Saturday, July 31, 2010


Aug 3rd is around the corner and that is when Wales' "More About Nothing" and of the most anticipated Mixtapes dropping because many people haven't heard Folarin in awhile. Wale using his power of twitter one of the best marketing source to get out to his fan for great promo. Wale wants the bloggers to put out Mixtape About Nothing to get some of the fans who are pretty new to his music.

Ive been listening to Wale since "Paint a Picture" but when "The Mixtape About Nothing" dropped this is when I saw him actually grow into an artist. This was basically like an album, I listen to this thing everyday and I literally tried converting any doubters into a Wale Fan. From tracks Kramer to Artistic Integrity to even the Bmore Club slam I got a kick out of that one lol. I had to show support in re-posting this mixtape so people can really here what this cat is about.


Friday, July 30, 2010


RIP JEREMY 'BLACK' HERRING 3.12.89 - 7.30.07


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buy. if you havent already.

Just because I said so. oh and its some really good music.


VERY dope.

DOWNLOAD: Got It For Leaks

*I am a HUGE clipse fan. forgive my stan-ness


DATSDOPEartist: 'A Dream Within Nightmare' [Freestyle] DK

F I R E !

homie DK has killed yet another beat.. smh jeez.


*sidebar: 'Con[text] Clues' Music Video COMING SOON


'Hometown Hero'- Big K.R.I.T.ft Yelawolf

Big K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf are reportedly linking up for a joint mixtape, Country Cu$$inz. While the project has no foreseeable release date yet, the pair decided to sneak a taste of what’s to come with a remix of K.R.I.T.’s “Hometown Hero.” Yelawolf takes the second verse slow, tempering his double-time flow with a relaxed approach more akin to K.R.I.T.’s crawl, then he kicks the tires and speeds off, homeward bound.


Big K.R.I.T.- 'Wuz Here' [album]


DATS-DOPEartist: 'Soul'- S.U.P.A. ft Jessica Chambliss

recieved an email from my homie, sucks that I'm just now getting around to posting it... Lets blame the good ole DC Storm for that one, I didnt have power for nearly 3 days -_-

nonetheless, new music. what more can you ask for?



'Priority' (A Cappella)- Mos Def

In parternship with the Enough Project, veteran taste-maker and former KCRW Music Director, Nic Harcourt, has enlisted the help of friends like: Bat For Lashes, Norah Jones, Mos Def and more to donate songs to the Raise Hope For Congocompilation. The Raise Hope For Congo project aims to protect and empower Congolese women who are the subject of unspeakable abuse as a result of the high demand for the country’s conflict minerals used in cell phones and computers in the west. Listen to Mos Def’s contribution, “Priority (A Capella)” and go support the cause, take action now.


RatheMc - Intoxicated

Sampling of classic Lauryn is always positive to beginning of track for me, something I can def just vibe too are always the best. This Ra track was delivered via Twitter. Wit the soulful sound to the classic rhymes Ra is def one of the MC's that will have a name for herself in this game. She definitely shows the talent from range of things she spits about and showing what it is to be a true Female MC.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mac Miller

I love getting hip to new artist just cause it gives me someone else to blog about and just gives me someone to just rock to for a minute. Mac Miller is that kid you know from High School and everyone rocks with him because he so laid back. Mac is pretty lyrical MC, you here a lot of of old school flow but def throws his own hip twist to his rhymes. He def one of those Fun loving type of cats that make you enjoy life in the tracks but also have those tracks that show his talent.

Mac is PA Kid and is proud to rep it, he is also from Pittsburgh like fellow PA Rapper Wiz Khalifa. He is def emerging on the scene and ready to put his city on more. I heard of Mac awhile back with a song Nike's on My Feet but just didn't really look into him till recently till I heard my homie Greg put me on with his music and got me hip. His projects def show his different abilities with the creativity of him trying to step out the box. Next mixtape K.I.D.S drops soon.

"Youngest in Charge" within the rap game, saying: "I draw inspiration from everything. Old school rap, new school rap, my city, my peers, my life, anything. I just aim to make a new sound of my own, while sticking to the formula of that classic hip hop music"



Life is such a crazy thing we are literally here today but then gone the next without any type of warning. Some of us take what he have for granted and until someone has actually passes is not till then we actually realize that it is such a precious thing. Even though Death is part of life we are not suppose to experience so much of it at a young age, even though they say the Good Die Young it is just not right.

Vick was someone I met up at Morgan and was def one of the most laid back down to earth dudes you can meat, you don't meet many sincere people towards the years but when you do they always stick with you. I have not kept in touch with Vick in a minute but we always ran into each other and it was always love and checking on how we was doing with life. The last time I ran into him I think it was Carnival and we were always talking about how we were going to link up, its sad thing like that just has you reevaluate certain things. Also the way my man went out that hurts the most.

In all RIP Vick prayers go out to all your Family and Loved ones.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Teflon Don' - Rick Ross *ALBUM REVIEW

Its not to often that I give an ENTIRE album positive feedback. Especially if I'm a fan of the artist because when thats the case I tend to be overcritical. Hence my past review of Drake's Thank Me Later debut album. but in this case all the positive feedback I have is welllll worth it. Since Rick Ross burst on the scene with Port Of Miami WAAYYYY back in my 10th grade year of high school I have noticed a gradual progression in lyrical ability and vocal deliverance. Honestly I would go as far to call Port Of Miami a classic. for one main reason. It was the BEST of the BEST that Miami and that hip hop had to offer at that time. and for that to happen in your FIRST album thats well deserved. but here we are on his 4th full album Teflon Don. Executively produced by himself and all of def jam behind him Ross delivers another street and mainstream work of art.

Rick Ross may or may not be the drug cartel running mafia boss type like he portrays in his rhymes but the FACT that he makes decent well put together music for hip hop is undeniable and there isnt a reason why this album isnt in everyones iTunes library.

heres is my breakdown of the tracks on Teflon Don:
  • ‘I’m not a star’- the opening track to this album is a 3-minute hardcore drum induced explicit rant from Ross. It’s encompasses the spirit of every down-south banger you all may know and love. Ross constantly screams that he’s not a star in the chorus. At which point he spends the bulk of his lyrics bragging and boasting of the new realms of his life, a life of fast money, women, and the lucrative rewards of the drug game. Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
  • ‘Free Mason’ feat. Jay Z & John Legend - ironic to the talks of hip-hop moguls being involved with illuminati, this track has nothing with it at all. Featuring a current hip-hop Legend, Jay-Z. Ross and Hov have created yet another great song that can be on repeat for hours and neither listener or anyone nearby will get tired of hearing. Hov’s bars are more than exceptional as most would expect. In his stint he touches on the illuminati aqusastions but indirectly to tease us listeners and few believers. John legend comes in to soften the instrumental up and gave it some soul, as he harmonizes “we will never die..!” Produced by The Inkredibles
  • Tears of Joy feat. Ceelo my personal favorite track off this entire album. Rick Ross actually took time to construct well-written stanzas that are overflowing with emotion and personal thoughts. To compliment that Ceelo woos in the background humming and bellowing away at the chorus “I’m scarred, I have tattooed tears of joy…”. After opening up with a speech excerpt from Black Panther Party- Bobby Seale. This is the track to vibe too, the song for a release therapy session, a pick me up, or even if you just need to hear a GOOD song. This is it. (I’ve played it apporx. 27 times) Produced by No I.D.
  • Maybach Music III feat. T.I. , Jadakiss, & Erykah Badu – since the Maybach Music saga began with Trilla Ross has manage to make them better and better and better as time progressed. MM1 featured Jay Z as jay did what he does best, following that was the sequel MM2 this time beefing up the line up with Kanye West, T-Pain, and Lil Wayne on platinum album Deeper Than Rap. And now once again on his 4th album Teflon Don MM3. Beefing up the line up once again with the critically acclaimed ‘King of the south’ T.I., New York’s most unheralded Emcee Jadakiss and the face of neosoul Erykah Badu. And yet again with a well constructed cinematic instrumental. Ross and company complete another smooth ride in a maybach. Produced by eMix
  • Live Fast, Die Young feat Kanye West – the first thing that pulls you into this track is the beat. West holds nothing back with a joyful sample from Rick James and drums thatll make you instantly nod your head and or just begin to dance. Layered on top of that is the heavy vocals from Ross as he displays his forever improving lyrical wordplay. West is second up with more ego driven lyrics “ outfit so disrespectful, you can go ahead and sneeze because my presence blessed you”. This track mos def the song you want to hear before you hit a party or a club to get you in that celebratory mood. Produced by Kanye West
  • Super High feat Ne-Yo – smoooottthhh as butter. The beat would give you the indication this song should be titled Super Fly instead of super high. Sounds like some black cinema music from the 70s. if anyone were to do a spin off of shaft (I hope not) this would be the headlining song to the film. Produced by DJ Clark Kent & The Remedy
  • No.1 feat Diddy & Trey Songz – for the ladies.. The beat is crazy. I just would do without Diddy rapping. Produced by Danja Handz.
  • MC Hammer feat Gucci Mane- now like many of you the previous version of this song was on the Albert Anastasia mixtape and it didn’t feature Gucci Mane. But this is the official version. The beat is different and A LOT better I must say, its more clean and crisp. BUUUUUUUUTTT I must say that I H A T E that Gucci Mane is on it. Luckily he has the last verse on the track so after Ross’ stint you can skip the track. Excuse my dislike for Gucci Mane, but for this song and this album he doesn’t fit in the picture in no way shape or form. Produced by eMix
  • Aston Martin Music feat Drake & Chrisette Michelle- I suppose is attemping to start another luxury vehicle themed saga of songs. Drake provides decent vocals and C. Michele gracefully blesses the song. Decent track, but one the weaker points on the album. Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
  • All The Money In The world feat. Rapheal Saadiq – this song reminds me of ‘Valley Of Death’ from Trilla. Ross once again takes the time to construct well thought out and well organized rhymes to make a decent song as Saadiq provides some very ill vocals. Needless to say, a great song to conclude an album. Produced by The Olympiks

    8.9/10 DATSDOPE Score




Kendrick Lamar - Today

If you have not notice yet Kendrick Lamar is prob my favorite artist out right now, he puts out Music that you can just love and vibe too. There only few artist that when you hear them it speaks to you and just relates to everything about yourself. What Kendrick spits about just makes you think about yourself and that what you want to hear in your music. I definitely would need to interview him if I get this chance just to see where his heads at to come out with this type of stuff.


"FlyBoyRadio Presents" Oh You Fancy Huh? Coco Cabana

Well they back at it again the homies of FlyBoy Radio hitting us with a dope party this THURSDAY at CoCo Cabana. You trying to get loose? Nice & Bent ? CoCo is where its at, get ready with your folks and have good time. Check out the promo video directed by Dats Dope very own PREMO as you can peep he threw his cell phone in there LOL.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Obey Women

Just showing some love for my lady readers, something dope from obey they usually don't disappoint.


Vestal Watch

I am not biggest cat on accesories like watches, necklaces and etc, but these watches here def stand out. With a futuristic and vintage blend these watches show you something different, you can still be hip but not stand out to much and that's what I like the simplicity but minor details to the watches stand out!


OriginalFake – Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Even though the summer is not quite over doesnt mean we cant look forward to the Fall/Winter with some dope gear. OriginalFake drops some new threads to get you ready, fresh and warm for the next season.


Kendrick Lamar – Growing Apart f. Jhene Aiko

Man this dude makes GREAT MUSIC, Kendrick def has that music you that you can vibe out to. This new track is dope from the production to collab this chick has beautiful voice, make sure you keep updated on Kendrick with his new project which should be dropping soon.

Growing Apart
Word to 2BZ


Master-Piece – Spring/Summer 2011

Well I am def copping when these backpacks and sacks with school coming up I def need a new hip backpack, and sack for certain reason that don't pertain to you LOL. The backpacks and etc. from Master-Piece def stand out to you with there specific designs from two-tone and other multi colors.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm back with another one!... I was finishing up some work from last night and I needed something to vibe out too before i feel into my slumber... so I opened up the VDJ and did this, a little somethin somethin to keep your summer rollin'

and if you missed LAST MONTHS MIX here the link is also here..




Wednesday, July 14, 2010

@XtotheV- "Gettin' BiZZy"

one of my personal fav MCs that got swindled out of the XXLs freshman 10 ... but eeh.. keep it movin.
new jawnt from the homie XV from his upcoming project VIZZYZONE.



'CELEBRATE!' - Huey Ft. Jim Jones

Huey will returns with his sophomore LP, Redemption, on September 14th 2010

DOWNLOAD: Celebrate


'Burn It Down' Previews Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga's "Burn" from on Vimeo.

A behind-the-scenes look at Killer Mike in Atlanta putting the finishing touches on upcoming album Pl3dge Allegiance To The Grind, Maurice Garland was invited to the studio for one of Killer Mike's latest sessions and grabbed this preview of one of the tracks Mike is working on for inclusion on Pl3dge Allegiance To The Grind.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Aston Martin Music.

ok ok ok..... i know i was a llllittttllleee harsh on #ThankMeLater ... but. hey. my expectations were high, and well I was disappointed.


lets just say I wish this track was on the album...

check it out

Drake- Aston Martin Music


Whippin Work...

Full DatsDope Review by Sheed x Premo


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boss x Hov x Legend

"Freemason" off Ricky Rozays upcoming albom Teflon Don.




Thursday, July 8, 2010


dope track from a V E R Y dope mixtape... From The Westside With Love by DOM KENNEDY


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phil Ade - The Letterman [Mixtape]

I tried posting this earlier but I have been sick and tired from work but def have a chance now to say some dope words on this mixtape! Phil Ade has def came into his own and when you see an artist grow and just improve its great! This was my first post on Phil and Ive been rocking with him since. Phil is a MC and you here that in his lyrics to just his presence when you talk to him, when an artist studies there craft and knows there history it makes them better. With the great back up of Raheem he is def learning his craft even more big ups to Phil and this new project

Def gave this 9/10


Not sure how old this is but its hilarious, Ive never seen this video before but this one of my favorite songs you got Lupe, Ye and Pharrell. The whole video is funny reminds me of the Biggie Skys The Limit video I think you just get kids to be in videos and people automatically love it! You got kid got the backpack Kanye going on was funny also with perfect Lil Lu and Pharrell


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


check it.


Wale Speaks..

During an interview the HHC gets down with DC native and talks to him about women, lyrics, and streetwear they even try to talk about new music but he wasnt crackin


Old School Video; Janet Jackson "Got Till It's Gone"

Was Jamming to this video just a little awhile ago when I saw it pop up on VH1 soul, just brings back memories of growing up to music like this. Ms. Jackson was looking tough in this def had lil thing for her at this time, but this song and video just makes you fall in love with it. You just want to be in that video at that moment when you watch it!


Monday, July 5, 2010


like I keep saying dudes from the MidLeft and further Left are S P I T T ER and this dude. cudders boy Chip Tha Ripper is one of the headlining MCs that DATS-DOPE bangs with.

check this tape out, a quick lil sumthin sumthin before Gift Wraps drops.



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