Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joell Ortiz – Project Boy


Monday, March 29, 2010

ItsTheReal: Bey-Z F. Baby (Video)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Erykah Badu – Window Seat (Video)

WOW!!!!! I heard everyone talking about this video and it was epic and how they loved the song but I was at work so I was really pressed to see it. Finally seen it and was happy so glad we still got Erykah you have to love this woman, without Lauren Hill we still have Erykah and always happy with that. I feel like some reason Lauren is going come back out with Ms. Badu and it will be epic watch I can already see the buzz. O YEA BTW BADU IS THICK GEEZE LOUISE!!!!!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Kendrick Lamar – P&P (Mini NY) (Unofficial Video)

My new favorite artist Kendrick Lamar this was def one of the dope songs on his project I cant say the best because each track is equally a 10, if you haven't downloaded yet make sure you do this cat is the goods!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

BAPE X United Arrows - Mr. BATHING APE Collection

Would you rock these? Bape just drop these guess they going for the more sophisticated look, I know I got couple friends who would drop cash for these and rock it !


ALIFE - Spring 2010 - Apparel Collection


Fashawn – Life’s A Bitch f. Talib Kweli

I got into Fashawn little while back and this cat always amazes me with tracks he does especially on the Nas instrumentals in couple of them and he always does it justice. When you also have Mc's like Talib cosigning you its always a must because you know those cats are Hip-Hop and enjoy a lot of these new cats out & they wouldn't show love to garbage! Really cant wait till Fashawn new project.

Life's A Bitch


Wu-Tang Clan – “Our Dreams” Video

WU TANG CLAN AINT NOTHING $#!@* WITH LOL, that never gets old for me if you love hip hop you can never say you dont rock with them!


Maestro Knows: Season 3 Ep. 6 – “Johnny Cupcakes”

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Johnny Cupcakes) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Been really faking on my man Maestro lately but here is ep 6 of the third season. Yea I been loafing like I said but you can catch up on his site and see the ones you have missed


Kidz In The Hall – “Fresh Academy” (ft. Chip Tha Ripper, Donnis) Video

Fresh Academy - Kidz in the Hall feat. Chip Tha Ripper and Donnis from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

Not a big on the Kidz and people always look at me like I am crazy but yea anyway they got Donnis and Chip two MC's I really rock with on this so DOPENESS here!


KiD CuDi – “Soundtrack 2 My Life” Video

DatNewCudi.com: KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.

I remember a time I couldn't stand Cudi but that was when I first heard him till one of my boys put me on then Cudder always had a spot on Dats Dope lol. Dope video it goes over a month of tours footage of Mescudi and shows his life!


DATS DOPE Premiere Artist

Well I meant to post this awhile back earlier in the month but because of break and what not I didn't. I did the first Premier Artist of the Month with emcee MC. Anyway I got my boy Howard on this month of March. Howard can pretty much take anything and turn it into something dope. Here is some info on him.

Howard Johnson (Blaqlite Photography)

Snapping photos about 2 years

Hometown: Kingston Jamaica
Currently Residing: Baltimore/Olney MD

Buisness Admin Undergrad at Morgan State University

My Passion is shooting Skate photos and Portraits, but at the end of the day i enjoy shooting everything

Originality is never dead!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Hall of Fame x Mitchell & Ness “Upside Down” Cap Series

These will def have peoples heads turning and staring at you to check whats wrong with your fitted Hall of Fame hooked up with Mitchell & Ness on this Upside hat thing they got going on and I think its dope some might say its wack and stupid but I would rock it!


Supreme x The North Face Expedition Pullover

I dropped this couple weeks ago and was so boosted when I saw this collab was going down. Two dope lines Supreme and Northface linked up did a dope pullover line. I showed you before just the camouflage and was not quite sure how it was going work with selling the item. They made three but I am still not sure if will be retail for everyone or very exclusive line that is dropping in limited shipment meaning you aint getting it lol. Each of these colorways are sick and makes you want all three.


Jamaica “I Think I Like U 2″ Video

JAMAICA - I Think I Like U 2 VIDEO from bermudapants on Vimeo.

I actually posted these cats couple times wit some songs and I believe couple T-Shirt they had dropping I think like months ago cant really remember but I have only listened to couple of songs and its pretty Dope.


Wale- Diary 9BTS)

I was actually waiting for them to make this video and cant wait till it officially drops. I think Wale got a lot trash from that one video that was totally unnecessary but yea it seems dope Three/21 behind another dope video for Wale you know they think dope things of him if they keep doing videos for him.
Last week Three/21 shot in Brooklyn for the Wale “Diary” video off his debut album, “Attention Deficit”. Since “Family Affair” and “90210″, I’ve really come to the conclusion that Wale is one of the illest storytellers out right now. His careful attention to detail and the characters he creates is a big reason why he sends me these kinds of joints. There’s no need for filler, it’s all in the lyrics. Shout out to everyone involved with this production, it was one of the smoothest shoots we’ve had in awhile.


Murs & 9th Wonder – The Problem Is

The visuals off the leak track from 9t & Murs Fornever album!



This is something really DOPE to blog about. Last night went down in history as we got the Health Care Reform has been officially passed. The bill not perfect but we are finally going forward and leaving the BS behind. We have a lot of work to do as a country but it finally seems we are doing the proper steps to do that.

The bill will reshape one sixth of the American economy, provide health insurance to 30 million people who do not have it, and stop insurance companies from refusing to cover patients with pre-existing conditions.


Cam’ron – Sorry

Another post I wanted to post but yeaa... LOL, well this brings back some memories with Killa remixing the reggae classic Sorry for this new track he has Dropped. This track screams out Summer Time for me got my shorts and kicks waiting to chill out in the nice weather.



Teaser Trailer: TRON LEGACY

Yes the movie is that DOPE I had to put two of the trailers. The movie doesnt drop till December but just look at it. And its going be in 3D a movie I will actually pay more for the extra glasses.


Its The Real : Deconstructing Ke$ha

Deconstructing Ke$ha from jeff on Vimeo.

So glad these guys are back at it bringing back great Humor and Joy every time I see there vids!


Trailer: Robin Hood (2010)

When many people see a movie with a lot of action with Russell Crowe they still think Gladiator. But this movie looks really dope and not cheap like the many Robin Hood Movies in the past.


Emeric Trahand

Havent put up any dope art but this seemed like a good time to start back up! Emeric has some very dope and unique work that I love to see.


Bun B – Countin’ Money f. Yo Gotti

This was dope track with him and Gotti, Bun B never disappoints.
Counting Money


The Supra Red Carpet Series

I saw these the other day and I wanted to blog but I couldn't LOL, had to stick to my grounds I have weak will power at times lol. Anyway this dope Supra came out with a line of four kicks with all the same black satin finish TUF leather. The Thunder, Vader, Skytop and The Society all have dropped and are out now at Supra dealers . This dope I might get all four good chill going out kicks that are all black and comfy. DOPE!


Well I am BACK!!!

I dont know who this guy is buy the way just hopped up in the photo at the bar on st pattys lol

Yea I took a little break this pass week cuz I started a new job and it was spring break and I just wanted to chillay. Mad at me? eh o well LOL I bizzack now I should posting A LOT MORE. But over break just got up on a lot of rest trust me I wanted to blog seen a lot of wack stuff put up but its a new week and its going to be dope. I told myself I am going to go back to a lot of the old stuff I used to do when I started blogging and putting more new stuff instead of just music which I kind of been doing pass couple months so expect a lot of gadgets, fashion, and music in the mix well rounded DATS DOPE is back!

So yea with that thank you for welcoming me back LOL


Friday, March 19, 2010

Pac Div – “Shut Up” (ft. The Cool Kids) Video


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chip Tha Ripper – Feel Good (Video)

Havent posted in awhile but had to show love for my man Chip dope video dope track you have to get that mixtape of his if you havent def one the dope MC's out in the game people dont know about.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Gorillaz – “Superfast Jellyfish” (ft. Gruff Rhys, De La Soul) Video


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

This fly little dude can spit, Ive heard couple of his tracks took me awhile to actually go listen till someone I know convinced me to. I just imagined his older brother JO JO type ish but yea anyway he has potential especially for his age where he is at now he will def improve. Must suck though to have your younger brother better than you lol damn Jo.


Mike Schpitz A Cappella

Mike comes through and drops us this video of him up in LA at Mint during Grammy Night performing Mike is Like A Capella off his Mike Murder coming this spring. Check it out and enjoy!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wale x Fat Trel x Black Cobain- WHO DONT

So over twitter @Wale who is already know showing love to his fans and giving them some new tracks to get hype over drops this joint with some cats he he been rocking with and strongly promoting Fat Trel & Black Cobain. Each of these MC's go in on this track! Def a dope track to have!!


10DEEP Spring 2010 – Lookbook Preview Vid

Spring 2010 - Lookbook Preview Vid from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Haven't rocked 10 Deep in a minute but this new spring line up looks pretty dope. Its just the preview of there lookbook but everything looks dope.


Kendrick Lamar x J. Cole Performance

With U-N-I dropping there album they had a dope release party and my two of favorite MC's Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole come through show some love and do a dope ass performance. This is def type of environment I would love to be at just something you can enjoy, reminds me of some ol school 90's just enjoying good old time with dope music!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

KiD CuDi – Pursuit Of Happiness f. MGMT & Ratatat (Alternate Video)

The CUDDER shows us the alternate version of the video. I actually like this one, its different still same feel as the other I believe but just catches my eye more.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Alexis Belon The List

Many of you who watch TV should be familiar with the show Buried Life where these guys go around doing things they wanna do before they die and help people on the way. If you follow ME on twitter you may notice I RT my friend @alexisbelon a fair amount. She wants to do the same thing and I think that's a dope idea hopefully I can be part and help cross some stuff of her list. The video she explains basically everything you should hit her blog up and if you have any ideas send it to her.


Iron Man 2 Trailer


Chip Tha Ripper - "Like That" - [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Chip Tha Ripper - "Like That" - [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Mid C Media on Vimeo.

New Video from CHIP!!!


Bodega X Converse Poorman Weapon

I did not like this shoe at first but the more and more I saw it I wanted a pair. The Boston based shop Bodega has linked up with Converse to design this dope shoe. The thing that makes it dope that its limited and only has 100 pairs out for sale, it also comes with dope nylon case. Might have to make a trip to Beantown during my Spring Break.


Adidas Consortium - Unforseen Non-Dyed

These are actually basketball shoes, adidas went with the classic look they had way back for this shoe with a more modern look. The shoe is def dope to ball in and to be off the court. They drop this month.


KiD CuDi – “I Do My Thing” (ft. Snoop Doog)

The Cudder is back with some new dope music coming off of his new album "The Revolution of Evolution" Snoop was a little extra but that's still my man dope track cant wait till the album drops!
I Do My Thing


eLZhi – Deep (Video)

Every time I ask people what were they thinking when they first heard eLZhi and each an every last of them said "BANANAS" this guy rips everything he is on easily one of the dopest MC's


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dats Dope: FlyBoy Radio

DJ TASK will be at it again today with the hottest tracks spinning and some the dopest topics discussed. This show will be dedicated to Guru/Gangstarr, with DJ TASK never expect less he is bringing us some New Taskexclusives with brand new DRAKE, JOELL ORTIZ, CURREN$Y AND MORE.... Get at FLYBOY RADIO now, we will also have the one and only IZEEKY THE MOST FREAKY come through the lunch break and chop it up a little bit. If you have any request please call 301-314-8800 and get your favorite track on and a shout out.

If you want to catch all the last show just tune into the stream of the pass shows here at FlyBoy-Radio.com


Grab Your Ass

I don't care what you think about Ross because he is dope at what he does. Ross is always dropping Dope tracks has some of the best production in the game I think, you can hate on Ross all you want but you can not say he does not give you good music.

Rick Ross- Grab Your Ass


B.o.B feat. J. Cole - Gladiators



Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nice Kicks Opens Retail Store

I meant to post this awhile back when it happend but totally slip my mind. Many of you know or heard of nicekicks.com especially if your a shoe head. One of the best sites to find info on shoes coming out and etc. This is dope nice kics started couple years ago and with becoming one of the biggest sites Matt Hill gets to open his own shop!! See I told you blogging can get you somewhere lol hopefully this could be me!

press below:

AUSTIN, Tex. – Saturday, February 27th, Nice Kicks opened its flagship retail store in Austin, TX. Over the past four years Nice Kicks (operating online at http://nicekicks.com) has been a leader in sneaker news and information currently leading the industry in readership, but has made a step outside of the digital space and into the brick-and-mortar retail model. Located just one block from the University of Texas campus, the Nice Kicks flagship store prides itself on accessibility and central location to serve the Austin metro area.

“The store is a physical extension of our digital brand,” said founder Matt Halfhill. “Over the past four years we have built a loyal and dedicated readership, but we wanted to create an environment that people could physically visit and experience sneakers in a new way.”

Acclaimed designer Kris Swift, principal of Muskoka Multi Media, worked with Halfhill to design a uniquely sophisticated space that showcases footwear in a new fashion. With imported fixtures, furniture, and displays Nice Kicks elevates and showcases sneakers in a fanatical type of form. With paper covering the windows, everything was kept a secret that was unveiled at 11AM when the store was officially unveiled to the public.

With a dedicated and loyal following that reaches millions of shoe enthusiasts monthly, the grand opening of the Nice Kicks flagship store brought much fanfare. Legendary Texas hip-hop artist and sneaker aficionado Bun B attended the grand opening where a special collaborative T-shirt was released. Also on hand was the world renowned DJ Clark Kent, also well respected in the sneaker community for his contributions including consultancy with Nike.

The Nice Kicks grand opening drew in more than 700 people with visitors from across Texas from cities that include Dallas, Lubbock, Houston, San Antonio, Houston, and Beaumont, and some from as far away as Los Angeles and New York City.

“It was a truly incredible day,” said Matt Halfhill. “We were looking forward to many people coming to the store, but I am truly thankful once again for our readers and fans who continue to show us love everyday. Like we have a commitment to our readers to bring the best and latest news to our readers on the website, the same will be done with bringing the best and latest sneakers for our customers at the store.”


NiceKicks.com was founded in April, 2006 when founder Matt Halfhill was frustrated with a lack of reliable and accessible information about upcoming sneakers. Currently NiceKicks.com is the most read source for news and information about men’s athletic and casual sneakers with more than 3 Million monthly readers. In June, 2007, NiceKicks.com became a member of the Complex Media Network being selected for their quality of content and readership.


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