Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I came across this the other day from one of my friends and have been hooked on this since! I am a big Stan for ART just because I just wish I had talent enough to draw or paint anything close to that. This is known basically as Mecca of Graffiti and people all over the world come to tag this 450 square feet of space and leave there mark for everyone to see. I really want to visit this spot and just look at all the graffiti from everyone, this would be def a dope photo shoot to have also.


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For this blog the sky is the limit there is no end in the possibilities that we have from Fashion, Trends, Art, Music, Graphic Design, and Technology to things happening here in the GOOD OLD DMV. If you are any type of artist or someone who wants to get a word out here just shoot me an email and we can get things started. I am here to get anyone & anything out there from struggling music artist, clothing designers to whatever you can think of.

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