Monday, January 31, 2011

Kobe x Kanye x Bruce Willis

Yea as much of a Kobe hater I am this man is the best yea Dwade has funny man Kevin Hart who is hilarious but you cant be Bruce Willis and Kanye West.Kobe is the Black Mamba


Sunday, January 30, 2011

J. Ferb- Gateway Drug

Look what we have here J. Ferb blesses us with a new track and yes its been awhile. Gateway Drug hopefully giving listeners a taste of what is next for the MC with his new project PONR "Point Of No Return". Keep a lookout for this cat folks  


Chip Tha Ripper – Roll That Weed B*tch

Its been awhile and finally getting some new Chip to rock too, Chip borrows the Travis Porter "Make It Rain" track for this one.


Stalley x Rashad "SLAPP"


Marijuana Soda

I just want the bottle lol... I may have lied but the bottle is still dope


Tabi Bonney - Love Leaves (Video)

Tabi gives us not a such safe for work video but who is complaining.... not me


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alcázar Welkin - Angel in a Red Dress


Monday, January 24, 2011

Trey R - "Soaring" Official Video

"Soaring" from the mixtape "Still Searching" due March 2010


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Phil Ade – Spazzin’(video)

My man Phil def gets props on going to Jerrys for this video, thats prob carryout hands down for me best Mambo sauce I ever tasted. Anyway Phil def goes in on this track and you can see he is improving everyday as a MC. 


DopeTalk with EyeDeal

For the second installment of DopeTalk we linked up with MC EyeDeal and discuss everything from doubters, inspiration and more. 


Friday, January 21, 2011

Omar Blowpop: Swim feat Akello Light

Can I just get more tracks like this? I love music I can just vibe too and just enjoy myself, these are new artist to me would like to definitely hear more of their music though. Always good to drop something new and different by now you all know I don't post the obvious ha. Enjoy the dope hook with the beautiful soft voice to add to the vibe.


2012 Heineken Black History Month Campaign

This is a pretty dope idea and I have a couple of friends I know who should enter this and easily can win. They having ad campaign for black history month and who ever can designed the best one will get 5,000 dollars you must be 21 years old and enter by February first. For more info click here


Kendrick Lamar x J. Cole Collab

I have been talking bout these cats doing a track with one another for awhile now, and close to a year ago Kendrick and Jermaine linked up and had a performance. That showed me they easily worked well with one another and since then been anticipating for them to work with each other and seeing what they will drop. Kendrick went to twitter and talked about a New Vanity Slave track and a J. Cole feature so we will wait and see when this will finally hit the web.


Breezy Art…Style

Breezy Art...Style from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.
I was discussing this the other day and what style means to the game, fashion does play a big role in entertainment in general. Style gets to show you who someone real is though, style could actually describe who you are as person its a great way of expression. Here we have Chris Brown, Tyga, Big Sean and Swizz Beats talk about fashion and talk about their own specific fashion.


Dats Dope Q&A : Ricky Parker

Ricky Parker

What’s your title with Studio 43?
I’m general manager.

Where are you from?
From Largo, Md.

People are saying the reason DC’s hip hop scene hasn’t blown up so much is because there’s a lack of support. Can you speak to this at all?
The whole lack of support piece, it really goes with the fact that the hip hop scene here is fairly new. Like a lot of cities…like your Houstons, or even like Miami for instance, like, they were doin’ music for like years. And for DC, it’s just really started being popular in the last five years. Like, before then, it was like only go-go and stuff, like the only thing really musically that people gravitated to….It’s something that’s still fresh, even for like a artist like Wale, who has a major deal, continued support for radio and everything is still fresh ‘cause it’s like a transition. But I feel like it’s something where the strides that’s happened in these five years, I can feel like it’s really gonna’ grow more and more. As time presses forth, you have different artists here who get recognition, and I feel like people are really paying attention to what’s goin’ on here. So it’s more and more people outside the area, I just feel like that’s really gonna’ start. I feel like it’s so new that a lot of people don’t know how to accept it or really understand what it is, because it’s not been long. It’s not the norm, or it isn’t the norm that people were used to for so long. It’s new where…For instance, I was in high school, like I graduated high school in ’03. When I was in high school, if you wanted to be a rapper, you had to be in a go-go band. And it’s like now, someone wants to be a rapper it’s…Like when I was in high school, it wasn’t a realistic dream. Like if I wanted to rap, I had to be in a go-go band because that’s the only outlet here in DC because, you’re coming from DC and you’re trying to rap, no one wants to hear that. When Wale got with Kenny Burns at Studio 43, I really feel like, for a lot of people, that things that happen where he was constantly on the radio or he was doin’ shows, it really showed people that it wasn’t lame, and it was a realistic goal if you wanted to be a hip hop artist, and have a lane to be successful in it. From there, there’s a lot of rappers who have been doin’ it even more, you know, just started getting notoriety off what Wale was doin’, and people started payin’ attention to that. And I feel like, from there, the scene created itself behind the early stages of Studio 43.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

J.Addo -Cold World" (Mixtape)

J. Addo comes and drops his first mixtape Cold World. This project has def been in works for awhile and the grind has not stop, make sure you get a good listen and download.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marz LoveJoy

How do you not Love this chick ?


Outasight – Losing My Mind (Video)

I've been hip to Outasight for a minute now I just never kept up with his music but def a MC that deserves a lot of recognition. He is really slept on mainstream wise but thats cool tho because he drops great music, his wordplay and delivery is crazy. This track Losing My Mind is dope track that has folks waiting for his debut album, video is directed yby 6th sense who also been working with Outasight a lot.


Lupe = Based God?

LiL B getting support from Lupe, I will def need to get this Lupe Gif of him Cookin HAHA SWAG 

cookin' Pictures, Images and Photos 
O yea check out this Lil B post from awhile back 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cam’ron & Vado – Sour Life

I prob could just be bias with rocking with Vado because I don't hear much of buzz behind him, just with that classic Dipset sound it just brings me back to when that's was the only things I was listening to. This specific track Sour Life is def one of those tracks real roc-a-fella Dipset era. Sour Life def got that Hard Knock Life feel going on, you be the judge does Vado have what it takes to put New York back on the map as Hip Hop is concerned?

Sour Life


Monday, January 17, 2011

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – That Good (Video)

 Def been on constant rotation


I Never Heard Soulja Boy Rap So Good.

 "Take my Dick out yo Mouth, just let me Be"
In this interview with Big Sean he is talking about being compared to Soulja Boy, they are referring to his Big Nut Bust track. I actually don't hear it myself, Big Sean looks obviously blown and little frustrated with that question he tries to retract his statement but why if its true. I guess I can hear why folks might think that but just like Sean said everyone sounds like everybody and people will always compare artist like that.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you "Ready To Live" ?

 ready to live - part 1 from Adam Saewitz on Vimeo.
What would you do if someone came and ask you when you hear Ready To Live what comes to mind? Some folks might actually get stuck on a question like that, This is a dope video its documenting this MC Moruf for his project the Garden State Of Mind: Ready To Live. This whole video and message Moruf is on is what Dats Dope is all about, what inspires you? If your good at art, music or whatever we want to see it, I want to see what are peoples thought process on life and what they want to do. Ready To Live could be a dope movement! 

What comes to you when you hear Ready To Live


U-ology 101

U-ology 101 Promo Clip from U-ology 101 on Vimeo.
This is pretty inspirational stuff here, pretty much everyone now knows I guess what they wanna do with there life but are you sure you will be happy with it? The group of people I know are around the ages of 21-25 and at the age most people think your pretty much set on what your doing in life, but I doubt it because many people are still finding themselves and what makes them as a person.

That's the message the U-ology 101 is trying to bring, the creator of this Jesse Jones is trying to reach High School students and College students to see who they want be in this world. I guess its pretty cliche to ask what do you want to be when you grow up but its not because it gives you the creativity to look beyond the norm and ask more of yourself to find out what really matters to you.

I like this project U-ology just for the matter fact it is showing people how to get to that point and find out what they want to do. I know I want to leave a mark in this world while I am blessed to be here, find myself and expand on that to build a dope future. Its not even success really just more of being happy with what you do.

"U-ology 101 is an engaging and candid conversation with young people that injects positivity, motivation, and hope into the minds of tomorrow’s leaders, and breaks down the process to make one’s passions, their life’s work."
Word To Marcus Troy


Nike Air Max Nomo “Varsity Red”

THESE KICKS ARE CRACK with the similar design of the Air Griffey's and just the dope design that easily catch your eye and break couple necks Nike def came out a winner with these. I am def catching a pair, I was kind of hesitant to posting these kicks just for the reason in case none of yall saw them they would be all to me LOL, but I cant be greedy so I have to show love to yall. Spring 2011 these bad boys will be on my feet lol  


Stalley is an NY Giant

New project Lincoln Way Nights Drops 02/08/11


Supa "In My Element" Teaser

Supa "In My Element" Teaser from Sean L. on Vimeo.


Rosa x Amber

I can't Just post this because I wish I was in between that?  
 Just For the Hell of it:


Crooks & Castles – Spring 2011 – C&C

Not sure if many folks still rock with C&C as much as before but this lookbook they dropped for the 2011 campaign is pretty dope. They always to manage to keep a real smooth simple look with their designs but manage to stand out. C&C mixed couple of styles together hence with the name of this lookbook Classic/Heritage just to give us another outlook on their clothes from the usual T's and Hoodies that come out. You can see the detail in the material of each design with stitching instead of the usual screen print. These cardigans and sweaters that they have dropping or pretty slick and I def would rock some.

Click Here for:


For What it's Worth.....

I still would go in on that minus the Four Loko of course LOL


Air Jordan III (3)

Presentation is pretty much everything for me, the way thing can catch your eye and set difference from other things is to key for me to be hooked. The 3's that are dropping the 22nd have always been dope and classic but I just wasnt quite intrested in them for the obvious reasons of everyone been hyped over them. What may actually change my mind was the box that they are dropping. The elephant print on the box is so clutch, to me it just brings out the shoe even more. When you can just add one thing to make it stand out is such a big difference. Are many of yall going try to get a pair of these when they drop?

Click Here for:



Trey def not a stranger to the site , the Baltimore MC is dropping a single Soaring which will be on his first major project Still Searching. Glad to see these MC still grinding and improving as an artist with that said check out the track show some feedback. Check out the site Ask About TreyR


"The Way You Are" Ike Da Kid feat. Seph Ade

"The Way You Are" Ike Da Kid feat. Seph Ade from Ike Obioha on Vimeo.

You have seen Seph Ade on Dats Dope before but here is featured on Ike Da Kid track "The Way You Are" which is off his "Coming To America" mixtape.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dats Dope Q&A : Stef

Stefan Grant

Where are you from?
Jamaica. I’m from all over the place, man: I moved from Jamaica to South Florida, then Los Angeles, then to DC.

Do you work for a company that sets up open mics?
Na, not really. I mean it’s just me and some homies, this DC rap group called The Carry Out. We just put on a bunch of different events, you know what I mean? We got a bunch of venues that we work with and we just try to put on events.

Do you only put on events in DC or do you go to other cities?
It’s pretty much mostly DC but we’re actually looking on branching out and looking at doing some stuff in other cities.

Do you travel a lot to a lot of different cities?
I mean I do, but that’s just on some personal stuff.

But have you had any time to observe the hip hop scenes in other cities?
Oh, yeah, like I’ve seen like New York’s hip hop scene, South Florida’s hip hop scene, and like that. Like South Florida’s hip hop scene is kind of undergoing like a change though right now.

How would you say DC stacks up in terms of enthusiasm and talent compared to other cities?
The enthusiasm is there. And the talent seems the same as in any other city, man. In other cities, they think there’s a bunch of wack people in DC, but you go to New York, you see that there’s a bunch of wack people in New York, there’s a bunch of wack people everywhere, you know? So it’s pretty much even as far as other cities go, talent-wise. But I’d say the thing that DC’s mostly missing is probably like unity, man. If everybody could unite under one common cause, one common artist or whatever, things could get a lot bigger, man. In a lot of ways, I feel that our diversity of talent outweighs other cities. We got so many different kinds of flavor and so many different kinds of artists, that that’s probably what causes the divide. It’s a gift and a curse at the same time. You got so many gifted artists, but at the same time, it’s so different in that it’s kind of hard for them to unite, you know?


Kwame Darko - Urban Prep (Mixtape Trailer)

I saw this cat opening up at the Big Sean concert awhile back and got this trailer sent for his upcoming mixtape dropping beginning of Feb.


Over 21 - Dream

Pretty smooth track Over 21 sent over this collaborative project who consist of @ThaFuture703 x @TheOnlyBPalma. This track just goes on everyone pursuing their dreams in life a pretty solid track.



Schoolboy Q – Birds & The Beez f. Kendrick Lamar

TDE is a movement and I am def following them, you can not deny the talent they have in this camp and not sure why no one label rise have check them out. Schoolboy links up with Kendrick again to make another dope track which will be on the Setback project dropping this week. 

Birds & The Beez


Pac Div – Your F*cking Song

Great to here some New Pac for a change, the trio are about to drop their Mania mixtape it will be their last till they have there first major album release with Grown Kid Syndrome.

Pac Div – Your F*cking Song


Big Boi x Pepsi x NFL Playoffs

With the playoffs starting Pepsi knew they had to kick it off right. They are linking up with many big Hip Hop artist to bring up all new original tracks for the games. They link up with Outkast's Big Boi on this with the success of Sir Lucious Left Foot he def having a good year. Big Boi delivers a dope verse to describe the big game between the Packers and Eagles, get ready for some good football till the Super Bowl and dope music! 
Check the video below


Lady Gaga x Polaroid – Grey Label

Not much of a Lady Gaga fan at all but this idea was pretty fly. Polaroid has been out the game for a while but they def came up big linking with this chick. They came out with these shades that are embedded with a camera and LCD screen which you can upload instantly. Thats pretty dope thought just to have a camera on you at all times and catch everything around you. They are also dropping a portable photo booth so you can print these photo's on the go! This Grey Label should have great success


Phil Ade – Phillin’ Em

Phil Ade started up his own Friday Music say and dropped this track over loso's You Be Killin Em. One of the next I believe to be coming out of the DMV Phil has def been stepping his game up.

Phillin 'Em


Uptown XO- EPK (Video)

Uptown XO EPK from uptownxo on Vimeo.
I always enjoy these videos of artist when they get to describe themselves to there listeners to find out who they really are. X.O. is getting ready to drop Monumental Vol. 2 sometime in March.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Made Men.

Homie killed it all of 2010 with two mixtapes, one of the best albums of the year, and then ended the year off with ANOTHER tape...and now only 4 days into 2011 Rozay is at it some more with this track, featuring drizzy.

I wouldnt post it if it wasn't dope.


MC- Self Made Mixtape

The Homie MC drops another Mixtape. This is MC's 3rd mixtape to drop and I can tell he put a lot of work into this project. Check it out here on DatPiff.


Kriss Mincey- Thursday Night

So I just got put on to this young lady and she is very talented. I really rock of the smoothness of her tracks and possibly sounds like a specific singer but I am not quite sure who yet. This project Scratch N Riff I get a nice jazz vibe to it and I really can dig that, Ive seen a video of the song Thursday Night basically a performance video and from what I see I would love to see her perform. "Thursday Night" is over the Miguel's "All I Want Is You". This young lady is really on the rise so make sure you check her out.

Check out Thursday Night below 

And Make sure you check out her Bandcamp with her Scratch N Riff project !


DopeTalk With Seph Ade

 DopeTalk With Seph Ade from Sean L. on Vimeo.
For the first series of DopeTalk we interview Seph Ade upcoming artist who is student at University Maryland. We sat down and chatted about his project Love Acoustically and his musical influences, Seph made a whole album acoustically and has real neo-soul sound must keep up with him. Check out the album and download it here!

Filmed by : YouKnowSean


Monday, January 3, 2011

EyeDeal feat. Seph Ade "I Got Five On it"

Going over the classic Luniz track I got Five on it EyeDeal throws more of his Spanish roots in these rhymes, with Seph going over the vocals. Sidebar who is that cool cat in the beginning.. O wait that's my smooth cool self LOL


Sunday, January 2, 2011

T.E.V | Hoppin Over Fences |

T.E.V who has made couple post on Dats Dope drops with Over Fences. The Educated voice is def on the grind who been featured on 106 & Park and linking up with couple artist. He has shown love to the blog so always have to show support check it out and comment.


Haze - Phone Call

So we get something dope sent from us from MC Haze who is representing the UK, telling yall Dats Dope is international.Haze gives different taste on what you might hear, he asking what would you ask the President or Prime Minister  and he shows what he would say !


Transworld: Best of 2010 Street Skating

Not sure what it is but always had some fascination with skating, always thought it was so dope even though I cant skate myself I respect it. It could be cuz I know couple folks who skate or my roommate is a skater but always been something I could dig. Anyway I peeped this on Hypebeast and they came up with a dope 6 minute video of some best street skating of 2010. 


Maliah Michel stretching

Maliah Michel stretching from on Vimeo.

Ive seen some crazy videos from my Love Rosa and the Nigerian Powerhouse but Miss Maliah is my new fascination lol. Once Mr Drizzy Drakes women who you may have seen in his videos bless us with this wonderful video LOL


Dats Dope Q&A : R.A.P

RAP – Rashad Andre Payne

When did you start rapping?
I’ve been rapping since I was like nine, 10 years old.

How old are you now?
I’m 23.

Where are you from?
Originally, I was born in Takoma Park. I’m from Maryland, grew up in parts of DC, NW DC, 4th and Delafield, grandmother lived on 9th and Illinois, stayed there too. So both DC and Maryland native, you know.

How have you seen your exposure increase over the years?
Me, personally, I’ve done a lot throughout the whole DMV. But mainly DC and Maryland. I’ve done many performances up and down U St., and I opened up for Project Pat before. I done opened up for my boy Adversary – he was on 106 and Park. We opened up for Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Jeremih, Bowie State homecoming, we performed at Six Flags. I performed a couple performances around here, this area, block party on Georgia Avenue, Pet for Peace rally, you know, a lot of things, like a lot of projects, a lot of shows, a lot of performances weekly, like weekly.


Rasheed Chappell – What I’m Here 4 f. DJ Scratch

No I didn't post just cuz we happen to share the same name ha but did catch my attention and he def has a dope flow. This MC gives a good vibe that is a little different from what I been hearing. I get a Q-Tip vibe coming from Rasheed and just classic hip hop sound. This is coming off his Future Before Nostalgia.


#TeamDatsDope Artist: Henny - I'm Faded {Official Video}

This past year I met some really cool guys from NOVA, turns out they have a huge movement brewing for us hip hop lovers. heres a pretty dope track by VA artist Henny produced by McCoy .. visuals by our good friends at 1st Impression.


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