Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jackie Chain - Haze

One cat I really rock with on the low is Jackie Chain way before the whole Wiz or Curren$y trend popped up off some Devin The Dude type ish. I got onto cuz while back after rough night I take being sheed and his track Rollin came on and it was wrap from that, you might know Rollin from many other MC's who came on that track like Big Sean and Kid Cudi. Haze is def another dope track under Jackie's belt he is def on the come up!



YES LADIES & GENTS WE ARE NO LONGER BLOGSPOT LOL. I had to get rid of it to show the movement and dope direction we will be now doing for Dats Dope in near future. I have been doing this exactly a year now and over that year I have experienced so much with this blog and many of you help me with this journey so it was only right to keep it moving and just Stamp and get this Brand out that we know as Dats Dope.

For right now the site is Dats-Dope.com the dash hopefully will be there temporarily because of legal matters we are still facing on that but it hopefully should be cleared up by the end of June. With that said what will be different now that we are official website? I am glad you have asked lol, well since I have teamed up with a good friend Premo who is a second author to this site we are having a whole new layout to being designed, products and much more coming yall way.

This is Dats Dope 1000th post, its crazy I say that because I never would have thought it would have taken me this far. Me and Premo have so much in stored for this especially this summer, I chose to drop the New Domain today because it is the 1000th post and what better way to start it off with some dope news instead of some regular post I drop.

I really appreciate many of the people's support who have been with me since day one and for the newbies because you all are still showing mad love I rocks with yall for that. We are he for bigger and better things and must take those necessary steps to succeeded and keep rocking in life much love and respect to everyone out there.

O yea the site is http://www.dats-dope.com/ but your still accessing it through datsdope.blogspot for now because it takes awhile to be accessed. Explains when you click certain links it has popped up yet !

So in mean time it will be post but it is still under construction


Rock the Bells 2010 Lineup…

Probably one of the DOPEST concerts I have ever attended would be Rock The Bells. I went las year with some of the fellas and it was EPIC, just had great time with the fellas good music, nice clouds and just dope atmosphere. This year that I am actually prepared I will def make it bigger and better and def for the Dats Dope. This is the 3rd year I believe they are having this event, they threw a launch party o discuss the line up and its bout to be sick.

2010 LINE UP:

* Supernatural
* Brother Ali
* Immortal Technique
* Clipse
* Wiz Khalifa
* Murs & 9th Wonder
* Slick Rick (performing
The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
* KRS-One (performing
Criminal Minded
* Rakim (performing
Paid In Full
* Wu-Tang Clan (performing
Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers

It was rumored to be said that Lauryn Hill and Tribe called quest were supposed to be performing as well, but they were not announced at the event. Maybe this could just be a cover up and they actually be there, if not thats cool still going be dope line up and if they do show up that will just be icing on the cake!

Aug. 21 – NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA
Aug. 22 – Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco, CA
Aug. 28 – Governer’s Island in New York
Aug. 29 – Merriweather Pavilion in Washington D.C.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Cloud 9- Theory of Destiny

I found out about Cloud 9 actually through twitter las night, they popped up on my timeline and this rack "Theory Of Destiny". It reminded me of Linkin Park/Gym Class Hero type ish but I was rocking with it. I dont know much on this group but they sound very talented from the Band to the MC, from the artwork it is def a diverse group hopefully they can send us some more tracks in near future. There from the DMV also is another dope stamp.

<a href="http://cloud9.bandcamp.com/track/theory-of-destiny">Theory of Destiny by Cloud 9</a>


Teckell Krystall – Luxury Foosball table

Have not really posted anything like this in a while but this was really dope and caught my eye.

The Krystall Teckell is a luxurious Foosball table design that has been announced to be available in the market soon. The expert Italian craftsmanship of the designers and the use of high-quality materials have made this design a unique blend of technology and art. By featuring diamond like transparency and extraordinary elegance, Krystall will be able to fulfill the desire of all range of

This is sick, te whole design of this with all crystal just makes it so clean and stand out so much more. I am telling you when I eventually make it and $$$ to drop things like this will be seen in my humble abode lol

via: FLY


Nas – Hey Young World

Levi’s commissioned Nas and 12 other major acts from the realms of pop, rock, soul and rap to record classic hits from the past for their “Levi’s Pioneer Sessions” campaign. All the tracks will be available for download on the Levi’s website. For the kick-off, they asked us to premiere Nas’ cover of Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World.”


Wiz Khalifa – “The Kid Frankie” Video

Wiz drops some more Visuals off his last mixtape Kush & Orange Juice, Kid Frankie track is def for the fans who enjoy the plane rides even though most of his music is focused on that this def a major one. I think he has a nice lil illadelph there I need to purchase that ha ;)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chris Brown x Tyga x Kevin McCall- Deuces

This video is pretty Dope, the song was prob the only track I was really rockin with from what I heard of there collabs. I didnt download there mixtape so I a m not sure what to think of it because so many people said it was horrible and many others liked it. But yea here is there first Official Video off here Fan Of Fan mixtape.


Nike: Write The Future

Meant to post this as I saw it but been loafing a little due to certain projects that will be happening for Dats Dope. Once again Nike comes up big with this commercial for World Cup. If your not a soccer fan at all this just shows how EPIC World Cup is and how serious this game actually is. I am not soccer faithful 24/7 but world cup in South Africa will be amazing def somewhere I want to go. June 11th is the big day.


Drake x Jeezy – Unforgettable

I have to say Aaliyah was such a great talent and hearing her voice sample just brought back memories. Anyway though we finally got the CDQ of this Drake x Jeezy collab, def a dope track Drake got people really anticipating June 15th when Thank Me Later drops. 2bz good looks once again on the track


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Supra – Skytop Black Canvas Gum “Wino”

I am pretty big fan of Supra collection even though I personally do not own a pair just cause I am lazy and buy other kicks that I may not get later LOL. Anyway the supra mainly the Muska Skytop brand for obvious reasons just the whole design of the shoe to even the minor things like the "stash pocket" shhh not many know about it. With this "Wino" edition I just like the whole look from the Jet black look to the Wax shoelace's this is just a dope shoe. You can't forget about the Gum bottom that brings it out even more, I am fool to gum bottoms and Icey bottoms thats on shoe I most likely will be purchasing it. They are already in stock so you can purchase them now at any Supra retailer props to Freshness


The Next Big Thing

Commercials have definitely changed over the years, you have to be so much more creative and willing to do the abnormal just to get seen. With technology increasing and of course the Internet options have went up even more. Audi has this dope idea and made a mini movie staring Justin Timberlake and they going come out with new parts and I will try to post them keep yall updated. If you like it check out Part 2


Ankle insurance?

I am far from a Laker Fan and Kobe Stan but I do like good basketball and props are needed in this. I really hope Grant Hill purchased some ankle insurance because Kobe def made him have to check that out after the game, sad though my man Grant Hill had to be a victim guess he shouldve got a pair of Hyperdunks like they say LOL.


Casper G - Just Listen (Mixtape)

It feels dope to drop some tracks of people who you know especially when its a pretty dope project, glad to introduce Casper G MC from Jersey. I met Casper back freshman year at Morgan and he was my roommate during orientation and neighbor through freshman year in the OC. Man some of the stuff we did and I saw because of this cat were pretty Reckless!!!! LOL anyway Casper was probably the FIRST actual person I ever met who said they rap during that year. He put me on some tracks back then but never really heard anything from him always thought he was nice and wanted to hear more.

But yea back to this tape, I actually had to listen to couple times just to get the feel at first of this project. The production was decent but the lyrics and wordplay of Casper G brought the tracks out more and I started diggin it a lot more. Some of the dope tracks I rock with the most would be "The Intro" his single "Just Listen" and actual name of the mixtape. I also was diggin "Ridin Round" and other tracks like "I'm Going Off" least favorite track might be "Tonight". Overall this was pretty well put through project.

Def would like to see more of Casper G here on #DATSDOPE

Make Sure you listen and download


Monday, May 17, 2010

Rick Ross – Super High f. Ne-Yo (Video)

You Don't understand how much I love Stacey Dash so bad and she 40+ got to love that.


Breezy x Tyzilla -" Fan Of a Fan" [mixtape]


for the stans:

DOWNLOAD: http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_Ill_Will__Dj_Rockstar_Chris_Brown__Tyga__Fan.m120319.html


Sneakerhead Spank

Once again Nike made another dope commercial that gave me a lil giggle "NO HOMO" Many of the people I know are "SneakerHeads". I am addicted to kicks myself but not as much as some folks I know. Being a Sneaker Head is kind of like secret society you can spot at the "HypeBeast" you can notice like eagle eye who has the fakes. At one point in life people did things to keep there kicks fresh from walking that weird little walk you have to even putting shopping bags on your feet in case it rained a school. Most of the feeling of getting a new pair of kicks is just to open that box and see something so clean so new that WOW factor. Have to give props to Nike for knowing we are out there on this shootout to hypebeast for this one


uhmm this is new..

KING DRIIS - HOLD ON from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

one of my favorite actors is a musical artist as well?
Idris Elba.

but hey, its a track produced by 9th wonder so its DoubleD worthy


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Curren$y – King Kong (Video)

Curren$y - King Kong from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Spitta drops visual of th next project Pilot Talk that Drops on June 15th, shot by Creative Control who have done many dope videos for Spitta, He def has some dope thing coming up and major moves this year like signing with the New Roc-A-Fella.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Asher Roth – Muddy Swim Trunks (Video)

Glad to see some Ash haven't really posted anything from him, dope visual he had for this and BB GUN always dope. I think most of these rappers need to hook up with BB GUN because he does it right. But yea this track is dope I just got to listen to the mixtape it was ight nothing to crazy but it rocked.


Diggy – What They Been Waiting For

It was ight nothing really to crazy but only posting it because you gotta respect that grind little dude has plus I wanted to laugh I think he said "WHORES" I don't think Rev Run approves of that language.


Kendrick Lamar – Cut You Off

New Kendrick Lamar today just boosted me, He right now is one of my favorite MC's out right now. If you havent checked the EP of Kendrick Lamar you def have to check him .
Cut You Off


Thursday, May 13, 2010


NEW M.I.A.!!!!

enough said.
shut up and download it.
I know for a FACT alot of you havent heard this track!

its crazy!

DOWNLOAD: http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/pfdj4x1jnc7c

via: 2DBZ


Statik Selektah x DJ Ill Will

some ill boombap ish from homies on the left coast

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?ktwoyty5zzm


Phil Ade x J.Ferb x Dom Kennedy x CURREN$Y

Phil Ade x J.Ferb x Dom Kennedy x CURREN$Y 5.6.10 from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

I was really waiting for this video to come out because I've been so lazy and just did not want to go through my footage and edit it, plus my video wouldn't be as dope as this either but yea check it out I was pretty hurt that night anyway so footage would be blah and all shaky lol


Phil Ade x Wale x Raekwon x Tabi Bonney x Raheem Devaughn -Hollywood

This is def a dope remix, Phil Ade is def coming into his own and has fellow DMV artist to help with this remix and legendary MC Raekwon hop on this track with them also. Make sure you check out Phil a lot more he has a lo more bigger moves his upcoming year with 368 music group.

Hollywood Remix


Married to the Mob 2010 Summer Collection

I always try to put a little of feminine side to Dats Dope because it is for everyone but don't get that side as much might have to hire something for that LOL, but anyway the only line of clothing that always catches my eye is Married to the Mob they have so many designs but so simple which is always good. You always wants something simple but will always stand out, some fellas might actually notice know this model on there late night movie watching. Check out this summer line up and this trailer they did for this line below.

RUNAWAY FAYE from The Town Pump on Vimeo.


Wiz Khalifa – Goodbye

Goodbye - Wiz Khalifa from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

I think this is what I was talking about couple post back on them making video for Wiz, people are saying this is just fan made video but I heard this might actually be something they sen to Wiz for the actual video to be played dont quote me on that tho. 1stimpressions always do dope work


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashawn (Feat. Blu) - Samsonite Man

Cali is def a problem, they have so many MC's who are killin it in thee own way there worst MC might be your best MC from where your at! I got into Fashawn awhile back and he is def something serious his flow is crazy and of course Blu if you know who he is I dont need to say anymore.


Bob Marley

I can believe I really forgot to post this, Guess busy with the day and All but R.I.P to one of he most influential people to music and the world Robert Nesta Marley. Bob always had messages in his songs that stuck with people forever.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last Airbender

This is about to be EPIC!! I got into this because of my niece and she watches it all the time and now I am addicted even though I fell in love with it being a cartoon. This still will be a very dope movie and 3D but what do you expect everything is in 3D but yea when it comes out I am doing no faking LOL.


Old School Video : Nas -Affirmative Action

Even though this not my favorite version but this version is def a great song. Anything Nas back in the day growing up is a classic, I was talking to someone and they were saying "you know you dont listen to Nas for the beats b/c he doesnt have them just dope message" MAN F THAT all Old Nas tracks beas ROCKED you can't tell me all of them joints from Illmatic were no FIRE.... Bu anyway enjoy this Old School Jam


Drake – Find Your Love (Video)

Let's see how long people will discuss this one.....
But with Mavado in the video will that collab happen soon?


Monday, May 10, 2010

"Far & Few Between"- Jalin Roze

as I detox from my 21st bday weekend lol I came across some pretty dope music, I thought was worth sharing. here it is. another mc reppin the midwest, Jalin Roze.

check em out.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?z5midixnt3j
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?z5midixnt3j
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?z5midixnt3j


Wiz Khalifa 9:30 club

1stimpressions and DC to BC got some footage of that Wiz Concert a while back, which I was in attendance and was pretty EPIC! 1stimpression do @#$% great job editing there films there something def you will see blow up from up DMV very soon. They caught the whole feel of that concert if you did not go. I think this may be actually a video for Wiz


Chris Brown x Tyga ft Kevin McCall DUECES

Don't really care what people have said but these cats are making some dope tracks together, they def a nice duo to come out and work well with each other proven from the other songs they have linked up on.


Thad Reid - Stratosphere (Video)

New Video from Thad Reid !


Mike Is Like

That dude Mike back with some dopeness, off his next project Mike Murder he has his track "Mike Is Like" he uses that DJ Premier and Nas Classic "Nas Is Like" for this current track for the new Project. This cat def has dope wordplay and flow is always on point you know he has to be on Dope if I have had him on so many times.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It’s The Real: “The Doctor Who Cried Detox”

The Doctor Who Cried Detox from jeff on Vimeo.

Well how long have we been waiting for this? gotta love Its The Real.



aight, this is HUGE! the FIRST DoubleD Giveaway is going down TODAY!!!!!!!!!

see that flyer, yes you get to see ALLLLLLLLLLLLL that and especially everyones favorite from the Left coast, DOM KENNEDY for






YES! free99, meaning at NO COST to you !

but! theres ONE thing... :D

you have to answer this ONE QUESTION BY 5:05pm (for cinco de mayo)

gives us the NAME and SONG title :

"was thinkin as a weakness were poetrys in motion
Like a bitch, I'm the main feature
amongst hard working teachers and corrupt preachers
I make my living off singles like Latifah
In between sheets like reefer with blunted senses
you couldnt make a statement if you were a sentence
Im cold with numb intentions"
"went through label pains, didnt give shorty a name,
I put bros before hoes, thats the way love and life goes
Its a jungle out there but Im never Fever-in for them white hoes
I love black thighs, you sisters better realize
that real hair and real eyes get get guys"
"punchlines are like jab hits to rappers
whos careers now ashes, its too many slashes in his name
came in the game these gun-clappers
From weak lines, to clothing lines, to an actress
I seem dashin smash hits,
I yell run nigga run! while i cooked up classics."

aight you got that?!!!? NAME AND SONG TITLE!


twitter: @premofivenine
email: premofivenine@gmail.com

twitter: @KoolKidSheed
email: RShaw06@gmail.com


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phil Ade "Always There"

Phil Ade "Always There" from 368 Music Group on Vimeo.

I actually got to meet Phil Ade the other day at the J. Cole x J. Ferb concert the other real cool dude, did a little interview with him but audio was bleh so hopefully we can do it again! Anyway though this was a very dope video and track, Phil has def came into his own as an artist and knows how to make the proper track. This is def a track you can chill and vibe with, I am really looking forward to Phil's next project because he def improved as an MC and only can get better.

Make sure yall check him out also tomorrow at Stussy instore tomorrow before the concert !!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Episode 7 (Estevan Oriol & Geoff Rowley)


Wale- Diary


Sunday, May 2, 2010

DOM x Ferb x Curren$y

yeaaa we in there, this def a must



I've been a huge fan of boondocks for years I have many of the comic books still and actually saved a couple of the one that used to be in the post. I remember when I first got into Aaron McGrudger drawings, back when he was still at UMD I would see them in the papers and thought this was so DOPE. I did not understand much of it then but just seeing black cartoon was just not seen at all especially one who broke the boundaries in what was said. As I got older yesss I became a Boondocks Stan I even tried to draw like McGruder and everything, you have to love the racial stereotypes and American culture that McGruder brings to this cartoon. So boosted for this new season which starts tonight, check out some of the trailers. If your not into this I really don't know why I guess I am the only one who finds racial truths hilarious but being around me you will watch it.


I dont know how I found this...

But its so horrible and hilarious at the same time LOL wtf ... random


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