Friday, December 30, 2011

Lyn Charles- Lush Life

The homie Lyn Charles sends over some visuals 


Truth (Featuring Shawn Collins) - Hospital Bracelets


The White House Band - Ghost f Tupac - Prod. By David E Beats

Yea I know I slack a lot of reviewing many artist music but I get so much I truley do forget its not that easy but I get music sent from The White House Band a lot and never truly gave it a solid listen. This track using some excerpts from Tupac and production is nice. Hopefully I can get more time on reviewing new artist like I am suppose too.


The First Date: Dont be a Sucka

Dont Be a Sucka

This post was inspired by twitter today and the many rants we went on for this subject that turned trending. I am not sure how it started but I saw on my TL about some sucker guy possibly dropping $200 on the first date. First before I go in, that is straight up Foolish!!

Twitter turns into male and female bashing from the other sex but we can all agree this is pretty extreme unless your the gold digger LOL. And in no way I am blaming the females for this because I know if a girl was going drop that cash on me I am not stopping her!! Why would I really? lol. If I am dropping 200 bucks on the FIRST DATE  I am fully entitled to many thing I believe(i.e. some sort of sexual act) LOL. Its not the Money so don't be calling any guy cheap because he said no to that, because the lifestyle most of us live 200 bucks is nothing we spend that in like 2 minutes, we have more than 200 bucks worth of clothing when we go out and that can start at most guys feet. Hey guys its cool if you want to stunt if you got it, but why on the first date? What are you going do on the second date or even the Third? Some cats really don't know how to prioritize so I guess they don't mind faking with a chick with $200 first date. You are truly foolish if you do so, LOL I am really serious that you better be getting something if you drop that much or more on first date. The only way I am dropping that on a female for a date is if we are married or in serious relationship and its our anniversary or V-DAY, and even then if I had a girl for that she would know we could have great time without all that money spending.

 All jokes aside though a date is suppose to be fun and entertaining between the two people and that's it, and with the FIRST DATE its really more about trying to find out who that person is and not what they have in their wallet. Ive been on many dates where I never paid close to that and had a great time with the girl, there are many places you can take your dates where you can go without dropping stacks on someone. Yall cats out there just gotta be creative, yea you have your typical dinner and drinks but there are many options out there beside that and still have blast. Just gotta do your research, know your area, and do it by the seasons there is always something cool to take someone too. I would list some but I don't want anyone taking my Skeems and secrets I have learned LOL but guys please no more 200 dollar dates its never worth it! AND YES I BLAME YOU DRAKE !!!HAHAHA


My Top 10 Projects of 2011

I have been debating about doing this post for awhile just because everyone does a list and I was lazy but with a little push from some people telling me I should why not! 2011 has been a solid year for Hip Hop and just Music just all together, many artist have delivered some great albums and given me many options to things to listen to this year. I just made a list of some projects I enjoyed this year that I have been bumping in the whip on everyday basis. None of them are in any specific order it just want came to my head at that time.

Lets Begins this list with Dom Kennedy and his  From the West Wide, With Love II. I really enjoyed this project, every track on here is Solid with features with Casey Veggies, Asher Roth, Big K.R.I.T. and ScHoolBoy Q. Dom Kennedy always makes that smooth OG type vibe music that can make you feel like the Don, I played this a lot getting ready for school in the early mornings and with this project you feel like its Summer everyday even if its snow outside. Some Tracks that you should check out Grind'N, She Aint In Love with Me, Platinum Chanel, Beats, Hoes Rhymes, The Ways and Ice Cream Truck.

Add-2 One Missed Call

If you want some real lyrical crazy flow and dope production listen to my man Add-2. This Chicago Native has been coming into his own and really developing his skills to turn into a great MC.This past project he did had a lot of bangers that just had me getting hype and hearing him just kill those beats got me waiting till his next project drops. Tracks to look out for GotDamn, Chicago Blues, Iron Mic.

ScHoolboy Q- Setbacks

I have been enjoying a lot of what ScHoolboy has been doing in this past year with features he has been on and after watching his performance at 9:30 club this year showed me he has some true talents. Setbacks is great project and is definitely gets a lot of plays on Google Music Library,with getting backed with some dope features from TDE members Jay Rock, Kendrick and Ab-Soul, Bj The Chicago Kid, Jhene Aiko and Big Pooh he delivered great project with all different types of tracks to show his range as an artist. Tracks to check out are Live Again , Figg Get Da Money(great production!! I can say thats a classic track) , KamiKaze,#BetIGOTSUMWEED, Fanatasy(For The Ladies as Well)

For more of the list click the link and check out the Honorable mentions as well


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mahtisyn (Pronounced Madison) is a dope clothing line I got a chance to stumble upon, I actually ran into one there reps at the mall and they threw me one of there dope bracelets. Based out of Baltimore this clothing line brings great simple but dope designs, they just emailed me a new line up they got working up and if I can say it is sick. These items are must cops, from the Crewnecks to the tshirts and even the snapbacks and I dont even rock snapbacks. Make sure you go check there site out


Add-2 – Ghetto Dreams (Freestyle)

Man Ive been hype for this for awhile since Ive seen Add-2 twitpic this photo above us and I knew he would be working on something ill. Add-2 is def an MC if someone ask me who is dope right now I mention, he always delivers and I havent talked much about an MC like this since Kendrick and yall already know how I feel about that cats music as well. Add-2 has been doing major things and is currently working on another dope project and I cant wait because I am still bumping One Missed Call and even his Tale Of Two cities saga's where I first became a fan and a supporter. Look out for this guy right here, when my man blows up and gets his year remember Dats Dope told ya!

O yea I forgot to talk about the track though because of me rambling about how dope this cat is, but he completely murked this Nas & Common track just check it out yourself!


Wheres Julian? – Episode 5 (Pedx)

Yours truly makes a little appearance in this video of Where's Julian, this video brings back soooo many memories. This was actually the first video we got to shoot for the Where's Julian series, this was first time I think I met Toroes and Julian and I really didn't know what he wanted to we winged the whole thing. It was a dope day we were just browsing the store and chopping it up with the owner. This episode we catching up with the only dope boutique in Baltimore PedX as you can see I have some ads on the site thanks to Julian on linking me up with these cats. PedX is definitely a dope shop to have in Baltimore to bring a whole new look and scene to an area that is much needed and that why Julian wanted film it because that was the whole concept of his Where's Julian. I really miss my bro and he will never know how much he really inspired me to do great things.


Jared Evan – Traffic Light (prod. !llmind)

Dope track from Jared havent heard much from the singer/mc but he always delivers on some dope productions.


Phil Ade – P.O.P (Paper Over Pu**y) f. Casey Veggies (Video)

Yeaa Ive been bumping this track in the whip since these to dropped this song. I'm glad to see Phil Ade grinding and getting his shine, def feel like 2012 will be a big year for the young DMV MC. For past couple years seeing him just freestyling at CP and talking bout being signed to 368 to now making great music and developing into such a dope artist.


Diamond District x Interview

Taken down at Black Cat down in DC


ItsTheReal: The Check-In w/ Diggy

Get More: MTV Shows
These cats are too funny, yall follow them on twitter yet? @ItsTheReal


Gods'illa ft. Maimouna Youssef "You Don't Have To Be A Star"

This is a real smooth track, gotta dope vibe to it.


PropaneLV - Heart Break

PropaneLV is here going on that Childish Gambino track Heart Break. Dope stuff


STS - Let's Capture this Moment (GOLD RUSH)

Another dope Flipped tracked by STS, this time the MC flips Big Sean Marvin & Chardonnay


J.Nolan- Time Machine (prod. oriJanus x Tuelv)

 J.Nolan- Time Machine (prod. oriJanus x Tuelv) by manifestmovement 



I am not big on watches I'll wear them every now and then but just not big on accessories on me but I do enjoy seeing them. This device is sick! Just something real creative and out the norm when it comes to watches I would definitely like rocking this. The device has taken some styles from the smartphones everyone love and brought in the slide effect with this watch to go to each setting of the watch. Really dope idea but not right now for that price of 9 stacks!! 
Encased in a titanium shell with a domed sapphire crystal screen, the SLYDE siphons power from a 3.8V lithium polymer, rechargeable via a USB connector. Water resistant up to 30 meters. via: FM

For more Images:


Schott X A Bathing Ape- Camo Pea Coat

This is to Dope!! Yea I need to cop this thats all I'm saying. Part of Bape Spring/Summer Collection
Yea someone can get me this one right here^^^!!


Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga - The Motto

Guess I am suppose to say YOLO? ehh yeaa I wont go into that rant. S/O to tyga though getting some love now. And now I will talk about Mr. Carter himself...... smh and yall dont like Tyler because he is weird? but Wayne your favorite Artist? LOL anyway.


Jinesis -The Coffee Shop

Another dope mash up from the homie Jinesis


Devine Carama - "The Populist Pulpit" (Video)

An indie artist from Lexington, KY that just released an independent album entitled "Blood Of A Slave go purchase album 


Laelo - The Re-Introduction (video)


Metasyons ft. W. Draztik - Crack Musik


The Game -Martians Vs. Goblins


Thursday, December 15, 2011

ScHoolboy Q – n*ggaHs.already.know.davers.flow

This boy Q just goes in, swear his music just get a cat hype. These type of tracks that just me to go savage run up on a cat and just smack em' LOL but nah ScHoolboy has been coming into his own heavy lately and with Habits& Contradiction dropping soon he should be in for a very busy year.


Wale – Chain Music (Video)

Wale links up again with Rik Cordero to get another dope video.


XV – The 27 Club

All these cool cats above passed away at young age of 27 if you were not hip, just peep the lyrics and you get it 
Via: 2DBZ


50 Cent – Wait Until Tonight (Video)

AWWWW SNAP! I put a 50 track on the site lol that's a major step for me their but 50 has been going in the right direction lately with his music and glad to see that there is a possible chance we can get classic 50 and not Curtis. I possibly could have just posted the video because of the booty but who knows you go ahead and decide.


Add-2 - Modern Day Coons

These are the tracks that set you apart from all the MC's that are out, Add-2 hitting all the major points that many of us young black youth or at least the ones I associate myself with talk about on daily basis. From all the shows to music that they exploit us in. I like to hear real tracks, I want MC's to have the passion for their music but as well have a real meaning to the tracks they deliver and my man Add-2 did it justice on this tracks Open your eyes folks.


STS - Great Mood


Co$$ Ft. J. Nolan & Thurz - Angels Sing (prod. Abnormal)

 Co$$ Ft. J. Nolan & Thurz - Angels Sing (prod. Abnormal) by manifestmovement 


Saturn Never Sleeps "Hearts On Fire" - Live at the Loft

Saturn Never Sleeps "Hearts On Fire" from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.


SmCity - About A Hater Feat. Uptown XO

Third single off of "The Indie Life: Hate, Love & Money" dropping 1.12.12 on Follow @SmCityMusic & visit


Friday, December 9, 2011

Green Street "Daydreams" Ft. Donwill of Tanya Morgan

The Green Street fam sends over thew visuals to dope song they did linking up with Tanya Morgan. I be getting a lot of dope music from all types of artist and some just amaze me with the passion they bring but it confuses when I dont see half of these cats hitting the big blogs but eh I guess I wouldn't have a job if that was the case LOL. 


Eyedeal Bayano - Good Feeling

Love to see tracks ive seen my homies actually work on and the progress it took them actually come out so dope. This instrumental is crazy and when my man played it I was like yea your about to rip this. Keep a look out for the homies next project though he been grinding out to make this perfect. My man has improved so much as an MC gotta be proud of that and he only can get better. The track tells a story and that's what a lot cats are missing but he hit it on this one.


Obii Say- Hey, I Remember You

Real dope video and dope track really rocking with this cat. I have heard a little bit about Obii Say but not a lot, yea I've been slacking on the DMV artist lately but in my defense this is first email I have really received but wouldn't mind getting more. So DMV artist I am here for you get at me!

DC HipHop artist links with Knowledgeable Entertainment for the visuals to his first single off the Donuts for the Villagers tribute EP, "Hey, I Remember You".
The track premiered on and


Stalley – Go On (Video)


Really waiting to see Stalley get his time, a real dope video though.


Cory Jreamz-Victoria

I def need to get couple more tracks from this young MC just to get a more of a vibe of his music but really enjoying what I am hearing. Cory def has a lot of blends of different styles you can hear throughout his music, check him and tell me what you all think.

Mr.Vsax On The Beautiful Saxophone!/CoryJreamz_GSD


Thursday, December 8, 2011

PropaneLV - Lights On (Prod. by Dj Frank-DuX)


Mikey Rocks x Boldy James at The Air Up There


Second Chance (Short Film)

My bro Toroes directed and wrote this dope short film, I really am blessed to know so many talented people who are really grinding out here for what they want. This film is some real stuff, this can happen at anytime and people don't realize them pushing people can bring them to that limit.


TheJasmineBrand - ‘Qream of the Crop’ Dinner Party

My sister was attending this event so decided to post it after I read the article. It was an event to honor some of the successful women in the DC area. The gathering was sponsored by Pharell new liquere Qream which was showed through the event.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bobby Hagens- My Beautiful Mind

Received some new new music from new artist to Dats Dope Bobby Hagens from the DMV area who dropped visuals to his track My Beautiful Mind sampling My Mine from Jhene Aiko


MMG -“Big Bank” (VIDEO)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Troubled (A Story Of Truth)

Received different type info about an artist with this Film, which documents the life of the MC and looks more into as a overall person. Always enjoy getting Mini Documentary/Short Films to throw on the site.

Chronicling the life and times of Truth (born Iad Carson), Shawn Collins (Director) paints an honest an often unpretentious portrait of the struggling Hip-Hop artist's uncompromising attitude toward the music business, fashion, and most importantly - fatherhood.


Phil Ade x Casey Veggies– P.O.P (Paper Over Pu**y)

NICE! Glad to see this link up of artist, Phil Ade has a range to hop on many different beat selection that many artist cant and that show the talent that he really has. Phil Ade links with young Casey Veggies on this track, this is a real CV type of track as well so I really enjoyed this one. I am telling you keep look out for Phil Ade to make some crazy moves soon he has already done so much in the past 2 years.


Akello Light-Green Tea Mint 2: New Age Hippie

Havent received any dope mixes from this artist in awhile, usually gives me some dope tracks to just to rock to in the whip. Akello Light def brings a crazy vibe to music with different type of mixes and innovative style plus I always enjoy the album art can never complain on dope images of sexy females.

This North Carolina creative artist magical ability to make tripped-out beats that satisfy both the weed head and the hardcore B-Boy/Girl in you is the vibe. Akello’s laid-back hazy tripped-out smooth sound is the foundation for this project.



The 90's back? No complaints over here I guess its just Nostalgic feel but its cool glad to see
new revamp styles come from all different areas now. We have this Florida native SpaceGhostPurrp who brings new sound to Miami but nothing strange to the city because he has a classic old school Miami sound with an Three 6 and Easy-E type twist to this. I guess we can call this the new rebel era of hip hop with many different changes happening in the game, I believe SpaceGhostPurrp is associated with A$AP Rocky as you can kind of tell by the style of music they have and easy influences in each of their music possible dope features in near future.

Check out this track – Don’t Give a Damn (Miami Bass)


DWade - This Flight


Terrace Martin – Do It Again f. Kendrick Lamar & Wiz Khalifa (Video)


James Rich – “Gourmet”

NY trying to start a new movement now, getting a lot of new different styles of Hip Hop coming from up north and getting away from the typical gritty New York sound that we have known for years. Some people may just say just being slightly different is not enough just because everyone is but I like this movement for NY they need something big to keep them a live in this new Hip Hop era. With A$Ap Rocky coming from Harlem and his different style and the rest of his A$AP crew giving a whole new twist to the game as well as other NY MC's like Smoke DZA and Vado I believe New York has finally a range of artist that are not all the same which is a great thing. Hopefully with all these different style of artist NY can have East Coast movement and come up as the West Coast has been doing these past couple years with their young talent out now.

Via :


Thursday, December 1, 2011



Neak- Ready To Go

Neak- Ready To Go from Domi on Vimeo.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Schoolboy Q "Sacrilegious"

I enjoy quality music videos, they play big part for me to reall enjoy an artist. A good video can set many artist away from the pack and keep them relevant that will set them from the rest. A good video that keeps your attention and following the song as well shows that the artist is serious about his craft.


Phil Ade – Coming Home (Video)

I always say Phil is definily coming into his own, he is really trying to be the next out of the DMV and I feel like he has the skill and drive to do that.


Brush With Death

This was pretty sick, always like seeing these short films.


A$AP Rocky – Demons (Video)

One of the dope tracks on LiveLoveA$AP , A$AP Rocky goes ahead and drops some visuals for the track demons. Ive been rocking to this cat lately took me a second to really start listening to this dude but he really got different style that I enjoy from the MC.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Where's Julian Ep. 4 - Grand Prix

Ive been dreading to write this post for a long time now just because I know its officially real to me, Ive lost a dear friend and more like my brother so I been in such denial of the whole situation but definitely glad that I had a friend like him in my life and that I have these videos of him that bring back dope memories. They say you meet some of the closest people in your life in college and with Julian he was that friend that wanted success for his friends as much as he wanted for himself, he wanted all of us to make it, we surrounded ourselves with positive people and we all just enjoyed life and being all together. Julian was main reason I went back to school and even stayed doing this blog he pushed me to reach for my goals and not settle for less and to have a friend like that is crazy in life because many dont ever get a chance at all in life to experience that, and thats why I was so blessed to know this guy for the past 6 years.

So when Julian came to me about Where's Julian I was so excited, I was acting like him when he is backing me up. It was only a must for me to back him fully because I knew he would just make it and all he has done for me I had too. Where's Julian was dope concept and he was about to take it to the next level with getting to follow many interesting people and their business'. Enjoy this great video the homie Toroes has been working hard on toremeber some great Memories.

RIP to my brother you will always be in my heart you are my motivation for everything I do!

Where Julian EP4 Grand Prix from WheresJulian? on Vimeo.


Professor J - Tiger Blood Freestyle (Prod. Dale Richards)

This young cat sent me over tracks and still amazes me at his age he be spitting like this, its real refreshing to hear young cats really trying to go in like this. hit him on his twitter


KD x J. Cole x Nike

J.Cole gets in another commercial with KD on this one he actually hooping against the young All-Star



The young homies send over a quick freestyle but Dec 8th is a big day. The young bulls have been gridning and now opening up for Fat Trel Cuzuco's go check these cats out and support their movement. If you havent checked there IDGAF video go check it out also.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Samsung vs Apple

Samsung just throwing some quick shtos at the apple users


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Wale is truly sports fanatic and sneakerhead and no one can take that from this cat.


Ludacris – Bada Boom (Video)

Luda is my man but I am still mad he still salty its not that serious, the song is dope and you clearly know he taking shots at Drake and Big Sean with the BOI!! but really Luda Big Sean has acknowledged everything you said and never said anything bad about you. And if you know hip hop we all know Big Sean didnt come up with it he just used it a way folks havent in a while but either way dope song still.

I would just rather see some other diss tracks from other MC's then this one lol


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Will your favorite MC be here in 10 years?

Do you believe your favorite new favorite MC has what it takes to stay relevant in the next 10 years? But seriously think about that question, Hip-Hop has made a crazy turn in the past couple years and we all are noticing the changes. I love that we have so many options and as human beings we love having options and to have so many new MC’s out you can pick and choose who you want to listen to. But there is a problem that I have been thinking about lately is will those rappers even exist to you in the next 5 to 10 years. Think about growing up and you watching BET, MTV or just listening to the rappers your parents or older siblings brought you up on, you had your Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, 2pac, Outkast to Wu-Tang and of course you had other rappers emerging as well but you knew these cats were lasting or had no doubt you wouldn’t be listening to them in your near future and many of you still have these cats on your iPod’s and what not.

But here comes the problem we might face in our new age of having too much options, with so many people being hip from now because of technology and all the access to blogs and other music sources anyone can blow up but might not last. Think about the couple mixtapes you are currently listening to you probably have been bumping for months were you bumping that same artist maybe 2 years ago? Or even a year ago. We have so many “New Mc’s” from your Drake( who I believe & I know he isn't leaving anytime soon unless he just goes back to acting) , Wale, J.Cole, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and Big Sean and those are just the ones who are getting some major attention at this moment , but we still have rappers from your TiRon, to Blu, Nipsey Hu$$le, Asher Roth, Dom Kennedy and your Odd Future clique who are all on many peoples iPod’s  and killing the game in their own respective way but will they  sustain in this hip hop game? I would love for all those MC’s to make it because many of them are my personal favorite out but realistically will many of them have made it in the next 10 years or stay relevant in that time?


WZRD (Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius) “Brake”

Good to hear some Cudi out here he been busy doing his acting thing.


Kendrick Lamar x YMCMB?

No this isn't any new story or is it even a rumor yet! But I just have been sitting down and thinking about all that has been happening to the Compton TDE MC the past year. Kendrick has received a lot of shine lately from all over the hip hop world From the West Coast Legends stamping him and approving all that he has done so far to Common really wanting to work with this young cat. But recently he has been on Drakes Paradise Tour with A$AP Rocky and featured on interlude on Drakes Take Care Album. He has recently dropped the remix of Rigamortus track with Busta Rhymes who just signed to YMCMB (O_o) but anyway Kendrick also got support from Lil Wayne himself and you already know their previous history if you been following him for awhile, much of K.DOT earlier music you can hear a influence from the Lil Wayne that I use to enjoy.So a possible linking of this can possibly happen the 6 degrees of separation are here right lol? Am I jumping the broom on this one? Maybe so but nothing surprises me anymore in this hip hop world so anything can happen, if he doesn't stay just with TDE and I doubt he will because Money is always in someones eye I rather see him try to link up with G.O.O.D Music than Young Money. Plus I doubt drake would enjoy the competition he isn't about that life, why do you think he is signed with YM and why you think he didn't have a full feature with Kendrick on the album? He inst dumb he knows what he is doing. So lets just see how the next year plays out.


TRACK -Stamp Man Specials!

The Homie Track  is crazy talented up and coming MC who has been grinding heavy lately and drops this dope song Stamp Man Specials! which is part of his #TrackTuesday installment. Keep a lookout on next major steps this DMV native will be dropping soon.

To check out all other tracks from the homie hit his bandcamp.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grumpy Old Men - America

Grumpy Old Men - America from Schedule One + Co. on Vimeo.


Homeboy Sandman "Not Pop" (Remix)


Monday, November 21, 2011

Supreme x The North Face – Nuptse Down Jacket

Yea I feel like I need to cop me one of these for the winter, North Face and Supreme make a dope collab on this one.


Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – Not Enough Words

The Ghostface MC links up with his twin to make a real dope track,


Mobb Deep – Dead Man’s Shoes f. Bounty Killer (Video)

REAL OG feel here and you know I am rocking with because of the Bounty Killer feature.

We bringing it back to 95?


10 Reasons Not To Leave Your Girl Around Drake

I couldnt stop laughing through this whole joint LOL.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wale – The Ambitious Girl (Video)


Esohel - In The Rain

This song was written to motivate and inspire anyone who may have experienced abuse in any form while in a relationship." Esohel says of the song thus placing the story lines for the video's concept. "In The Rain" is Esohel's 3rd video off his LP "Essential".


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Curren$y – Luxury Sport f. Sir Michael Rocks


Common – Sweet (Video)

Common is here trying to raise money for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization the video is now free but still donate 1$ here to help it out.


ScHoolboy Q – My Hatin’ Joint

ScHoolboy def has been making a name for himself in the pass couple months especialyl since I had the chance to see him live at the 9:30 club in DC. He has real potential to be the next to blow up and not just out the TDE camp but in all with the new MC's in the game this kid grind is really showing.

There He Go!!

ScHoolboy Q - My Hatin' Joint [Prod. By Mike Will Made It] by Mixedbyali


Wale x Miguel “Lotus Flower Bomb”

What ever your thoughts are of Wale are on this song or his album all together the guy has a hit with this and is working on sticking to the game. Even with the video this a hit and you can see this playing a lot on Jams or 106 congrats to the DMV native.


HMMMMM Rosa Acosta

Yea I still have a fascination over this chick but can you blame me HAVE YOU SEEN HER BODY. Just dont watch this during work or in class or you will just look like a perv LOL.


Uptown XO- "B.A.M.N."


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big Sean On NBC Nite Cap (Video)

Big Sean hits up NBC Nite Cap and brings them on his tour, but on some real Nite Cap sucks I feel like I do better job then these cats, every interview they do is pretty weak but I guess its whatever..... YO NBC hit me up when you guys are about this life.



I had a dress shirt like this back in like in HS and we would jsut pour anything on it just to see it roll of like this stuff but man if I had that spray I would spray everything I had just for fun lol


Lyn Charles-Live for tonight


Friday, November 11, 2011

Blu – DoinNothin’ f. U-God

Well I enjoyed the Doin Something track with Pac Div, TiRon and the other ill Mc's a lot better but the beat is still dope and Blu drops some visuals for it sooooo yeaa! Off of the NoYork! project.
BLU - DOINNOTHIN' FT. UGOD (PRODUCED BY FLYING LOTUS) from david m. helman on Vimeo.


Yelawolf x Eminem x Gangsta Boo– Throw It Up

To all my Three 6 fans they would definitely rock to this track right here, haven't heard Gangsta Boo on a track in a good minute and she did this track justice and brought it back to her classic sound. Don't have to explain Yelawolf or Eminem in this track because from previous videos you know they would kill it. This is going be on Yelawolf Radioactive dropping Nov 21st
Yelawolf f. Gangsta Boo & Eminem, "Throw It Up" by The FADER


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smoke DZA – Pow Wow (feat. DOM Kennedy)

Real nostalgic feel to this video brings back memories to videos as a kid, gotta love when MC's come together and make dope tracks thats what hip hop is really about anyway. Unity in this game is the only way we can make it and stay in this game.


Phil Adé x Killa Kyleon - You're The One

Word to Phil Ade on this video the DMV native has been working hard these pass couple years and been grinding crazy.


Kendrick Lamar x Creative Control

KENDRICK LAMAR from Creative Control on Vimeo.

My man Kendrick has been making moves and doing great shows and selling them out and everyone just enjoy this new young MC who is killing these new young rappers. Creative Control links up with the homie and like usual make a dope video for this Compton MC.


Heavy D Tribute R.I.P.

RIP to a Legend in the HIP HOP world, The overweight lover made great music that we all grew up. During an era of of rappers going the gangsta rap route we had Heavy D making Dope tracks with his smooth rhymes and just great fun and what Hip Hop was really about. We wouldnt have a lot of the great music and hip hop influences we have now without this man RIP to Heavy D.

This was my jam right here as a kid!


N.O of chillcity- I'm Winning (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Neak - Watch Me Now

Neak - Watch Me Now from Cam Be on Vimeo.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bloomingdale’s x Dr. Romanelli – Beetle Bailey vs Popeye

These bomber jackets are too sick! I have admired Dr. Romanelli jacket collabs for a long time now and they are always pretty dope. They get inspiration from the Beetle Bailey and Popeye Cartoons and use the Army Vs Navy theme to create these dope jackets.


Neak - Sayin' Something (Prod. By Slot-A).

First time i came across this MC Neak but I saw that he had Slot-A production and had to check it out. Slot-A has produced some real smooth tracks in the pass for couple MC's that have came across Dats Dope and none of them have disappointed so I had to check out this cat.


The Fresh Clothing - Winter 2011 Lookbook

Yea dope lookbook video they cooked up here, Ive seen this clothing line out before but did not look into them till now but def rocking with a lot of what they have come up with.

The Fresh Clothing
The Fresh Clothing - Winter 2011 Lookbook from The Fresh Clothing on Vimeo.


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