOL Jersey Shore is like an epidemic haha


Christopher Truth + Wale

"Christopher Truth interviews Wale for The Press Play Show + Academy Printwear. Wale discusses his craziest tour story, what he's learned from Jay-Z, who he would choose for a supergroup + more."


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saukrates- Wednesday

I think I found out bout this guy a lil way back. This Cat is dope one of the dope artist of Canada I think I actually saw this On MT blog earlier but yea check this dude out click for his myspace



Clientele “Supreme Clientele” Beanies

"Clientele’s new “Supreme Clientele” line blends luxury, athletic, collegiate, and patriotic influences while staying true to Clientele’s streetwear history"

Dope!! and good price $20


Married to the Mob 2010 Spring Collection

Always try to throw some females out on the blog let them see what else is here besides hip hop and get them hip. Really though out of all the clothing lines for females the only two that I usually put down are Hellz Bellz and Married to the Mob. These are some of dopest street wear clothing not just female but in general its some ill stuff something I feel like they should make some dude clothing sometimes lol.


Nike Air Foamposite

Foams prob the most anticipated shoes for people to wait and fiend for next to Jordan's, especially if you live in the DMV area. People love the colorways they come out with and the clear bottoms and just the durability of the shoes. The design of the shoe is so classic when first coming out many thought of futuristic looks but still simple but clean look.

This year is big with the Foams, the week of V-Day the copper Foams are dropping and are going for $200 which will be hitting cats head so either you will buy these and not have anything for your girl or you will have something for your girl but disappointed in yourself LOL. But if that happens to you the following Month the Eggplant will be dropping once again also for $200 but will also be very limited.

Many say 200 is way too much, yes it is but I guess Nike knows that people will still buy them and be such high demand they will keep these OD high prices. Look on the bright side if you do buy these copper Foams you easily could flip them for like $400-600.


FlyBoy Radio

Back again with DOPE SHOWS I hope yall tune in. Fly Boy Radio we are real Music but we are also some educated cats. We bringing you dope music with some knowledge and dope discussions. There will be discussion on Hip-Hop, politics, & the Illuminati w/ 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jared Ball who is also the assistant professor of communications at Morgan State University. With DJ task we got one of my fellow bloggers Pat of Dope Science


Donnis- Nimorod Freestyle

My man Donnis finally gave me some crack for 2010, Donnis is one my favorite new MC out right now. I have posted couple of his tracks before he is def going drop big this year I think hopefully. Make sure you check out his Diary of an Atlanta Brave mixtape.

Nimrod Freestyle


Joe Budden x Royce 5'9 - 40/40

1/2 of the Slaughterhouse get on a track and rip it. I guess some subliminal were getting thrown out there.

Budden x Royce- 40/40


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Low Official Video

So Luda drops the official video to new booty jam How Low, we saw the Twerk Team vid they had now we have this.


Wale on Mo'Nique

I actually caught this last night and can say wale has come into his own. He has def matured and found his thing while getting interviewed, he keeps real and friendly and def represents the DMV well. Eve you can tell being on tour with HOV has got him better on stage


DMV Help Haiti Concert 930

Haiti Relief Concert 9:30 Club 01.18.2010 from Jaime Aquino on Vimeo.

Well I was at this event and I am kind of disappointed my footage was messed up but here is video from 1stimpressions that was really ill I dig all of the video's they edit anyway I will have my photo's up soon.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Sean – MIllion Dollars (Video)


Exhibit A Video


Anderson Cooper

Very disturbing


Freedom Video

I just remember when the song first dropped how people were now the video WOW.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Hate Me

The only real reason why I think people do not like Joey is because he so "cocky". But if you like hip hop you cant deny that he is talented and he rips each track he is on. I am Budden fan not a STAN big difference lol, but Joey kills everything he is on and he does what he does best on this track Hate Me.


Jay Electronica & Diddy Perform “Exhibit C”

Jay Electronica Calls On Diddy to perform "Exhibit C" from Mikey Fresh on Vimeo.

I love Music!!


Chip Tha Ripper- Here I Am (6th Sense)

Off of 6th sense upcoming mixtape Chip throw down on some 6th production and rips it. Here I Am is a dope track


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

The great Aaliyah would have been 31 today. Everyone always wants to know what her career could have been if she never passed away. I still defend saying she would of held it down and been the top of all the girls now. Aaliyah was the best all girls wanted to be her and it was every guy's around my age first crush I know she was mine. I used to look at the album cover of my sisters One In a Million copy when I was younger and be like WOW she beautiful, you see here influences in Ciara to Keri Hilson and just the way dance perform and act. Aaliyah lost still hurts many today because she was a talent we might never see again.
RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001.


Nappy Roots – Ride (Video)

Just a lil preview of what they got up next, good to hear from these cats again.


Friday, January 15, 2010

iLLVibes Exclusive Interview: Christian Rich

iLLVibes-DMV caught up with the Neptunes-affiliated duo Christian Rich, who were on hand at Stussy to perform their hits “Famous Girl”, “Countdown”, and “Stacks”. The two – Taiwo “Christian” Hassan and Kehinde “Rich” Hassan – spoke about their unique styles and production discography, along with the direction behind the “Famous Girl” video and how they don’t see themselves limited to the American mainstream, among many other topics. For more information about Christian Rich, be sure to visit their website or twitter.

From speaking with these brothers and hearing their unfathomable knowledge, you can easily sense their passion and determination to let their music be heard, and yet even without any effort, you get the feeling that their music will undoubtedly reach the masses because of its creativity and ingenuity, and especially because of the backing of a not too few number of highly-connected individuals, Christian Rich will soon make this year their own.

Shout out to my fam iLLVibes for this dope ass interview. We going have to link up again very soon. The iLLVibes crew interiewing skills are def on the top of the game I believe from all the people they have had the chance to meet esepcially the way they connect with them.


What up Gangsta

A new series out of Montreal, Canada, What Up Gangstars delves into various street level aspects of one of Canada’s most cultured cities. With the backing of the respected 123KLAN of graffiti artists, episode 1 and 2 revolve around graffiti and skateboarding respectively, hosted by “Jay” the puppet.

Via Hypebeast


Sneakerheads for Haiti

Dope thing to do and I know many of my readers are sneakerheads and have a lot of kicks so yea do what you can. shoutout to Marcus Troy for this



D.C. artists are coming together Monday, January 18th at the 9:30 Club to raise much-needed financial support for earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Wale, coming off of two sold-out shows at the 9:30 Club earlier this month, will headline. He’ll be supported by other D.C. area artists including D.C. Don Juan, Tabi Bonney, Phil Ade, XO, Kingpen Slim, K-Beta, Que (formerly of Day26) – and special surprise guests will take the stage as well. The benefit concert will be hosted by Chris Cole of BET’s College Hill South Beach. Organized by DMV Helps Haiti, all ticket sales will be donated to the Partners in Health Organization and YĆ©le Haiti, founded by Wyclef Jean. The artists are donating their performances, the 9:30 Club has donated the use of the venue, club employees are donating their wages and the advance ticket sales service charge also will be donated.
(Info from 9:30 Club Press Release)

Buy your Tickets here


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wale Behind the Scenes Pretty Girls (pics)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I never Liked Elephant Print So Much

WOWZERS LOL, To all the shoe heads out here I know some got tired of elephant print but she might change your mind LOL. Well now whenever you rock some Jordan's you can throw these bad boys on HAHA. Well really I dont care about these suspenders just the GIRL!!!!! :) And here tats add so much to her sexxiness OWWWWWWWWWW LOL.


Bun B – “Stupid Trill”

More and more I have Bun B creeping up to my top, I know many people will be like why and a lot of people will be like FINALLY. You can not say Bun B is not DOPE, he stays hip and relevant to everything. Not like many of the previous rappers of his era not many can stay in tuned in what "NEW". If you listen to Bun you just don't here is OG game in his spittin but also you hear a lot of the new demeanor that is out right now. Bun stays hip with music current street wear to basically everything. Every MC wants him on a feature and he loves too do it also , he just enjoys the game. But yea anyway he RIPS this track I was like GEEEEZE when I heard it lol I am bout to bump some Bun B for the rest of the day.


Lil Wayne – That’s What Ni**as Do

I like I like this is what I enjoy hearing from Lil Wayne.I really enjoy the sample he used it was really dope def something I needed to here from Wayne before he heads up North lol.

What Ni**as Do


X.O. x Raheem DeVaughn – Take Home

Behind The Scene

Uptown XO ft Raheem DeVaughn | Take Home | Video Shoot | Behind the Scenes from elitedc on Vimeo.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wale on Honey Article


Jordan Spiz’ike Hybrid Mini-site

Pretty Dope idea to get people involved. With the new spizikes and the Spike Lee alter ego Mars Blackmon, they drew up a site that just explains the history of the shoe and where the ideas and how it came up. Also just gives you an overview of Mars, but here is the cool part to get you involved they have templates like above to Mars Blackmon yourself. With this you can create yourself in orginal look of spike lee's alter ego. You can upload files from your computer or take photo's from your webcam and also links up with your facebook account and can pick photo's from there pretty dope. Get yourself Spiz'iked o yea there is and iPhone app DUHH lol you know they have an app for everything.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty Girl Behind Scenes Video x My Sweety Photos

Pretty Dope video cant wait to see the official Drop. I think he is doing different shots in areas so this is the Cali cut, I think he did the DC shoot already not sure dont quote me on that one. No GUCCI in that tho he still serving his jail time BURRR!!!!! Also below are some pictures of the "My Sweety" video behind the scences shot by Tabi Bonney

DMV's FINEST working with one another.


Just got SLAPPED lol

Lil Man just disrespected dude LOL


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar - Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton from on Vimeo.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

J. Cole - Playground

"She said she found God but to me She found Satan"
"I got the D baby and I am not talking Vitamins"
Day is getting better getting a track now from J.Cole, I cant wait till his next tape. He is def what Hip Hop needed for awhile and everyone should know that for now.



Joe Budden- Moneys On ME

I know my man Yams is geeking of this track LOL. We neeeded a new Joey track good way to start the new year with dope music from Joey. Lyrics were ill like always cant say much I rocks with budden


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rick Ross – Maybach Music 2.5 f. T-Pain & Pusha T (Video)



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jay-Z Freemason??

So for years people have been talking about Illuminati and the whole Freemason thing with hip hop. Jay-Z has led the pack to increase the story with his lyrics and videos and what not. I am not really a believer but I am not a doubter but who can say besides the people themselves. With Jay-Z newest video they broke it down and made the skeptics thoughts even more. Everyone has there own views and to me everything is a conspiracy. But check it out and see your thoughts and comments.


Jay Greedy & Criss Ruler- O.M.B.

DOPE !!!

Jay Greedy & Criss Ruler- O.M.B. from FLY KITE on Vimeo.

"In our scene in Chicago almost every pretty girl is a model, it really doesn't take much to be a model nowadays all you have to do is know a photographer. I feel like the "real" models in Chicago who are actually talented are being drowned out by unprofessional, boujee pretty girls who have photographer friends. And to be for real with you, some of them are not even that good looking. So me and Criss Ruler (my label mate) decided to put the pen to othe pad and discuss this matter. The vid is rather grimy & eccentric. It kind of gives you the "fuck a haircut i'm not gonna impress you," feel. Check it out! "

Posted on this cat couple months back and here is again with some ill ish once again, He hits the point on this song EVERY CHICK Thinks she a MODEL.



Jared Evan

You know when you are like I need some different type of music and then it just falls on top of your lap? This is what this cat sent me, Jared Evan singer/ MC is def what you call and artist. From his sound to who he has work with he is definitely a name that you will hear in the near future. He has signed with interscope and his debut Mixtape "Radio In My Head" which is presented by legendary Rik Cordero and hosted by Polow Da Don. This mixtape is very dope and you will enjoy each track very clean production. Jared world play is very dope you hear the hunger in the voice which I always state most important thing. He is def something dope because he has so much people backing him up from Rik and Polow thar are def names you want watching your back. Heart of Gold and Frozen or some of my favorite tracks.

Jared has Rik Cordero directing his video for "Frozen" which is DOPE video. If you are not familiar with Rik Cordero has worked with artist from Wale in his Family Affair track to The Clipse in "Popular Demand"

"Radio In My Head" Mixtape



Received this Mixtape from this Cat and I can say it is a pretty solid tape. It took me awhile before I listen to it just because it was the holiday just have not had time to review much. This MC is dope Revalation is his name and he def has an Old School sound that you can dig and easily tell who his influences are in the rap game. He spits over some classic beats that you all know to catch your ear but you still get his own flavor in the mix. He sent me the mixtape and bout to throw couple tracks that yall can def preview. Make sure yall check him out and download the mixtape.

Net Worth

Heart of the City

Check this SITE to download his mixtape


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