Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tyga ft. Adele - Reminded

I need my man to stop sending his videos to WSHH first, its starting to really irk me 


Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine

NICE!!  I guess Jay must be working on something crazy because no one has heard anything new so he had to to hold us down with this 


Tyler, The Creator – “Tron Cat”

Raping Pregnant Women must be the new thing but I doubt yall about that life anyway. This is a Leak off of GOBLIN and it really has me waiting to see what Tyler has cooked up for this project dropping. Hopefully with all the right moves they recently have done Tyler and rest of Odd Future can stay on the path of success, it would be horrible to see them fall in time like this.


Video: Meek Mill – “Moment 4 Life”

I am just starting to look in to Meek, I thought I need to give him more of chance because many folks are telling me too. This is dope track he did over Nicki's the video really caught my attention the most though, Self Made May 24th.


Lil B "Justin Bieber"


D.R.G - SXSW x Freestyle

Representing Detroit D.R.G. has been making major moves this year with their Showcase at SXSW and with there new project "All Things Regular" will be dropping later this year with productions from Big K.R.I.T. They give us their performance of "Michigan Made" at SXSW and check out there Paradise Remix after the jump.
"Premeditate murder" Freestyle


Friday, April 29, 2011

Amber Rose x KING (Video)

KING-MAG: AMBER ROSE "BTS" TEASER from Billet Video Studios (DnkonDnks) on Vimeo.


ScHoolboy Q – Options (prod. THC)

Got a New track from Schoolboy Q, him and the rest of the Black Hippy's hae delivering nothing but consistend dope music!


Video: Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPoWeR (Preview)

my man Kendrick I really cant wait for this project to drop and this video. He making all the right moves right now!


Jeedy- Shine (Feat. Rickie Jacobs).



SwaGG University

“In life we all have to dress the part”. SWAGG University is a new makeover
show that travels across the USA and gives young men and women a revamp for
up and coming events they have in their life.
 In each episode Slim (Swagg Expert) will compete against professional athletes,
DJs and music artists in a competition to see who can SWAGG up their
candidate the best. Our hosts’ will ambush candidates that have events, are to
pursuing their passions, or simply need their image revamped. The host will take
the candidate and give them a complete SWAGG transformation starting with
clothing, shoes, attitude, and hair


DopeTalk with Big Sean

Big Sean came back to UMD and we got to ask him couple dope questions and got some real ill footage of his performance. We get discuss his album dropping June 21st, his style and many other artist using it, his family and just growing as a person, artist and performer. Enjoy the footage of him performing Supa Dupa Lemonade and Memories. Shoutout to YouKnowSean for this amazing video !


Monday, April 25, 2011

Levi Maestro speaks at University of Maryland

Levi Maestro speaks at University of Maryland from Billet Video Studios (DnkonDnks) on Vimeo.

I was pretty upset I missed this event because Maestro is someone who is really dope and has done so much in pass couple years what shows what little bit of determination and grind can get you. 

Shoutout to ItsCoolGrey for informing me on this event and getting it and check out his site CoolGreys

"Last Wednesday evening I arrived in DC to speak at UMD in College Park, MD. This opportunity was made possible by a group of motivated students that make up the Latino Student Union. Not only did they make it possible for students to attend but the public was also welcomed. I spoke mostly of my experiences during the last few years & my efforts of making my own path and building a financial future out of everything I love. I'm super thankful for the time shared with everyone that attended and also the attention they devoted for a little more than two hours. Leave a comment if you want me to come speak at your school!"......Maestro


DATS DOPE Premiere Artist : Adrian Boyer

We are back at it again for Dats Dope Premiere Artist and we got chance to link up with a very talented Artist who also is a tattoo artist and has great work. Adrian "Dretty" Boyer gets an Q&A from us about everything from his style to what inspires him. Check out his work and websites drettyink & 

Check for rest of photos after the jump .....

Q: Is there anything that inspires you as an artist

A: Really I try to go through the day with as much inspiration as possible. It usually comes in the form of self motivation. But when I don't push myself to create, I'm usually moved by a negative emotion, my work usually comes from a dark place with innocent intentions. 
Q: How long have you been drawing and when did you know this was your skill

A: I have been drawing since i realized that i could make marks on things with objects! LOL! Honestly as long as I can remember, that sounds so cliche and drab but its true. I didn't realize i was actually any good until about the 4th grade so around 9 years old or so.

Q: How did you get into tattooing 

A: I'd always had a fascination with tattooing as an artform, so first chance I got i snuck out and got a tattoo right before i graduated high school lol. Because my artistic style is very linear, it was sort of a natural transition. During college I had done a couple tattoos on and off. But really, I got myself into tattooing. I was pushing papers and on the phone all day in a cubicle fresh outta college, and I just got tired of chasing the convetional and "stable" dream. I felt like I was neglecting and wasting my artistic gift. So I got a short lived apprenticeship to begin to learn the craft....the rest speaks for itself.




Video: Pusha T "Can I Live"

Yeaaa I am about that life!!!! 


OverDoz. – “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” (ft. Skeme) Video

pretty sick video


Thug Friends “Titties And Carrot Cake”

I just find this hilarious can me and my friends make a video please haha I feel like we can get make a ill video this joint just looks fun hahaha.

People dont know how to just act a fool and fun anymore gotta love this


Asher Roth x Nottz Raw – Enforce The Law (Video)

And I still question myself why is Asher overlooked..... Anyway Asher drops dope visuals to this track and give us a mini movie 


Tech N9ne - I Love Music f. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek

Dope song, I havent listen to Tech in a good minute but he recruits Kendrick for this track and they came out with something ill.


J.Addo "Love Thing" Official Music Video


Thurnis Haley Golf Wang

LOL this guy is something but great promotion I hope yall copping Goblin when it drops


Friday, April 22, 2011

New West : Black Hippy

No one is comparing to them right now!


Curren$y x Fiend x Trademark Da Skydiver – Rooftop Freestyle (Video)


Phil Ade – Toca Tuesdays Freestyle (Video)

I'm telling you he is up next.... A Different World coming soon.


Kendrick Lamar – The Heart pt.2 Live (Video)

Kendrick Lamar: "The Heart Part 2 " Live from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.


Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women” Video

The OF member everyone is bumping too and telling me I need to get hip to drops the visuals from his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New West : Odd Future


Listen to ?uest on this !


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old School Video : Da Brat Funkdafied


Rocksmith Presents: “Swaggin’ Rights”

Easily up on the clothing lines I spent most of my bread on is Rocksmith they always holding it down. This video has me cursing myself again for not going to SXSW second year in a row and next year I will not miss it trust me. O yea they got the DMV homie X.O in the video he reps rocksmith heavy as well.

As they say in Texas, Go big or go home; or as these four members of Rocksmith put it, "No Half Swaggin". Lazlo, the director behind much of the Rocksmith video library, spent 4 days on the drunken streets of Austin to capture the essence of the 2011 SXSW experience while simultaneously shooting a spring/summer video lookbook. Swaggin Rights is everything that parent's hope their kids aren't doing in a relentless week of rising stars and open bars. Rocksmith's Hoody Allen walks us through memorable moments at the Fader Fort and Illroots Mansion as the days build up to the Hip Hop Supreme showcase presented by Rocksmith & Supreme Street. In the midst of all the ladies, music artist's, drinking & smoking you will see the latest in unreleased Rocksmith Spring/Summer styles scheduled to hit our retail partners in the upcoming weeks.

Swaggin Rights: A Rocksmith Spring 2011 Lifebook Video from Rocksmith on Vimeo.


Marz Lovejoy – I Can’t Call It f. Jason Madison & Like (of Pac Div)


STS - The People (Official Video)


New West : Casey Veggies x Mixtape Daily (Video)


Pusha T – My God (Video)

This video reminds of me of this old clipse joint


Rasheed Chappell Capture The Moment EP.1

Rasheed is documenting his journey to Nostalgia :

I have teamed up with the good folks of Grey Market Ent. to bring you a chronicle of my life & music as we come to the completion of Future Before Nostalgia (Produced By Kenny Dope). I invite you all to take this journey with me, from studio to stage and all the places in between.

This is the 1st episode & it takes place at Public Assembly as I helped celebrate the release of my homie's Silent Knight & K.O.N.'s release party. I hope to bring you more footage SOON!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

The New West

So what everyone be saying pretty much latley beacuse the West Coast is definitley dropping taletn right now and no one can argue that. On this site and many others you have seen post of many artist like Kendrick, OF, Dom, Blu, Nipsey, Pac and a lot more. These artist def grinding and I think most will make it mainstream and now of course with MTV actually trying to be MTV again got hip and are doing expose basically on this New West! On MTVNEWS starting this week they will be featuring all these different artist.
After the Jump check out what the OG Snoop says about the New West and showing these young cats Love


Odd Future x Pharell

Odd Future bring out Pharell and do remix to Inside The Clouds, folks at coachella def got great shows with all these special apperances.


J. Cole DC Show

J. Cole drops freestyle while performing in his show down DC.


Kanye West Performs “Lost In The World” & “Say You Will” At Coachella

Kanye delivers a dope performance at at Coachella people were up late watching it online just to see it. Kanye is def the icon of our time, each performance he has is crazy and always leaves lasting impression on his fans.

O yea I believe those are the yeezy 2


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mac Miller – People Under The Stairs


Track - Freestyle

The homie Track dropping another dope freestyle like his previous which on here 


Saturday, April 16, 2011


DAMN he ripped this tho


Big Sean @UMD 4/27

UMD doing another dope event and they get hold of Big Sean once again for a free concert. Should be a great show Big Sean came before with Mike Posner but since then he has improved so much as an artist so def waiting to see it.


Kendrick Lamar : Childhood Reflections 2Pac & Nate Dogg Tribute

XXL Freshmen Kendrick Lamar | Childhood Reflections [2Pac & Nate Dogg Tribute] from Fresh Scenes on Vimeo.

You got rock with Kendrick he let you know so much as person and thats how you connect with your favorite artist through there stories of there life that they put in there music. 


Raekwon – Ferry Boat Killaz (Video)


Pokerface Trailer

Pokerface Trailer from Figure 8 on Vimeo.

Trailer for my homies last undergraduate project check it out, going have to get to post it when the final drops.


OFWGKTA tour the East

Yeaa all shows pretty much sold out in a day... If you really rock with me find me some tickets !


DOM KENNEDY CDC (feat. Casey Veggies & cARTer)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Erykah Badu – Fall In Love (Video)

Nice Creative Control linked up with Ms. Badu and look at Jay Elec just vibin out and relaxing I bet this is how he fell in love with her.
ERYKAH BADU IN STUDIO from Creative Control on Vimeo.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The LeBrons Animated Series: Stay On The Court | Episode 2


Rick Ross – “Made Men” (ft. Drake) Video


Small Prank...

Caught you off guard a little? Yea they def confused the folks taking the picture, a little humor for the day


"Swizz Beatz Go NY Go" Screenshots

Mr. Keys Swizz Beatz does his part to show NY love like his wife with this upcoming video "Go NY Go". This will be the new Theme song for the team and heading into the playoffs against boston celtics could be there anthem for rest of the year. Here are the screenshots of the video with appeareances from Amare.


Marketing is crazy.......

I guess NSFW
Marketing is everything and you need it to build your company no matter what. The way you come up with ideas and promote what you do with being different and innovative is the true skill. Anyone can just put up some billboards but doing little things like this make you stand out from your competitors. A mall out in the UK gave the first 100 women that came in their stores wearing nothing but bras and panties (no complaints here) up to 150 dollars to spend when they came in.

How many of you ladies wouldve done that to get that gift card?


Rapping Paper

HAHA this is pretty dope idea wish it was I knew about it during the xmas time though. Some of your favorite rappers lyrics on wrapping paper cant go wrong with that for true hip hop heads. Maybe they can get some biggie or some pac in there too.


Lil B – Charlie Sheen (Video)


Vado – Check Em Out f. Jadakiss

SLIMMEEEEE!!!! Vado links up with Jada on this one and I never realyl thought of them linking up for a track but its def dope track they cooked up.


Rick Ross x Wale x Meek Mill x D.A (Chester French) -Play Your Part x Pandemonium

The man who doesn't know his identity is still dropping video after video, the track with D.A is dope and Wale has worked on couple projects with Chester French so he is definitely been making major moves in 2011 so far... Check Pandemonium after the Jump...


DMV Cypher : 4:44 Freestyle

Solar Inkk present the first video of there 4:44 Freestyles


Friday, April 8, 2011

Asher Roth – Kidz Theze Daze

Not at alone is this jus a Dope Asher Track and not that he killed it on this beat is it possible this is towards the Pitsburgh Native Mac Miller? Who knows but this track goes and my man Asher is BACK!!

Kidz Theze Daze


Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang f. Chevy Woods (Video)

What everyone loves to bump in the Whip finally gets the visulas dropped! This my type of gathering.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wale x Black Cobain - 4am

Well lets just say my man Wale is going back to the ol ways and going in on every track #NODAYSOFF. Black Cobain is crazy I really been loafin, Ive been trying to get into his music for awhile from when I saw him perform like a year ago but now I am def going look into him a lot more.

4 am


Lil B – Angels Prayer (Video)

I just post the vids.... but I just want to see this Jay Elec and Lupe link up he has coming up, give me another xxl cypher freestyle I'll be happy 


Big Sean Speak On His Rhyme Pattern & Drake (Video)

"I havent even dropped an Album but I already changed Hip Hop"


Jordan Kick Names T-Shirt

Available at Nike


Married To The MOB – Spring 2011

One of the illest female lines I believe is out dropped their Spring collection. With them making guys T's now might have to cop one just cuz!


Stussy – Spring 2011 Collection


Blu – The Explanation (Video)

TheExplaNation from Johnson Barnes on Vimeo.


Curren$y – Ventilation

Always dropping some new stuff Curren$y and now we get an Alchemist produced track. Curren$y has been winning fans left and right.


Chris Brown “Spend It All” (VIDEO) NSFW

CBE - Spend It All (18+) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

I guess everyone needs a strip club jam! 18+ to watch


Society Original Products Present: J.Ferb- Follow the Bike

The homie J. Ferb is doing big things right now in the music game and has been grinding to the max to better his craft. Society Original Products clothing has linked up with the homie and sponsoring this project Follow the Bike. Check this out and I can't wait till PONR drops !


Kendrick Lamar x Childish Gambino at SXSW

Kendrick and Gambino go in on stage at SXSW and drop some freestyles for the fans.


Tyga – Lap Dance (Video)

Hey the guy yall all jockin and got yall all wearing snapbacks drops another visual. Well Tyga has been working and grinding hard this year might be his year with YM 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

J. Ferb - Carpe Diem

New stuff from the Homie J. Ferb 


Stop It B! EP 5: "Stop Calling Yourself A Bad Bitch"

TRUE SHIT!! Had to post it!


Snoop Dogg – This Weed Iz Mine f. Wiz Khalifa (Video)

Father & Son Wiz and Snoop drop the visuals to the dope track This Weed Iz Mine!


Mac Miller & Wale – “So What”

Couple weeks ago I peeped on twitter Wale & Mac linked up and were bout to work on project with Don Cannon, well the project just dropped today what u think about it?


The Drone interviews Tyler the Creator

I'm not just talking about Raping a bitch.

A French Music site The Drone Link up with Tyler and he talks about him growing up being judged, being rebellious, maturing as an artist. When I see this video I rock with Tyler a lot more because he gets the bigger picture of being an artist. This kid and rest of the group are crazy talented.


Track - Freestyle Wednesday

The homie Track drops couple freestyle throughout this week, here is the Wednesday edition. Check out the previous freestyles from the week after the Jump.


Wiz First Week Sales

Well Rolling Papers is still chilling on the desktop and I have not had the chance to sit down and listen to it. Many know that this album was very different from much old Wiz so I believe many poeple did not want his album to sell, but the rumors of him only selling 6k I knew had to be false. With all the back up he has and selling out concerts MONTHS in advance I knew the the first week sales would be higher. Wiz almost selling 192K the first week is pretty good to the fact folks aint buying CD's anymore and that def trumps the 6k people thought he sold.

I just like this photo lol


Wale x Odd Future

Guess no Features for Wale and Odd Future in the near Future, kind of expected that before but would love to see how that type of track would've turned out ha. Well last night on twitter Wale was doing the usual Rapper Rant over twitter and gave a little shout out to Odd Future.

I didn't think much of it till later, till I saw couple of Tyler's tweets on my time line. I guess couple folks were RT Wale and telling the Odd Future Member that was a dope cosign. Guess Tyler was rocking but said it most professional way he could that he not big fan of Wale's Music.

Not every artist does collabs with another its cool but would've been dope to see two different styles really link up like that. Never know with the way the industry is they will prob link up one day.


Shrine Sneaker Rack

DOPE!! I always wanted an Ill ass Rack for the kicks that just displays the collection properly. here they designed a simple way to that and it just came out perfect. All shoe heads would appreciate this. FM
If you want to order some go to their site


Extra- Extacy

The Homie Extra drops this make sure you check him out!


The LeBrons Animated Series: The Lion | Episode 1

I wasnt even hip to this I guess ha but Lebron has animated series just discussing everyday life issues.


Nipsey Hu$$le - Rose Clique

Really hoping its my man year this year cuz even though he had all the BS with his label and all Nipsey was still delivering Dope, Classic, Hard tracks and was not disappointing his fans. Must be hard for the cali rappers though! 
 Rose Clique


Asher Roth & D.A. – Gotta Get Up (Video)

"Gotta Get Up" - Asher Roth from Luke Tedaldi on Vimeo.
Another dope artist who is sadly slept on!But who doesn't enjoy some Asher with half of Chester French?


Old School Video: Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown

what yall know about this!


Big Sean Talks Hip-Hop Fashion

Big Sean Talks Hip Hop Fashion from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Another trill ass site TheLifeFiles links up with Big Sean and talk about Fashion in Hip Hop.


Theophilus London – “Century Girl” (ft. Devonté Hynes) Video

CENTURY GIRL feat. Devonte Hynes from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

Not the biggest fan of Theophilus but definitely respect his work and I def see in his music he will be able to blow up. His videos are what really draw me in, something always different. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Childish Gambino – Break

The new cat in the game to catch many of folks attention Gambino drops this track Break.


Travis Porter x Big Sean “Dem Girls” (VIDEO)


Big Sean could fit in there group perfectly LOL he def be there lyrical member of the group!


N.O -Arizonas & Backwoods

I get a pretty solid mixtape sent to me from the homie N.O, he dropping his first official solo project. Arizona & Backwoods another DMV thing and prob know some people who would spend money there last 2 bucks on ha but N.O is delivering dope rhymes of lifestyle of the DMV good tape to kick back and vibe too. Download the mixtape and go get your Arizona & Backwood and get ready to break down!


Nas & Damian Marley – Land of Promise f. Dennis Brown (Video)


CyHi Da Prynce – Bunch Of Rounds (Video)

Cyhi The Prynce - Bunch Of Rounds from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.


Wale – 600 Benz f. Rick Ross x Jadakiss

People still saying this isn't a proper move for Wale? Wale drops a dope track to bump in the whip for you folks, Jadakiss killed it I didn't expect anything less 


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nike Cricket – “Yards” Commercial (Video)

Growing up heard a lot about cricket so have to appreciate this, wonder if it will ever turn into a bigger sport.


Wale x MMG -Self Made Vol 1(Artwork)

Wale x Ross with the rest of his team drop the artwork for next project


Mac Miller – Get Up (Video)

Song > Video, another case for Mac Miller he needs to hook up with someone who can give him a better treatment like I said possibly a Creative Control. Mac give up on your boys editing these videos for you.


Hey Why Not?


This about to be the new anthem LOL


Ab-Soul – Gone Insane (Video)

Black Hippy is the Movement


The Hangover II (Extended Trailer)

I am pretty sure most people will be seeing this movie.


Kendrick Lamar Talks About Growing Up In Compton (Video)

Really waiting for his project to drop


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