Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rick Ross x Curren$y x Wiz Khalifa “So High Sativa Remix"

Shoutout to the the cats who make good music!!! Ross, Wiz and Curren$y on a track is where its at, we def got another tree track to jam to while we hit some in the air! word to PFOP for this



I gave this a really good listen to last night. and its DOPE.
AB-Soul has a solid flow especially being from the left coast, also a DATSDOPE favorite: Jay Rock x Kendrick Lamar have a few features on it.

check it out


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Big Ass Cookout

This was def a dope event that took place pass Sunday! The homies Pat, Tobi and rest of the Fly Boy conglomerate who helped get this function pop off right. The day was great rolled up with the fellas and it was dope, def real laid back good people good drank n good yea. It was drama free environment people enjoyed themselves. A lot of folks came out I def had good time still blown I didn't bring the cameras and recorder but I loafed, Pat and them def did a good job on planning this event major props. Check out pics on the bottom courtesy of Marco Kay and make sure your at the next event they will be throwing!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Chris Brown MJ Tribute

I did not see this because I missed it originally but when I caught the video online man BREEZY killed it cant lie about that. Everyone knew he shouldn't done it before but it is what it is and he came out correct. This was def a very emotional performance for him I bet, he def broke down but held his composure pretty well doing a dope tribute that def help the show!


Sept 14th Kanye x Big Sean x Kid Cudi

Sounds like a pretty dope Epic day for Hip Hop. G.O.O.D. Music will do something I don't think any of us have seen and have there main artist all drop albums on the same day. Basically G.O.O.D. music is trying to shut down all records for most records sold my label with this. Big Sean announced the big story via Twitter, it will be very hard to actually let this happen because we all know artist tend to push albums back so we will see whats going on after this!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

French Montana – So High f. Curren$y


Yea I just turned to French Montana supporter the other day after he had that dope collab with Wiz, Big Sean and Nipsey but here we got Spitta on this track rockin!


Thursday, June 24, 2010




Rock The Bells Promo Trailer

Rock The Bells | MySpace Music Videos

If you are not at this event you are stupid! I will be here deep and me and the fellas will enjoy maybe prob the best Hip-Hop concert out, this could go down in history. You have def seen me blog and talk a lot about this before, the line up is crazy. I am still contemplating on if I should buy the access ticket or just enjoy the show on lawn but most likely I dont want to go there and work because I wont enjoy the show. But you know Dats Dope will be in there like swim wear, I cant wait still wish it wasnt so late in the summer Aug 29th but either way its going be EPIC


D-Lain Ghmm Zhmm Zhmm

Heard this track mad I couldnt find the actual link for it and actual info on cuz but this joint rocks and he rips it. Not a lakers diss at all might just get him more hits who knows,



Prob one of thew newest people Ive been rocking to had been Vado, NY might me back now with this cat here and now Dipset coming back together we are def bout to see some good ol music from these dudes.


Entourage: 7th Season (Trailer)

Prob one of the biggest shows for cats to watch, I know I am pretty addicted to this show. Let see if this 7th season will keep up with the last! This season has to def top all the last Will you be tuning in on Sunday to watch ?


D.A.R.E. to be D.O.P.E..

Louisiana brand dropped this dope but simple design which was influenced from the D.A.R.E program T-Shirt that everyone had as a kid growing up.(Wish I actually still had mine) The clothing brand actually named DOPE kept the originality to the shirt kept the main focus with out doing to much to it. I wonder if DOPE wants to sponsor DATS DOPE lol def going have to cop a couple of there shirts!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I came across this the other day from one of my friends and have been hooked on this since! I am a big Stan for ART just because I just wish I had talent enough to draw or paint anything close to that. This is known basically as Mecca of Graffiti and people all over the world come to tag this 450 square feet of space and leave there mark for everyone to see. I really want to visit this spot and just look at all the graffiti from everyone, this would be def a dope photo shoot to have also.


Disney x Dr. Romanelli x CLOT Denim Jackets


Another Collab with Disney with Dr. Romanelli using the custom Levi Denim is pretty Dope. I ve seen a couple Dr. Romanelli projects before and were never disappointed in the design. With these classic Disney characters they bringing the simple retro look to these Denim Jackets. No specifics on the prices yet but I know they will be a pretty penny!


Video: Tour De Maestro – London

Tour De Maestro - LONDON from levi maestro on Vimeo.


Asher Roth – “Cheat On Your Boyfriend”

You can count on Asher to drop a clever funny track for people to laugh and enjoy. A lot of people still loaf on this cat lyrical ability just because of songs like this but he does have capability to rip shit it just he will spit about things that might be over a lot of peoples heads.

But like Asher said Cheat On Your Boyfriend !!!


Air Max 24/7

2010 has brought a lot of new kicks and lowered a lot peoples pockets this year. Maybe one of illest kicks that have been out are Air Max's, this year Air Max 24/7 dropped and have been pretty big buzz. With coming out of the DMV area one of the biggest kicks are Foamposites with the colorway of the "Eggplant" so with this mixture the 24/7 and the Eggplant colorway this might be a big shoe to drop in the area or not!

But do you think the "Eggplant" Colorway is played out? I want the air max 24/7 myself but this colorway is still something dope but I dont know are they ruining the brand with coming out with all these extra hybrids and colorways? I still think its a ill kick but who knows they are dropping next spring but will you cop these or give them a pass?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so basically, I have a macbook pro now and im having a little bit tooooo much fun with it.. so i figured I would share with yall too.. so heres a little mix im going to start hitting yall up with once a month. Its just a short compilation of songs from some artists I listen frequently and some more dope sh*t, this mos def one of those things you play when you have that long drive or ride to work or even if you need to something to vibe out too. this is it!

check it out & tell me or SHEED what yall wanna hear in months to come!!!



Dats-Dope's very own..

DKakaWanyeWatts got some H E A T FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Here is "Higher Up" ft. the one and only B.O.B!

hit the link for a download and listen!!

S/O Firelane x DK x JG x the homie B.O.B.



I F*** wtit this dude...

you should too...

One of XXL's Freshman 10 of '10.
check it out:

DONNIS- Fashionably LateMIXTAPE




These joints always crack me up! But why they got Wale lookin like that LOL


Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Video: Donnis – Outta Here

Still not sure why many people still sleep on this cat, from the wordplay to way he delivers much of his tracks he has talent. I think people just think another down south rapper I guess mixed with hipster but he is way more than that I actually could see 3stacks ,T.I mixture coming out of him eventually.


Spragga Benz – Shotta Culture (prod. Salaam Remi)

With everything that has been going on lately in Jamaica, Spragga gives you a real look as to what goes on there, giving you a glimpse of the Shottas world and the Cultural world. Off of the upcoming Album/Documentary Shotta Culture.
Just seeing this and him bringing it what it really looks like this hits, with family being from Jamaica and fam still out there how crazy this whole situation is. Every time people think Jamaica they just think nice beaches and Bob Marley but never think of the savage life that is really there and people wont understand it.


J. Cole – “Who Dat” Video



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday PAC



"Thank Me Later"- Drake *ALBUM REVIEW

Alright where do I begin?... First off before I begin to go in on my "opinion" of this album I PROMISE I will try and keep an open mind about this album despite my personal issues with the artist.

So as of yesterday one of the so-called most anticipated Albums of the year was officially released. (6.15.10) By Young Money/Cash Money ‘s very own Drake. Just a year ago he released one the most downloaded and listened too mixtapes ever. So Far Gone. It was a mixtape of album quality and had a sound to it that appealed to masses of people that in any other situation would'nt intertwine to indulge in one artists work. Hence then line “.. These hipsters gonna have to get along with those hood niggaz..”. Thank Me Later, is nothing more than a tasteless sequel to what the pop culture following of drake is accustom too.

Herald to be a classic, and a potential “GOAT” of albums our generation has lived to see, and personally that’s the #1 issue I have with this album and the #1 issue I have with Drake as an ARTIST. Looking back at the overall history of music and OUR genre (hip hop) and I look back at the people that we have crowned to be G.O.A.T. and Classic artists…. They displayed qualities of artistry that would be timeless, its 2010 and their art is still in heavy rotation. PERFECT example. Michael Jackson. His music has touched the hearts of people around the WORLD for nearly HALF a century… NOW! I am not comparing DRAKE to Michael Jackson. That’s not my point. My point is I have YET to be impressed with the hype. It’s hard to be impressed with hype when there isn’t any substance to back it.

Since about 2006, I have watched the progression of Drake from his early mixtape days and random freestyles to 2009’s So Far Gone. And the ONE thing I noticed is that Drake is a sponge. He is the epitome of why our genre seems to be stagnated at certain points. Because drake (AS AN ARTIST) fails to be an individual, Drake is an emulation of what the sound is at the time… and during the Pre-So Far Gone. I was a HUGE fan. Then I began to open my mind to all mediums of music and began to notice that a lot of artists take the time to differentiate themselves and their sound. Unfortunately for Drake I truly feel for his MUSIC and his artistry he fails at both. I have had the opportunity to see him perform live, and was disappointed at the lack of original stage presence.

Enough about him, Thank Me Later, is a disappointment. For a DEBUT ALBUM. It’s a waste of $9.99.On the plus sides of the album, the continuity of songs are great, it flows and meshes very well. The content is bearable and it’s an album that I actually don’t mind listening too. Lyrically, as far as Drake’s “rap” skills are concerned you will find yourself waiting for punch lines and stanzas that jump out with metaphors and extensive wordplay. Which can be quite a killjoy when trying to listen this album, and then there is the random “R&B” side of the album. Drake has this very sexual prepubescent side to him where he likes to sing………. And well. That’s for the ladies. No question about it. Tracks like “Shut it down” featuring The Dream and “CeCe’s Interlude” are most def those tracks that should be played after 1am when your restless lying next to your significant other. Which adds another plus side to the album and that’s its multiple appeal.


1) Fireworks ft. Alicia Keys: a very mellow introduction into the “Thank Me Later” saga that proceeds for the upcoming tracks. Hearing the beautiful voice of Ms. Keys is always a pleasure. Yet this song is just one of symbolism and its meaning is initially intended to shine light on the headlining theme of the album.

2) Karaoke: A harmonizing track from Drake that gives an “urban john Mayer” feel. As drake sings us a story

3) The Resistance: singing. Once more. And seemingly giving us a look into his life and his experience. This song has a theme of the typical doubt that every one experience when faced with a new challenged. On the production side of things.. Its one of the weaker songs as far as instrumentation is concerned.

4) Over: not quite to sure what to think of this song.. My only conclusion is that this is a HUGE difference in artistry from his pre-so far gone days. Although Boi-1da x DJ Khalil KILLSSSS the beat.

5) Show me a good time: obvious radio hit.

6) Up All Night ft. Nicki Minaj: believe it or not my fav song on the entire album. This song is one of the few that have a structure to it that makes it toooooo dope. The beat is BANANAS both drake x ms.plasticbooty have ill verses. This song is flawless.

7) Fancy ft. Swizz Beats x T.I. : a HUGE disappointment from Swizz…… another radio hit. This one if for the clubs.

8) Shut It Down ft. The Dream: for the ladies. But when played all the way through its not THATT bad.

9) Unforgettable ft. Young Jeezy: no comment.

10) Light up Ft. Jay – Z: first off, this BEAT IS B A N A N A S but that man that co-signs for drake our GOAT Hov. Finds himself in another Renegade situation… drakes verse is soo much harder. How could this be?

11) Miss Me Ft. Lil Wayne: the album could have done without this one….

12) CeCe’s Interlude: grab the candles, body oils, and play this song… you know what goes next.

13) Find Your Love: A PERFECT example of drake being a SPONGE… this track is 808s & Heartbreak leftovers produced by Ye. And well should have been done by Ye.

14) Thank Me Now: an abrupt end to the preceding songs, lyrically one of the more stronger tracks on the entire album. But still a tasteless end to it all.

notlast but not least, its not toooo bad for the first time around. but its not what it is hyped up to be for it being his 1st time around.... Check it out for yourselves... its IN STORES NOW!



Miss Me?


Im back, not like I left or anything. but Life outside of the "Blogsphere" was hectic. welll it was HELL to say the least. Working and school was T H E W O R S T . but
needless to say Im back now and this dude Sheed can stop spazzing on

but before I get into everything I want to share with yall I made a little video of some debauchery we get into at my school.. just purreee entertainment.

check it out


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wiz Khalifa – Mezmorized (Video)

Saw This earlier but was waiting for onsmash to drop it, I pretty much think this is everyones favorite track on Kush & OJ


Big Boi – “Lookin’ For Ya” (ft. Andre 3000, Sleepy Brown)

Always good to hear these two together and def great to here stacks on a track hopefully we can get an album out soon. This is not on the album but if it is that be sick!


VIDEO: Pharaohe Monch & Jay Electronica Live In Brooklyn

WOWWWW, thats a problem many people dont understand how ill this cat really is. I ve seen Pharoahe spit live once and it was crazy I dont understand how a lot of folks dont realize that good looks by my man yams on sending me this link


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


AZ "Feel My Pain" (Official video) from Clockwork Music on Vimeo.

Who didn't rock with AZ back in the day? He still got that youthful spitting in him like its still 96 from just hearing him on hooks to hill killin his verses AZ still holds it down as a OG MC who still can spit that ish. Do or Die 2 coming out soon


Ronnie Fieg- The Nexus Project

This is about to be something serious. I got into Ronnie because Marcus Troy, MT is def one the dope bloggers, photographers out. I got hip to him because he followed me on twitter and I was digging his blog but didn't know how big he was actually till later lol. Anyway Ronnie designs some sick kicks like the Asics Gel lytes. He pretty much got a dope team together to design a whole new silhouette for this upcoming project, he has people like MT and cats from Street Etiquette to give there knowledge and make statement in this shoe game.


Video: Rhymefest feat. Phonte – Say Whassup

So 2010 is the year of 3d? LOL well Rhymefest with the help of Phonte had a dope track and got this video to be directed in 3D. My eyes still tripping and 3d doesnt really work for me soo I was kind of blown might have to invest in a dope pair. Anyway I guess this is first of its kind, really Dope Idea!!

Props to FSD


Big Sean- High Rise


Theophilus London – I Want You (Directed by Va$htie)


I always rocked with this cats track because he is def something new but his video's always be tripping me out LOL.


Game & Cassidy Freestyle

I saw this other day and was waiting for a non star version to put up, Cassidy is still that dude lol he be ripping this was actually in the DMV folks studio MidEast.



I got this artist sent to me through one of my boys, Capri pretty new to game even though rapping for couple years I heard his lyricism pretty early in his tracks I listen to. Def upcoming MC and he is also from the DMV and always good to see people come out the area and do there thing. You hear a lot of the old school word play in his tracks but you hear new age unique flow also to keep it relevant.

Stand Alone


Monday, June 7, 2010


I think my two favorite tracks on Trap or Die 2.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Tour De Maestro – Tokyo

Tour De Maestro - TOKYO from levi maestro on Vimeo.



I was not going post this at first but yall need to really get hip to this cat! I got hip to TiRon when he dropped the Ketchup project and I been rocking with him since. MSTRD is not a mixtape this really well put together project. Even though its only 10 tracks and I am still saddened by that because I wanted more but those 10 will do you justice. Ive been listening to this literally non stop TiRon is a great MC his wordplay is ridiculous and the production here was ridiculous.

If you know anything about this project you may of heard some of the tracks but if not make you check out 60901 that really describes that cat, much I didn't know but I felt him the whole way through. Ladies listen to Boys & Girls please that's a track everyone needs to pay attention too. Even though each track on here is my favorite the one that stands out the most and I rock with might have to be The Richers with Blu and Asher Roth can not beat that.

DL the tape get hip and rock with TiRon MSTRD


Kil Ripkin – Not You (Video)

I really need to start checking my email on time, I have two and forget to check the one a lot of the blog because I am so busy sometimes. Anyway this is dope track and video from Kil song was actually produced by an 18 year old, this is of the Balancing Act which drops soon.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am not even sure where I found this or how but wish I could give props on this. The visuals caught my eye first took me a sec this was re-enacting John Lennon and Matt Champman with there own spin on it, The song is pretty dope and DJ'ing and the sound the second time around listening to it won me over and I am really rocking with it now. I am def going have to do some research on these cats if you know anything about them get me hip!


Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D.

I got that shirt random yea I know

Always good to see some new Asher, even though this was dropped couple weeks ago we finally got the CDQ of it. A lot of people fake on my man but I am still supporting this cat because he spits some knowledge on folks which people never peep. Just the the title G.R.I.N.D. is dope Get Ready It's a New Day can never go wrong with that some inspirational ish on the low!



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite

I really do not know what to think of this, I ve heard things from FreshnessMag to Nicekicks where they been talking about how Nike has something big coming up with foams. As DC shoe next to the Nike Boots Foams signify the DMV. This whole shoe confuses me because its mixing my favorite shoe with the shoe I hate the most really. Another thing I just thinkg the Fusion kicks with Jordan's which I hate and any other shoe head also. This I am not sure if they make me sick I guess the clear bottom gets me like a sucker every time, I can prob rock this out on the night you might see me cop these and see how they work because the material on it and design is just real slick. Plus if I was able to do BESPOKE it would look like something like this but low top.

What do yall think?


The Letter - Philade

The Letter - Philade from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

Keep sleeping on this cat, I am telling you he something serious that will blow eventually. With having Raheem backing you its def something not to joke with. I was put onto Phil like a year ago and I really have seen him grow as an MC.


RAtheMC – Coming to the Stage

Still puzzles me why we don't have her representing female MC's out but most females idolize Niki. Not because she is from the DMV but because she is tru MC, RA spits and she def holding it down way more than some of the females MC's that go out. This is just something slight tho a lot of people waiting for some new material!


Drake – You Know, You Know (prod. Kanye West)

Soooo this didn't make the album why?? I know most of you got your leak last night, I don't know about yall but this deserved to be on it compared to half of the vagina music which was on there earlier anyway though this production from Kanye rocked and Drake did his thing just spitting is what he needs to do if he wants to be considered a DOPE MC and just not a entertainer !


3D Commercial

With World Cup coming a long a lot of people are getting it in with the commercials right now. If you did not know this years World Cup this would be the first sporting event that will be available in 3D. Many people are purchasing 3D televisions which or out but not really getting hip to it yet. This commercial here is just leaving us regular folks out the mix I guess and telling us to get hip, I even tried to find some 3D glasses around the crib but that was a fail ! This is a pretty sick commercial I guess If I could see all the cool graphics I would love it a little bit more I guess.



I got hip to this clothing brand Anti-Anti because I saw them following me on twitter, I always check to see if someone is musician or blogger and what not. I checked them out and there designs are really dope. I would def rock a lot of there apparel its very clean and simple how I like most of my stuff but stands out so much. While on there site I just saw minor things that stood out from material to people who support them like Lupe, HighSnobiety to Complex you cant go wrong with that. Also in site I was reading and in a excerpt they said "No Leader, Only Leaders" and that stuck with me. Definitely check them out and see whats good with them.


About This Blog

For this blog the sky is the limit there is no end in the possibilities that we have from Fashion, Trends, Art, Music, Graphic Design, and Technology to things happening here in the GOOD OLD DMV. If you are any type of artist or someone who wants to get a word out here just shoot me an email and we can get things started. I am here to get anyone & anything out there from struggling music artist, clothing designers to whatever you can think of.

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