Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from #TeamDatsDope



Dats-Dope : Emcee of The Year

Kendrick Lamar


Dats-Dope : Mixtape of The Year

From The Westside With Love - Dom Kennedy

* It started with 25th Hour, Best After Bobby, and the tape that caught EVERYONES attention; FutureStreet/DrugSounds Dom Kennedy came right back at us with a very well orchestrated array of songs in the latest mixtape titled From The Westside With Love. In recent years, west coast emcees have been playing in the background of hip hop, but artists like Dom give us hip hop lovers a sense that lyricism is still alive coming out of the west coast.

*Honorable Mention:


Dats-Dope : Top 5 Albums of The Year

** I feel like alot of you arent going to agree with this list I conjoured up, BUT.... you know it.... this is all just based observation, and personal taste of course.. I mean, ya'll check the site because you dig the same tunes we do, right? .. so with that being said Em is at #3 because every time I listen to that album I cant shake the feeling of wanting the old pysco Em back.. the chainsaw with the jean jumper and jason mask on at up in smoke tour 2001 Eminem.. like The marshall mathers LP em.. I really miss that em, lyrically. unlike earlier when Hov dropped BP3, and everyone was like we want old jay or jay aint the same blah blah.. but as we listened to BP3 more the new Jay grew on us and we got used to it.... that idea isnt the same for me with Em. not sure why, but Recovery is a REALLLY REALLY good album I just cant... get with.. this....... "sober" sain Em. #Thatisall.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eminem x Jazmine Sullivan – “Cocaine”

Real good to hear a classic Em, haven't heard something that brought me back to those earlier years when eminem took over my musical thoughts. He links up with Jazmine Sullivan to make this dope smooth track that he rips this is the type of track that made him. Eminem wanted to leave y'all with some ill ish before the year is over to show he will bring more fire in the new year. 


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Dats Dope

Hope Everyone is having a DOPE Christmas and enjoying the rest of the holidays with there family. Everyone have safe and great fun this holiday season. Dats Dope Always has Present for our reader and why not with a new Kanye Video with many features........

LOL hope they that gave you a jolly laugh hahaha 


Kendrick Lamar – Live Again ft. CurT@!n$ x Schoolboy Q

When Kendrick goes in like this he is always at his best just straight raw no homo flow, just here all emotion and thought in the rhyme. Q always goes in and hasn't disappointed me yet, they have pretty solid team behind them waiting too see what else they can produce. CurT@!n$ has always been solid and have always heard dope stuff from him but that verse made me want to look into him a lot more.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Jay Electronica – The Announcement (Mountain Dew Code Red rmx)

I guess the world is starting to get hip! Is that a good thing tho? Usually No because once it gets hype its over hyped and then just deaded but in this case I believe its dope. Jay Electronica links up with mountain dew and re create the roc nation introductions with Elec with The Announcement  . Its good to see artist like this because it shows that Hip Hop has finally came back to its own and way it was. We never know with the way things have been going  we might actually see how the game was before and just the culuture, lifestyle will be positive. They do say history does repeat itself right?


Black Hippy “Rolling Stone”

Well we get something new from these Black Hippy, this is off there Setback project that they are dropping. Spotted on  EveryOtherHiPhOPBlog -_-


Nike SB Dunk Pro 1985 – 2011 | Book

Any real sneakerhead would love to have this, would be a dope present for any occasion really. There is no actual info on the book, if its real or if its going be on sale. This SB Dunk book could be like sneakerhead bible or info on designs never know but it def catches any shoe head eyes with a hardcover book with  two SB outsoles. 


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Curren$y & Killa Kyleon - Moon & Stars Remix (Video)

Get dope visuals for Big K.R.I.T. can never go wrong with that and with great feature with Curren$y. K.R.I.T. really gives that classic Pimp C vibe and just kick back and vibe out.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Curren$y – “Daze of Thunder”

Jet Life


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stalley -“Hercules” (Video)

Stalley "Hercules" from XXL Video on Vimeo.
The Philly Ohio native drops visuals to Hercules, Stalley is really dope and under the radar. This MC's flow is crazy for me I respect a lot of the tracks he has done and would like to see him Live from what I heard he is pretty dope.


Dats Dope Q&A :Vito Bronson

Introducing Vito Bronson : 

Do you belong to a group?
I guess you could say that. The Grindhouse is my family. DC Grindhouse is the label that I’m on. I’m also Co-CEO of that movement right there. We also got different artists coming out, out of the city and I’m one of them, so. I’m part of a group, and I also do my solo thing, so, you know…

How old are you?
I’m 25.

And how long have you been rapping?
I’ve been rapping since I was like 12.

So how did you get the idea to get your own record label going and when did you start taking this seriously?
It was just out of necessity. There’s not too many opportunities as far as the music game, so you got to make your own opportunities, and that’s basically what we’re doing – doing what was unavailable to us and made it available to us. 


J.Addo "Quit You" Official Music Video

J.Addo who has been on Dats Dope several times and actually holds top position in page views from an artist he drops his first official video "Quit You" directed by Dro Victorious


Dats Dope Q&A

Couple of weeks ago I had a friend who writes for UMD school paper hit me up where he get in contact of some rappers or producers or anyone really who knows the DMV hip hop scene because he is trying to understand the what’s going and finding out what many other artist also think about the scene. So now with interviewing many of the artists Dats Dope will be putting out many Q&A with these artists and displaying their music.

I will be posting the actual article in couple weeks with the article talking about the state of Hip Hop in DMV it be dope to hear what many artist and viewers really see where things are going and if it needs to be fixed we can hopefully solve any problems if we have any! It will include many new artist out of the DMV and many already known artist out of the DMV like folks out of 368 music group, Studio43 and etc..

What do you all think of the current state of Hip Hop in the DMV?


Stussy x NSW

With me posting on Stussy and Nike Destroyer Jackets couple post ago why not fuse the two into something really dope?

Well they already did and came out with something really ill, Stussy and Nike have been working for years and thats nothing new. With the Destroyer jacket making big waves right now Nike and Stussy came together to collaborate again there own version of the Jacket.
Click For



Couldn't stop laughing just had to post they was def feeling it during this line, parties dont look like this anymore parties look more like orgy's now lol compare to that. Check my man around :50 He comes in way to live haha


Nike Unveils The Future of Football

Nike held a Nike Football Summit at the iconic Dallas Cowboys stadium for the unveiling of the Nike Alpha Talon Cleat, termed as “Nike’s Most Advanced Cleat Ever” and the next generation of Nike Pro Combat uniforms for 2011 season. Some of the top collegiate teams including University of Oregon, Boise State University, and University of Florida are expected to wear as they take the field in this season’s upcoming Bowl Games. Nike also had NFL players Ndamukong Suh, Clay Matthews, Dwayne Bowe, Felix Jones and Steven Jackson at the stadium to help with the introduction. via:FreshnessMag

Nike is just to crazy for me you have to love everything they do just for the fact when they do something they do it big and make sure everyone is amazed. From the whole team of designers, to the people in marketing and to the athletes who represent them Nike never fails in delivering excellence. Even though they chose to do this in Cowboys stadium nonetheless these new cleats and combat jersey that will be for the 2011 season are DOPE!

Three teams will get to debut there new uniforms in the BCS bowl games this year, Florida, Boise State and of course Mecca of Nike apparel for college sports Oregon.


Everything Looks Better in Slow Mo

7D 2000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo.


Stussy Canada – Holiday/Winter 2010 Lookbook | Video

Stussy - Stussy Canada Winter 2010 Collection from Stussy on Vimeo.

Many streetwear brands have been doing the more visual lookbooks. I always found that dope just another way to catch the viewers eyes and keep them entertained and focused on the product. Stussy is keeping up with the trend of that with the help of their Canadian Chapter.


Nike Destroyer Jacket

The Nike Destroyer has easily caught the eye of many people and Nike has received much success with this jacket. With the classic Varsity Jacket look many people enjoy the look of this jacket and getting it customized like Nike action sports like Paul Rodriguez and including bigger name athletes like Lebron James, Amare Stoudemire, and Darelle Revis. This jacket is too smooth and with your own personal touch you gotta love it. MFG located in NY give you the chance, you can email to book your appointment.

Check out this Campaign Video for the Destroyer Jacket spotted on High Snobeity

DESTROYER by //DIY from YUHZIMI Ltd. on Vimeo.


The Lonely Island Ft. Akon - I Just Had Sex

Easily the new banger in the bars I see it now lol, Lonely Island usually come out with some funny dope tracks.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alcázar.Welkin - June 4th.. Ode to the Summer

Some more new ish ? Yes please

Well we have something new from another new artist who reps the DMV. I actually met this cat in class and we never talked about my site are his music but randomly hit me asking if I rocks with Hip Hop long story short the site came up and gave listen to his music. Real new to this game but I still here a classic vibe from Alcazar, just from talking to him and hearing his views and then matching it with his tracks we could see a real talent come out much potential. I was rocking to the mixtape and would like to hear more from him to see his range. Check him out give him a listen. Click Image for Download



Check out two videos the trio sent over, something with these cats I am really rocking with not quite sure what it is but they catching my eye .

They hit my old spot of chillayin and craziness of CP in this above video


The Boy Illinois - "Inhale Pt. 3: After School Program"

I posted a video on The Boy Illinois but I finally got to give a listen to the Chicago natives mixtape. In previous post I didn't get a chance to really get a vibe of dude but the mixtape is real smooth with all original production with working mostly with the Baron Boys and this combo def works for both of them. It must be something with MC's from the Midwest Dats Dope usually runs into these cats and they never disappoint. Check out The Boy Illinois and Dats Dope will be keeping in contact with him for further tracks.



Got some new music sent from the homie S.U.P.A with features on track like the other homie Omega with some production from Jay Anderson. We have several dope tracks so check them all out .

Flow - S.U.P.A
This Is It - S.U.P.A
I'm Gone - S.U.P.A. Ft. Omega
Nigga Nigga (Paul Mooney) - S.U.P.A


Big Sean (Baltimore)

Well I meant to post this earlier but no laptop for a blogger is like DEATH so if you love me you can purchase me one so just holla at me ;)

Anyway last Saturday was the Big Sean Concert at Sonar in Baltimore. It was real Dope Live event where pretty much the whole world was there to show love and support Big Sean Music. Every Blogger to videographer to photographers were in the building, the show it self was dope to the opening acts who were def live and kept entertained till the headliner hit the stage. You had wide range of acts up and DMV own Phil Ade was there and did a great set like usual.

I really didn't know I was even going anymore it was pretty last minute so no real blogging was going in on my part I was just enjoying the show and having blast as you can tell by the Pic above I was pretty lit and flight was taken and it was smooth night. Ive seen Big Sean before at UMD when he came with Mike Posner but this set he did really made me a fan, you can see Big Sean feeds off his crowd and vice versa. Sean showed love for the fans who came out and they def got his money's worth, with him performing a full set and fans getting a good Hour out of him performing every song that you wanted to here from him.

Check out the videos and other footage on PatisDope and Boooogie

Big Sean at Sonar from Ace Boooogie on Vimeo.

And def shoutout to Big Sean showing love to Proper Etiquette



Got something new for Dats Dope from artist Logic who is new to blog. Logic who is from the DMV is def a new artist I can dig, Logic has a real dope flow and delivery that sets him different from many DMV artist that I have heard. What def caught my attention is he contacted me about his video and I never heard his name around till that day and then I glance and started seeing Logic pop up many other blogs and twitter and this was all in an couple hours so Grind def pays off.

I gave a listen to Logics mixtape and it def shows his versatility, the mixtape itself is pretty solid with production. Logic is def someone you will be seeing on the scene check out the above video and this trailer he has out its def good vid to see what he is about.
Look out to see Logic on Dats Dope we will def have to get a Q&A from him soon

Give the mixtape a listen Logic Young, Broke & Infamous


Friday, December 17, 2010


GOODNESS GRACIOUS, whenever you see a monsterous dunk like that you just watch it over and over again. Smith has always been known for his hang-time but that right there was just disrespectful lol. When you see these dunks what do you think the cat who just got posterized thinks after that especially seeing it replayed millions times LOL.

and of course being sneakerhead you peep him rocking them fresh cool greys that make the dunk o so much better lol, bet couple more folks will be putting more money in Jordans pockets after that.


T.E.V & Lani | You Be Killin Em (Music Video)


Amor Jones - Right Now (Prod. by Soul Marauder)

Amor Jones had a post on here couple times and I am really rocking with his sound, always good to here something a little bit different from artist that keep them out the typical artist of MC's out now

Right Now


The Boy Illinois - Speaking Through Experience

Get something new sent in the mailbox from The Boy Illinois, this video is off the chicago's natives mixtape Inhale Pt 3. From what i heard of cat def rocking with his style need to get couple more tracks sent my way.

Inhale Pt 3


Ab-Soul – Titsenas

One of the other talented reps from TDE drops this track over this classic Digable Planet.


Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q – 6′7 Freestyle

You know me I'm a big Kendrick supporter so had to post this. Took me awhile to get a chance to listen to this track because I still wanted to here Wayne's original that track was good but gunz was the one who saved it. Kendrick throwing some bars on here with Schoolboy Q and they def made this there track an work with both of there flows.


Kanye West – Christmas In Harlem f. Cam’ron, Vado, Jim Jones, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor & Musiq (prod. Hit-Boy)

Had to give this post just cause it was just such a smooth track to rock too, with the range of artist on it you def get your own fix from somebody verse on here. Good little mix of artist and glad to see Vado get on this.

Christmas in Harlem


STEF - Cake & Kisses

The homie Stef sent this video over of his performance at the show they also had other acts Awthentik & The Fif, Nate Greyski, M1 Platoon, Mana.


Mike Schpitz and Adullessence Live

Mike Schpitz & Adullessence Performance @ Celtic Fox from Wheat City on Vimeo.

Got a dope video sent from Mike Schpitz from the 7th Annual Thanksgiving Eve Show at the Celtic Fox , with Adullessence, DJ S. Ranx, DJ Jabberrock and Dream Killer University.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

MC - Desire (Official Music Video)


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