Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well I did not personally get to attend this event at UMD but it look like a dope event. My boy Yamil aka Eye Deal was performing with some dope artist Funsho on the vocals and Zay who beatbox. These are three very talented individuals, they definitely showed there skills in this matter. Check the video out and def try to come to this next event

O yea check out the other video of the UMD JUKE joint same performance just different angle and at 3:50 and the football team getting mad at yams for taking his usual Jabs at them in his rhymes SMH LOL. "U HEARD YAMIL GON GET ON STAGE AND TALK ABOUT US LIKE THAT SHAWTY?? FUCK HIM"


Friday, February 26, 2010

XXL Freshmen 2010 Class

As soon as the last year's class was done people were already making there upcoming list for the 2010 season. This has become Hip-Hop's March Madness I guess people have been aruging and agreeing on who should be faithfully on this list. I made a pretty dope list couple months ago here for the Possible 2010 class. I guess I failed becuase I only got 4 out of 10 correct I did not have Nipsey on my first list but always knew he deserved spot easily. This list was pretty decent beside the whole OJ thing. Was I disappointed in this year list? NO, but I was just more concerned where was thought and logic in some of the picks or even why some of the artist did not put there ALL into there verse. Some picks gave a weak feel to there verse which is horrible because I have listened to all of them and I know many are better than what they have shown.

The reason why I am saying this is because if you are going be considered as the top of this class put your all because people are going to judge especially if they have never heard of you and wondering why you made it and not there favorite MC. A lot of these cats seemed like yea I made I knew let me use a old verse I had in my last freesetyle. All I am saying is come correct in things like this because you have a lot to prove.

I still think some artist may have been robbed like TiRon and Pac Div but that is understandable because XXL guess can't have to many Wests Coast affiliates repping on this cover but still many artist I even just found out about who are dope. So we just have to think harder with these list and make sure they are right and not a Joke to many folks.


Mixtape: Thelonious Martin x iLLVibes - "Beats for Lovers"

I do not know how I keep forgetting to post this. Probably because this mixtape is that dope who knows. My fam from iLLVibes sent me this couple days ago and I have literally just been jamming to this. Here is what they sent me describing everything that will get you hip.

It's been over a week since Valentine's Day has passed. Just imagine how many relationships have come and gone, how many have started and disappeared, and the frequency with which the word love has been used by many. Beats for Lovers is the culmination of this raw emotion - whether we want to accept love or deny its power. Produced mainly by Thelonious Martin and presented by iLLVibes,Beats for Lovers is a story for all about how we deal with this feeling: as much as we try to understand and truly think we know what it means, we could never fully comprehend the exact essence of love. These emcees responded exactly as expected - in their own unique ways, with their own comprehension and understanding of love, from a story about the beauty of love and the ideal of love as a transcendental power to the very reason why someone becomes distraught and frustrated with another. There is no human nature without love - love of another, love of family, love of friends, love of an object or passion - it is as necessary as the air we breathe, and every day we are constantly reminded by its inexorable force throughout us.

With 14 tracks produced by Thelonious Martin, and one from AB the Producer and another from DJ Soundtrax, Beats for Loversincludes original songs from Greenspan, X.O., Marky, Pro'Verb, Ra the MC, Wordsmith, The Paxtons, Cayan, Ice the Villain, Dre-Ski, Nike Nando, Amor Jones, PHZ-Sicks, K-Beta, Tha Future, Volition, and Jabee.

With a line up like this how can you go wrong and not keep listening certified CRACK right here enjoy.



Good Wood and Creative Control link up on this video.


“Saturdays”: Gourmet Fall 2010 Women’s Collection Preview

Its crazy how all these companies that we support and all know are actually small and not as big to the mainstream world but to us they are have dope videos. Not just Dope but videos that they have done are better than most of the mainstream commercials that are out now.


ALIFE 2010 Fall/Winter Preview

I rock with ALIFE clothing is always dope def a nice line up for the upcoming fall. I really want that grey crew-neck though.


Obama is a Savage

LOL my man Obama is finally getting tired of all this mess they are trying to blame on him or people telling him he is not doing his job properly. Here he is talking to other guy who ran from president lol John McCain, President Obama gives him that "YO MY MAN" look like you better get out my face with this mess lol priceless video.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Curren$y & Stalley – Address (Directed By Creative Control)

CURREN$Y + STALLEY: ADDRESS from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Well Creative Control do another dope video for Curren$y and they chose good ol JA to film and show the beauty of the island where my family is from. They drop down into Kingstons Uptown and Downtown that actually goes with the concept of this dope video with there dope line “Ain’t nuthin’ changed but the address”. They keeping it real no matter what Dope track enjoy.


Interview with Levi Maestro

BKRW "chill out" ITW with LEVI MAESTRO in PARIS from Jay SMITH on Vimeo.


Tyga x Lil Wayne - I'm On It

I just want to know why is Lil John is screaming in the beginning confused over here. Still people who don't like Tyga here is a track he goes on I think it may be his delivery that gets me but the kid can spit.

Tyga - I'm On It


Jackie Chain

I was waiting for a better embedded I was tired of posting Worldstar stuff on here, anyway Jackie Chain is back and I enjoy this cat. Its funny how his song blew up with most of the new artist gracing that dope beat in Rollin. The first time I heard the original with the actual hooks and beginnings I was pretty hmmm yeaaa.... But this video is ight I have seen better but eh


XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle: DONNIS (Video)

Boosted that my man Donnis made the list, wish some of the artist came out harder but still he drops some bars. Better than OJ but that still is rotten inside my brain he was chosen, but I do not want to take that away from a DOPE MC Donnis.


J. Ferb- Run 2 The Sun

J. Ferb has brought you some of compilation some of his newest work with this Run 2 the Sun. This project was brought to you by HESB x Real Mango Juice x T.A.S.K Productions x B. Mimms MGMT xFreeline Music. Well it wouldve been dope if we threw Dats Dope on this project though LOL, def a dope project that will have people entertained till Chase be dropping sometime around March. Enjoy Download mixtape here.....

run 2 the S U N [zip] | - zshare | mediafire | usershare <—- 9 songs, album artwork enclosed.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UNDFTD Commercial


Terry Richardson x The Jersey Shore Photoshoot

One of my favorite photographers meet up with the new biggest craze of Reality TV the Jersey Shore.



I do not know if this will be a consistent post but today is def in need of this title. Today has been very interesting I come home after school chillax and do my daily blog surfing to see what is going on. Usually in a day you see ONE thing that stands out but not 3 I might even get more through out the day and post later.

First we have up Yung Berg tsk tsk tsk, this boy has prob taken the most L's ever more than Charles Hamilton and HE has A LOT. You know Yung Berg from calling our lovely dark skin beauties "Dark Butts" to getting beat up in every city in the country from LA to Miami and even ATL. Even though he has been through all of that today we find out he has been robbed inside of his home..... HIS HOME by 4 goons and 2 of those goons were actually females(goonnets? not sure what to call them) Anyway not that he got robbed but he also got pistol whip by these 2 females. Damn son you are not even safe in your own HOUSE??? source

Now we have up second XXL. We all know XXL for bringing MC's who will have a impact on hip hop and they have Freshman class of 10 to represent. This year we have heard from J.Cole, Big Sean, Nipsey Hu$$le but now we have this.......
Yea it is ladies and gents its OJ da Juiceman who will be gracing this years cover. I guess XXL have to drop someone who is gump and is horrible every year I really thought that was going be Niki Minaj but they proved me wrong and put someone who is even worst I guess and it is OJ.

Now lastly we have this I cant even write on this I just seen it on 2dopeboyz just look at the video.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rick Ross (Feat. Chrisette Michele) - Mafia Music 2

Whatever you say bout Ross this cat makes some dope music, I dont care his last album was still dope and she shut 50 up real quick


Dose – Where Dey Do That At?! f. Fabolous & Rick Ross (Video)


Wiz Khalifa – “Kush x Orange Juice” Trailer

Kush x Orange Juice Trailer from taylorgang on Vimeo.

I was trying to drop this before but I loafed but yea here it goes


Tyga – “I’m So Raw” Video

I do not care what many say, but Tyga can spit he has def improved over the years. I was not the biggest fan cuz of that whole coconut thing he had but that was the past. I was put on to his Potential mixtape and things change check him out rippin this beat.

O yea I guess mediatakeout don't lie from them I heard C.Breezy will be the new affiliate of Young Money and that's perfect fit for him explains why he is chilling in the video. Think how epic that is for Wayne Drake and Chris Brown TRUUUUUUUU they making $$$$


Diamond District x Blu x Fashawn x Exile x Trek Life (

Freestyle your Funk from MASSCORPORATION.COM on Vimeo.

This was just DOPE, some of the illest from the east w/ the dope cats from the west drop this dope freestyles after there show overseas
Why I love Hip-Hop


Tabi Bonney – Fever f. Raheem DeVaughn (Video)


Its My Birthday....

BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Yea I kind of just wanted to say that AYE!!!!


NEW Video From Kanye West “Coldest Winter”

Very dope but Very Strange and Interesting Video Love it tho.


Snoop Dogg x Kid Cudi - That Tree

Snoop has seriously been grinding lately, him and another avid Chiefer Kid Cudi team up for another Smoker Anthem to jam too. Well the Cudder drops another dope hook for legendary Snoop


Monday, February 22, 2010

ItsTheReal: Charles Discharged (Video)

Charles Discharged from jeff on Vimeo.

I am not the biggest CH fan at all but this was hilarious, Idk how these clever guys got him to go with it but it was good. The whole redshirt freshman and wacka flocka flame had me rolling cant lie. Yea CH took a lot of Major L's this past year lets see if 2010 wont be such a downer for this kid lol.


XXL Big Sean Freestyle

Big Sean goes in for the week of this class, he spits his Supa lemonade verse on it though wish some of these bars were new tho.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

MC - Just Go With The Flow Mixtape

On Dats Dope we will be begining Artist Of The Month & maybe Week depending on how positive it turns out, it will be musicians, artist, designers and what not. Anyway we begin the First Artist of The Month MC

MC- Marcuz Charles, Solar Inkk Music Group

21 Senior at University of Maryland, Sociology Major

2nd Mixtape, From NW Washington DC

Inspired by: 2pac, Biggie, Eminem, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Drake, Kid Cudi, J. Cole

Been writing for 7 years, rappin for 2

Twitter - OhhThatsMC

"We need more good music in the world, it'll make it a better place..."

Click images for download!!!
Def a dope project glad his work came out properly, know my man worked hard on this and some new productions on the track was dope and def shown in on this project.


Stussy - Spring 2010 Lookbook By Kenneth Cappello


Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Bathing Ape 2010 Spring/Summer BAPE STA MID

Not the biggest Bape fan but I am digging the gum bottom and strap on the back its pretty dope. The shoe is something slight not that epic, I prob would rock it but wouldnt go out my way for these kicks.
Via: Hypebeast


Friday, February 19, 2010

DRUKS PARIS “The Champagne Of Brands”

I actually just got hip to this streetwear brand out of France. They are pretty DOPE I would rock a lot of the stuff they have easily my style in T's. They are not yet known in the States but surely they will soon, only problem I have is the price they have on the T-shirts of $44 its not bread but for a Tee I cant rock like that especially for brand not as known yet but yea check them out here


Shut up Teaser

Pac Div - "Shut Up" Music Video Coming Soon Teaser from MCM on Vimeo.

This video looks like its about to be dope, most of Pac Div's video are ill so I have no doubt this one will be also.


Donnis Freestyle

Easily one of my favorite MC's out that havent received that much notice is this dude. I say yea i rock with this dude or yea he is my fav but I ROCKS with Donnis he just brings that classic down south rap back with a lot of new era in it. Everything Ive heard from him has been dope.


J. Cole XXL Freestyle

Prob one the top Favs of the New class by many.. J. Cole


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I'm Beaming" Fan Video.

Fan videos usually are some of the best and most creative, I started laughing because I know this is how I look when I am walking on campus or at a Metro stop I be in my own lil world lol.


J. FERB - Watermelon

Well well well haha I was blessed with this being an insomniac last night. My man J. Ferb who has been plenty of times drops this track which is dope and I was listening to it like 20 times before I hit those sheets. I always say how great it is to see how you see an artist develop in to something DOPE. The track is ill and just the whole production was a good job and he his wordplay has def gotten better. Ferb has some shit under his sleeve that you will be amazed about and a track he told me about he hasn't sent me yet which is not finish I cant wait to hear.


Stussy DC- J Dilla

Last Saturday @StussyDC they were honoring Late Great J.Dilla, for who do not J. Dilla one of the greatest if the not best producers to influence Hip-Hop from working with Common, Talib, Eryka Badu and etc if you were Hip-Hop you wanted to work with Dilla.

Anyway I missed this event I usually go these events but I missed this one because I was just tired of some of these hypebeast events and all the on-lookers like I have done something wrong. Even though that I am mad that I missed it and didn't show my support because this actually look like one of the best events they have thrown in awhile last couple few have been EH!


XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle: Nipsey Hu$$le (Video)

They finally got hip and took the name out haha but yea its the boy Nipsey


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Rebirth (Video)

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Rebirth - Official VIdeo

Bone Thugs N Harmony | MySpace Music Videos

Many of us growing up were big Bone Thug Fans and many are still big supporters to this day. Bone Thugs drop off some visuals for there newest single



If you know me or have seen any post on Oprah you know I am not the biggest fan, so when I get a chance to ridicule her its the best lol. Drew Brees MVP of the Super Bowl winning New Orleans Saints has been appearing on every show since the big win. If you know anything about him since he has been at Purdue and drafted everyone has known about his legendary birthmark on his face. I do not know how Oprah could spin this mistake but she might just have to make the L and handle the embarrassment. Being the good guy Brees laughed it off and didn't let it faze him at all. I take it that she did not watch the game or see any interviews after but for being the best reporter in the world I would think you would have notice something like that haha....


Curren$y – Pilot Talk (Trailer)

Once again Creative Control shows there dope skills, this is for Curren$y album trailer. I wish I was a rapper so I could get some dope footage like this haha


TiRon- For Your Smile

Another late night on twitter laying around actually studying cuz I cant sleep this track pops up on my timeline. I think this is on the new mixtape mustard hopefully def one of the illest MC's out.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

J.Cole- Knock On Wood Freestyle

Just peeped this up on twitter def a good jam to hear for the day..


United Arrows x New Balance 997.5

Photography: Karl Hab

Easily a DOPE shoe, these were rocked by Kanye awhile back and I peeped them with the sick colorway some may see why Kanye rocked them similar to his LV and Air Yeezy's. The shoe is only overseas right now which is wack I would love to have a pair of these, they are a def a shoe that you have to see on someone else' feet to enjoy the actual design of the shoe not the best looking just on display. But until I see them here I wont be buying them because the price tag of 180 and then that good ol S&H

Via: Hypebeast


Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever

The title of the Freshmen's new mixtape I def had this pass week with all this damn snow!!!



Donnis – Superman High Freestyle

Off Donnis Southern Comfort Mixtape, Donnis goes in like usual I still do not know why not that many people hip to him yet like it still puzzles me anywhooo This will be a must Download for me if your still shaky on my man Donnis go check out his 10 deep mixtape he did a while back DOPENESS.


Ski Beatz – 24 Hour Karate School/ Prowler 2 f. Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz, & Mos Def

I guess this will be the thing everyone has been and will be geeking off of. Defitnitley a dope a project thats pretty epic. I guess Dame trying to prove to Jay that he actually can do it. I been peeping this project for awhile and he has FIRE he has brought in for this. 2010 is def the year I think Hip-Hop is back and with avegance, just look at the way everything is going about. Anyway enjoy this 11 minut trailer if you love music you will love this. This is def Hip-Hop def get the link on the bottom with a DOPE song

Prowler 2 f. Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz, & Mos Def(Radio Rip) CDQ be out eventually you know that already!!
Via :2DB


Stripper Mobile!!!

This is was even bad Vegas!!! LOL anyway I guess this is good advertisement they always say there no such thing as bad press. The funny thing is you could tell the area the News reporters went was in the city bar area because just listen to all the comments they got from people Drunk off there ass "!@#$#@" lol wonder if Camelot would do this in Adams Morgan one night lol.


MORGAN 'Train of Thought

Def a supporter of her music Morgan has been on Dats Dope several times. She comes back with some ill tracks which she sent me with her new mixtape Train Of Thought. I gave a Listen to the tape and enjoyed it. She now founded the Future Mogul Group which is media group that tries to get exposure for artist which is dope something I really admire and see the hard work put in. Check out it out.....


XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle: Wiz Khalifa (Video)

Well we never said XXL are the brightest in the bunch, but they tried to "secretly" hide the rappers appearance but I guess when you click the embedded you will not see there names LOL. Especially with Wiz you have to do better #CMONSON all TATTED UP with a big ol P hanging from the neck haha O OK anyway enjoy my man WIZ dropping some bars #YEAAAAAAAAABITCH


ItsTheReal: Hey Mr. Cartel (Video)

Hey, Mr. Cartel from jeff on Vimeo.

If Bow Wow is in Charge we are really in trouble LOL
Finally they are back been waiting for these cats to go in for a minute, there hilarious check them out.


Kendrick Lemar - She Needs Me/I Am(Video)

I keep forgetting to put down this cat stuff down more often. Dude is ill he SPITS check his stuff out.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Mishka 2010 Spring Lookbook

Check SpellingI am a pretty big fan of Mishka and always enjoy there clothing, more expensive than what it should be but in general there clothing line is always dope. There spring line is Dope like usual it caught my eye actually because I am actually more of fan of there Fall/Winter Line they have then there spring but dope nonetheless.


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