Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jean Grae – R.I.P. f. Talib Kweli & Styles P (prod. Ski Beatz) (Video)


EyeDeal x Kriss Mincey Wish Upon A Star

The homie EyeDeal who has been working on his project to drop has delivered a Dope track with Kriss Mincey prodced by The Official. With EyeDeal flow and Kriss smooth vocals in the bakground this a smooth track.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Highsnobiety TV - Yelawolf x SXSW 2011

Highsnobiety TV - Yelawolf x SXSW 2011 (Episode 1) from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.

For part 2


Hodgy Beats – “Mystery”

Hodgy drops this dope track he posted on his tumblr and twitter, this young cat is very dynamic. OFWGKTA are some talented kids there world play to the delivery and the proper knowledge they have make them so dope.


Pac Div – Anti-Freeze (Video)

Cooler than anti freeze, damn it these rappers need a better scene


Chip Tha Ripper – The Entrance (Video)

Prob one of my favorite tracks off of Gift Raps and Chip finally gives me a dope video, hopefully chip can make this year the year he breaks out.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Outside The Lines: A Tattoo Documentary

Ive seen this before on TV once and was very interested into it. These are black tattoo artist who take there craft and master tattooing Black people with shades and colors we can actually get. I have been looking for this video for long time but never could find it till today when someone Re-tweeted this link on Twitter. Here just quick synopsis and link to the page here.  

The film is the brainchild of one of the world's most widely recognized black tattoo artists; Miya Bailey. For over 5 years the idea has always been in his head to create a film that not only sheds light on the artform, but also allows the artform to be represented in the right way. There are a lot of stigmas attached to black tattoo artists and their side of the culture; ranging from a lack of creativity to overall poor quality of work. This in turn has lead to artists from other backgrounds and those in the black community choosing to take their business elsewhere in search of quality work.



Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.


Kendrick Lamar – Don’t Understand x Outrageous

Two Dope Gems from K-Dot you know its automatic for a Kendrick Post because its always dopeness. 


Ab-Soul – Gone Insane

" I think I am Jimmy Hendrix, I think I am Kurt Cobain, I think I am John Lennon Gone insane"

Black Hippy is the truth F everyone else and yea I said it HA, but yea Ab-Soul drops this joint off the black Hippy Longterm: Mentality dropping April 5th.

Gone Insane


Audra The Rapper – Sweet N Sour Cypher f. RAtheMC & Nike Nando (Video)

I onyl posted this cuz Ra ripped it LOL


Big Sean – “My Last” (ft. Chris Brown) Video

He making it big right now, these are the tracks to hit the airwaves and Sean huge so lets see how it goes.


Mac Miller – On & On

Off of Mac new EP , Mac has been working extra since the XXL Cover and The Best Day Ever Mixtape release. You gotta love the grind from the Kid.
On &On


Nardwuar Interviews

You gotta love this guy he is hilarious and he brings a dope different way of going at interviews. I just got into the Narwuar and who he has interviewed but he really does his research and you have to love that, I would def bring a lot of what he brings to my interviews you can learn a lot. Here is some interviews from the SXSW with some of your favorite artist, his theme song has been stuck in my head LOL. He will be getting a show soon I bet.
Check More Dopeness for the vid O yea Curren$y has to have one of the funniest ones 


Big Sean and Wiz- Gang Bang( LIVE)


Big K.R.I.T. – “Dreamin” (Video)

always guaranteed to get some real life music from Big K.R.I.T.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Mashonda x KING Magazine

I guess she got to get hers too.....  


Who says sex doesnt sell!!

So 2k brings some help of the female tennis stars to displays the new topspin with playstation move. They def pushed the sex appeal to sell this game..... I am not quite sure if this will air on tv ha


Rick Ross (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Wale) - RetroSuperFuture II

2011 might be looking like a good year for Wale with this MMG, Ross brings Wale in on his and Wiz dope track RetroSuperFuture.


Kendrick Lamar: My Favorite Verse (Video)

Yall already know anything Kendrick will get posted ha but here Kendrick is talking about his favorite verse ever written and he says The Heart Pt. 2, he talks about all the emotion that went into with talking about Compton and his family. 


Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy – Jet Life f. Curren$y

I can tell you now when this mixtape is dropped it will be blasted in whip, Curren$y and his Jet Life team are def on the come up with Trademark and Young Roddy easily coming into their own and making great music.



Sunday, March 20, 2011

“Pine Green” Foamposite Pro Preview by Wale

The past year Nike has released an onslaught on the famous Nike Foamposites. Being from the DMV area foams are the craze and no one has represented that better then DMV own rapper Wale. With the hype of the pearls to royal blues and the pewters that just dropped Wale shows another gem the "Pine Green" Foamposite which wont be out for another 6 months. Here is a preview video of the displaying the new shoe, out of all the releases that has came out this year beside the royal blues or eggplants this has to be the best one. 


Lil B pulls a Kanye


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jay Electronica – Prelude To A Freestyle (video)


J. Ferb- "Lost In Translatoin"

Off the homie J. Ferb new project PONR (Point Of No Return) He drops his latest singled produced by Malcolm X .
  Lost In Translation Promo CDS by JFerb


Pac Div Perform “Anti-Freeze”

Pac Div - AntiFreeze Live in SF from Ricky Afuang on Vimeo.
Prob one of my fav tracks off the Mania! mixtape, Pac Div performs Anti-Freeze live.


J. Cole – “Killers”


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pusha T – Cook It Down (Video)

Really?!?!?!? To the dude who was just cookin behind Pusha throughout the video LOL


Odd Future Live x mtvU Woodie Awards

Odd Future making there mark and here they are hitting up MTV WoodieAwards. You peep the midget Tyler ? 


XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class Cypher pt.2 (Video)

Who said Lil B wouldnt be able to spit real ish? Just saying he held his own and some folks still doubted the cat even after the link up with 9th wonder. Anyway everyone went in from Yelawolf to Cyhi and of course my man Kendrick.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Biggie Tribute R.I.P

LOX - We will Always Love Big Poppa by oublierleracismeskyblog
I grew up on biggie I remebered falling in love with certain tracks from Warning, Suicidal Thoughts, Dead Wrong to even all his freestyles and can never forget about Juicy IT WAS ALL A DREAM (Biggie Voice). BIG would tell you stories, he would tell you his life in his rhymes biggie was great at relating with people and make it feel like he was talking to you personally. I can go on about Biggie but that be to much for the site but here is some my favrorite videos and tracks. He was a tru Don, The Mayor, Black Frank White but R.I.P to the Great and my favortie rapper all time Notorious B.I.G.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rick Ross (Feat. Wale) - Make It Rain Remix


I usually don't put WSSH vids here but it gets a pass because of all the Ass n Titties DMV very own Wale is linked up with the BAWSE Rozzayy. This is still very NSFW you thought the teaser we dropped earlier was BAD this makes me just want to cus @#!$$%%$#^#@&* lol. Anyway its still good look for Wale he can really be Rick Ross right hand man in all of this especially him being the best talent he has on his team this could be real big for him and the area.


Wiz Khalifa – The Race

There might actually be some hope for Wiz, many have said he has sold out, many have said he aint rapping anymore but this track def brings out some old Wiz. People love to hear some old school Wiz and yes you can say Old School in this case, wiz brings back that smooth sound you expected from him. Less Poppy, Less Lex Luger means this project might actually be something.
Rollin Papers Drops March 29th
The Race


Asher Roth "More Cowbell" x "Back Home"

Ive been an Asher fan for awhile and I still believe he is pretty underated because what he raps about world cutlture, politics and etc.. People still just believe he is the College White Boy Song. Its good to hear some new Asher his flow is ridiculous and he shows it on these two tracks which feature Chip Tha Ripper and some new guy Whatzisface <-- thats good name to get your name out tho! I like how he threw in the SNL CowBell skit that joint has always been my favorite skit.

More Cowbell

Back Home


2011 XXL Freshmen Roundtable pt.1 (Video)

So we get a roundtable discussion from the new Class of Freshman and they just talk about their experience and journey. You can see who is more of knowledgable ones and the one who are really hungry after this.


Pac Div – Mania! (Mixtape)

The Day has come Thank You  BASEGOD PAC DIV, I ve been waiting for these cats to drop this joint for awhile. These cats make real music and this mixtape def boosted me and my cars day lol I will be bumping this for a while.
TrackList and Download after the Jump.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Akello Light

I listen to all types of music so when I get a dope blend of it all in one its great thing. I have put some tracks of Akello Light on Dats Dope before but here is an EP that the North Carolina producer releases, its the 1st installment of his "Porno Soul" series. Also is Your Man is Tripping Video and download link.

The Honey Bun Prince Ep


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marz Lovejoy x RAtheMC

No not any collabs but I would love to see these two MC's work with each other, but we do have two dope videos from these ladies. The female MC have always brought something dope to the game with smoothness, lyricism to style with ladies like Missy, Foxy, Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah all bringing their own niche to the game is what I see we can add now to the game now. This is something I was thinking about when I saw the XXL list a while back, I was upset certain artist were not acknowledge of course but I thought at least they have female MC representing this year. Ra and Marz to me both show what you need to legendary not just as MC but a female MC, the same thing I saw in Missy, Foxy and etc. 
Check out the videos and enjoy the dope tracks, Marz Lovejoy project This Little Light of Mine is now available as is RaTheMC Victory Lap project.


Phil Ade – Break Me Off (Video)

Phil Ade was up North in good ol Canada touring around with the XXL freshman Mac Miller and drops this installment of #Philadaefriday using shots of performances. Produced by brandUn DeShay


Rosa + Stretching = Winning

YESSS blessed with another stretching video prob not the best like when Rosa first hit the scene but no one over here is complaining lol.


Rick Ross – Make It Rain (rmx) f. Wale (Trailer)

So yea this is def NSFW type video so if your in a cubicle and not trying to get fired or in a computer lab at your school don't press play ha. Wale is looking like he is #WINNING right now linking up with Rozayy and is living the life. The MMG team hops on booty shaking jam Travis Porters Make It Rain, keep the look out for the video to officially drop.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Freaks & Geeks (Video)

I dropped Gambino Freaks & Geeks track couple post back now he is back with video for the ill track. Gambino totally rips this track and I been bumping to it since I posted it here with the Adele mix he did.
Freaks and Geeks from Donald Glover on Vimeo.


Mac Miller – Donald Trump (Video)

Mac Miller drops Donald Trump Video from the Best Day Ever mixtape dropping March 11th. The video pretty dope but also Mac needs to look into some other directors to give it another look maybe Creative Control ?


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kicks For Sale!!!

Doing a little spring cleaning earlier than usual, getting some kicks off a friends hands after awhile if your true sneakerhead the shoes start taking room and collecting dust. We have some OG's some of the Retros most shoes are DS and VNDS. If you are interested or have any questions on any kicks hit me @_BigSheed and @Blaqlite_Fotos , mind you this is just part of the list.

Here is the list of the sizing of the kicks click the image for bigger view, and click the more dopeness link to check out the photos of some of the kicks!


The Kendrick Lamar Experience: Documentary Trailer (Video)

If you know me at all I am prob you know I am a big Kendrick Lamar Supporter, its crazy to see him just blow up as an artist and improve and to see people acknowledge his skills. Kendrick is the best and yes Best up coming artist out I would put him against any of them. Check out this trailer of Kendrick Documenting this journey he is on right now.



Got to love some good sneaker head jokes through comics, SN'EADS does it again with Sneaker Con NYC which is coming up this Month. March 19th is the date so check it out.


Sheen is Winning

If you have been hiding under a rock the pass couple days actor Charlie Sheen has been making headlines with some dope quotables that have taken over twitter. The "Two and Half Man" Actor has been dropping some hilarious sayings during interviews that you have seen on the internet with pretty much all stations. Complex gives us the best of the best of the Winning Sheen and gives us a cool soundboard.

Any of yall know how to design a soundboard? I have some great ideas for some let me know.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rich N' Seyi - "Steady Dreamin'"

This is a really solid mixtape but its sounds more like an album. The team behind The Dream Cast is very solid and definitely proving their skills in producing and lyric wise shows they can reach that goal that they can stand in this industry as artist. By the title of that you already figured that out, go for your goals never stop dream. The tracks on here were all solid with the features also. They have a good movement behind this and def got to be with it they will definitely be doing bigger things soon.



If you didnt like these cats before you might enjoy them after this, MTV gets behind the scenes and do a dope interview with OFWGKTA and just get to know who they are. In this interview they def kept true to themselves and you prob can get a better picture of what they are trying to do as artist.


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