Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kendrick Lamar x Schoolboy Q – Michael Jordan (Video)

One of the hardest tracks out, kendrick drops us some visuals DOPE!

O yea easily the best video Kendrick has done by far the track rocks and visuals just get you in the moment.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Fly

The homie S.U.P.A. sent us over a new track Lets' Fly produced by Jay Anderson. This was areal smooth production and with S.U.P.A. delivering every time it only makes it better.

Lets Fly


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Add-2 – Dream Girl (Video)

Add-2 - "Dream Girl" - Dir Da Visionaryz from Da Visionaryz on Vimeo.


phredDIAMOND- Little Rascals

Get new track from phredDiamond, I'm really rocking with there sound just something a tad different from coming out the DMV and thats a good thing.

Little Rascals


Friday, November 19, 2010

Stalley – Hercules

The Ohio Native just dropped this dope track, a real dope MC on the scene favorly new but still has made a serious name for himself in the game.



Kendrick Lamar - Look Out For Detox

New Kendrick? Yes please! LOL I can never be dissapointed with new kendrick word to 2DBZ again for dropping me this. With getting some love from a great OG from the West Side, Dr. Dre on the radio talked about how he really wanted to work with Kendrick. That is dope and Kendrick showing people why he is considered !

Kendrick Lamar – Look Out For Detox


Thad Reid 1227 Freestyle

We another DMV own Thad Reid who blessed us with this dope track. Thad is not new to Dats Dope he has been on here several times. We get him spititng over Eryka's Window Seat instrumental and he killed it, check it out and leave some comments.


Cyhi Da Prynce - Living Wonderful (Video)

One of the newest members to the G.O.O.D Music team that many people did not know about maybe till the cypher while back. Cyhi is definitely going hold his own on this team bringing different twist to the MC's Kanye been bringing out, Kanye himself has said he wouldn't want to battle him Cyhi so that must be big and respect to that.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diggy Simmons – Shook Ones Freestyle


Kris Kasanova – Caviar Dreams (prod. Ibe)

Well checking the inbox we get dope new track from Kris Caviar Dreams which will be on his The Long Way Home project which is dropping soon.

Caviar Dreams


Monday, November 15, 2010

Bun B x Drake Put It Down (Video)

The OG blesses us with some dope visuals with Drake for Put It Down !


Friday, November 12, 2010

Four Loko

WOW!!!!! LOL what have we come too in this world? With Four Loko's getting the most fame this past year then ever and pretty much controlling anyone from the ages 18+ and even younger I am not surprised to see some of these video's that are dropping. This might be last year you prob see Four Loko's on the shelf anyway because with the constant bands from colleges and FDA getting involved, so enjoy and get laugh at these videos and take a couple sips of your Four Loko while you can !

For some more laughter check this out


Kris Kasanova - The Long Way Home Trailer

Kris Kasanova - The Long Way Home Trailer (Directed by Josh Baker) from Homeskool on Vimeo.

WOW I havent heard from Kris in awhile, He was prob one of the first people I actually really ever blogged on. This cat flow has always blown my mind he is really dope MC I am going to have to check on him more. This video here is for his EP that will be coming out soon!



NICE TiRon drops off some visuals from the MSTRD mixtape from while back, this song is just to solid. TiRon is definilty a slept on MC I dont hear his name tossed around convo's enough and thats a shame.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winners Circle - Til The Lights

Winners Circle - Til The Lights from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

The first official video from 368FTW Vol.1 ft. Phil Adé, Dee Boy, Stello, Da Phuture & Raheem DeVaughn. Full Project available on DJBooth.net


Ghost of Stunna Lorenzana

Super Fly (Super High Remix) from Empire Lifestyle on Vimeo.

Got these visuals off of Facebook browsing around my friends and stumbled upon this like I said social networking is a power and I am bout to start taking more advantage of it. Anyway this cat Stunna I think I actually seen a video of his before but guess didn't really look into him at the time but dude is dope, see if we get more stuff sent our way!

Anyway these two visuals are tracks off his mixtape "Still Haven't Made It Vol 1" which is dropping soon!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sneaker Pimps DC

Sneaker Pimps D.C. 11.04.10 from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

I am now a little upset I did miss this event, a lot of folks were hyped for it but I just was not feeling it at the time but when I heard how much each performer was rocking I really started to regret it. Here is quick glance of what went down well I wont be missing this event next year believe that


Asher Roth - Run It Back

So we get another leak off of the twitter? WOW lol, Well the Homie Asher Roth went Via twitter leaked Run It Back that will be featured on the Rawth EP

Run it Back


Skins invade Philly

Well with us having a bye week last week and now we will be back on Monday against philly I thought why not post this! Pretty much staged throughout the whole video it was still pretty amusing hopefully next time they can go on the Cowboys but with there season they dont need anything else to hurt there feelings LOL.


Fire Flame

The other day me and my man @TheJulianBenson were chilling went on everyone's Hate To Love sites WSSH can't lie it is my guilty pleasure smh. ANYWAY we started watching Birdman Fire Flame video, by no way in this post I will talk about Birdman and his "rapping skills" but we can not lie about his stunting capabilities! In the video we were taken to Stunna Island....... Man O Man you must watch this video I was just stuck (not because I was smiggity) in like amazement. I am here thinking does money like this even exist? Like we got a tour of what we call "Ballin" really is, I couldn't even imagine what I would do with all that money. On some real ish just put that video on MUTE and just enjoy the visuals LOL.

"Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me"



DAMMN twitter is balling today, Now I get some visuals from Dom "Locals Only". You got to love this social networking!


Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y -Huey Newton

After real stressful day of classes I pop up on twitter and see Wiz throws us this nice little gem. Good to hear a new dope track obliviously not talking bout the Black Panther. The original link was not working but thanks to 2DBZ we got it.

Huey Newton


Monday, November 8, 2010

Nike Air Foamposite One Pewter

I peeped these kicks when Wale Drop them little way back and was stuck on them since. The Pewter Foamposite give you such more slick easy going look that soem may not have seen since the eggplants first dropped. With this metallic look these kicks are to mean. Foamposites have been one the most talked bout Nike Basketball shoe to been out especially if you live in the DMV area.
The are now available here.


Black Hippy Freestyle

I am really down for the Black Hippy Movement !



We are getting some more DMV talent tossed at Dats Dope lately. phredDIAMOND is up and coming group coming out of the DMV who are trying to reach out for a different sound. PHRED is an acrocnym for "people-hardly-remember-everyone-dead”, the group consist of three cousins whose goals are keeping hip-hop safe from self destruction.

Check out two of there tracks

He Aight, She Good

Lemon Cake Lamborghini


J.Addo- "Quit You"

New Track from J. Addo, He was a featured artist not far back check him out and give him some feedback.


Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson - The Bike Song from Kairos Mosaïque on Vimeo.

Mark Ronson FTW. Always delivers some dope music to vibe too and never disappoints, he give you some different for your ear to hear. If you don't know much bout Mark Ronson he is the dude who brought you those dope mixtape from Wale like Back to The Feature and tracks with Wale like D.A.N.C.E featuring JUSTICE.


Nike SB Zoom FP – Commerical | Video

Nike always comes out with some new creative way to advertise there product. I feel like they can never fail when it comes to that.


Diggy - Rising to the Top

Diggy - Rising To The Top (Freestyle) by Hypetrak
OK DIGGY, young diggy is doing his thing and really setting the right path for himself to sticking in this game. Young Diggy is spitting over Mary Jane All Night Long and keeps the soulful sound of that track.


Rick Ross ft. Gucci Mane – MC Hammer


Lil’ Kim: Total Recall (ItsTheReal)

HAHAH ItsTheReal be doing to much, low blows for days in the hip hop world dont slip up lol.


Big K.R.I.T. – I Ain’t Shit

I havent heard anything from Krit in a while glad to see something from dude. This is off his GoodTalk Vol.9: Curb your Enthusiasm Mixtape. I would like to see him and Chip do a real dope collab I could see that working real well


Kendrick Lamar on MTV2′s Sucker Free

Kendrick getting some love that's whats up. He is def one of my favorite out of all the new MC's out in the game, he has really went into is own.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tyga x Chris Brown “Wonder Woman”

This is def something for the ladies, here is another track off of Tyga's Well Done mixtape.


Curren$y – Michael Knight (Video)

Curren$y always wins with his videos, with the help of Creative Control shit always looking real live. Pilot Talk 2 drops Nov. 22


Kanye West – Looking For Trouble f. Pusha T, Big Sean, CyHi Da Prynce & J. Cole

This track was def to hard not to post! Look at this line up how can you be disappointed lol like really? Well let me know who you believe was the best ?


Saturday, November 6, 2010

MC - High Rise (Official Music Video)

The homie MC send us the High Rise visuals, MC is def on his grind right now and his hustle is showing. High Rise is off his "Self Made" mixtape.


Tyga – Maybe Freestyle (Video)

Off his Well Done mixtape Tyga drops this freestyle. I really think Tyga is a little overlooked I see he has more in him to be better and develop couple of yall need to give him a chance. Many of yall still see "Lime In a Coconut" and the Potential lol.


Jordan Brand – “Do Whatever It Takes”

With the rest of his boys making dope commercials to start the season Melo was like its my turn for this weeks commercial.


Sorry !!!!

I was suppose to actually post this first but def forgot with the whole ADD and taking Rips you tend to forget to follow the blogging process. Anyway haven't posted in awhile and people were asking whats going on and just kind of been ignoring it and to that my B. The reason why the site has been chilling lately is because I am trying to figure out what I envision the new site to look like, school be mad busy and I am really not trying to lose focus you feel me? Especially this time around I'm trying keeping grinding. O yea the Internet I was bootlegging (sidebar: not sure if i was suppose to say that eh!) was cut off but were back on the people paid there bill WOOHOO.

I be back in action now you will get dope amount of post and slap me if i keep slippin.


Kanye West Responds To George Bush

Kanye responds to Bush comments on how Ye's Comments were "one of the lowest moments in his Presidency". I was talking to some folks on how Kanye name still gets tossed around no matter what and most thought that was pretty funny how Bush said that was the lowest and not the rest of the damage he did. You would think Ye would have gloated are been cocky crack Kanye we enjoy to see time to time but he def went on a different route on this one check out the audio.

side bar: Mike Myers and Chris Tucker Face are still priceless when Kanye said that LOL


The Social Media Sobriety Test

Social Media Sobriety Test from TDA_Boulder on Vimeo.

This is actually a pretty dope idea, we all regret those crazy drunk nights and all we do is "Facebook" and usually does not end good. This test will save a lot of people embarrassing moments and lot less stress LOL. Check the video would you get it?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Supreme - Vanessa Veasley



OK I am back this was just a WOW STUCK FACE MOMENT Supreme does it again for there Supreme Book Vol.6 I cant wait to get copy of these I just need the one with her and that football ha. Let see if its as tough as these photos

O Snap look what I found props to hypebeast for this one Got them photos


ItsTheReal – My Girl’s a Republican

There back !!! Get a lil chuckle before the big day!

Go Vote!!!


Mac Miller – Trippin’ Out

The Kid is back and giving us incredibly dope s***.
Trippin' Out
Via 2dbz


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