Wednesday, June 29, 2011

XV Interview w/ DJ Smiles

 Following their gig together at Jaxx Nightclub on June 24th, DJ Smiles interviews the Kansas representer XV to talk about his impression of the DMV and how he has never really tried to reach out to the area, but is really impressed by the amount of love he still gets. X then goes on to say that he is in fact planning to return to the area in the fall so he can visit all of the "female squarians". Vizzy then, towards the end of the interview goes on to  address his future plans, which include putting out a whopping 8 videos from tracks off of Zero Heroes.

Check out there site 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drake – Marvin’s Room (Video)

Drake ~ Marvins Room (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Pill – “Ridin On Dat Pole” (NSFW)

Yea I just like posting NSFW videos , SUE ME 


DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne “I’m On One”

Yea I did not get a chance to watch the coonery awards but I got the video from it


‘How To Make It In America’ (Season 2) Trailer

Summer will end off right with this series and entourage I cant wait, How To Make It In America is a dope show gets me all inspired to keep grinding with what I am good at.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jay Rock – Hood Gon Love This f. Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Actually was just watching this on MtvJams


Sublime With Rome – “Can You Feel It” (ft. Wiz Khalifa)

In the mid-1990s, Sublime’s mix of dub, reggae, punk, ska and hip-hop would help define an entire subgenre of alternative rock. The band’s laid-back tales of California life felt like the flip side of grunge’s nihilism and was able to unite the punks, surfers, rastas and hip-hop fans behind one band. Despite the 1996 death of singer Bradley Nowell, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh have continued playing, adding singer/guitarist Rome Ramirez and forming Sublime With Rome. And now we’ve got the exclusive new single “Can You Feel it,” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Word to PFOP


Big Sean – So Much More (Video)

Damn June 28th Big Sean can say he is Finally Famous.


Kendrick Lamar – Hol’Up

Another dope Soundwave production and Kendrick's in-house producer never fails him they make dope music. Kendrick is killing folks and when Section.80 drops it will be something serious.


Young Roddy – Blow (Video)


KiD CuDi – Maniac f. Cage (Trailer)

 A Shia LaBeouf Joint
A short preview


Curren$y – She Don’t Want A Man (Video)

June 28th seems to be the day 


Teairra Mari Feat. Mr. Vegas & Gyptian “Pum Pum Shorts”

HMMMM Pum Pum Shorts LOL, these cats Mr. Vegas & Gyptian havent lost there touch still making dope music, Teairra Mari need to stop playing these games with these videos lol. Great jam for the summer and yea posted it for the ladies in video.


STS- Only One Freestyle


Rap Rocks Concert

July 7th at Webster Hall will be Rap Rocks Concert which will lhave performances from Ra The Mc and Mickey Factz with the White House Band on the headlining line up. If your not hip to WHB they had one of there videos banned from MTV you can check after the jump. I might be trying to cover this event depending on some later situations but def go check it out and it should be a dope live show. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asher Roth – Summertime f. Quan (prod. Nottz)

Asher and Nottz link up again for another dope production, these two just connect with one another really well musically. 


Young Jeezy – “The Real Is Back” Video

Will we finally see TM:103? Is Jeezy back and does he still have it? or will with end up in shelves like detox?


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Sean x Kanye West 106 & Park

Yea I clearly don't watch this anymore but glad Big Sean getting his grind on and getting on 106. Major moves he has been doing and with the leak of his album which lead to the streaming of it he has been getting a lot of great feed back for his album. He brings out big bro kanye out for this one and they were flossin with their chains on.


Scotty Casshe- A Long Talk

New music from young DMV artist Scotty Casshe he goes on classic instrumental here. With a smooth flow and wordplay this young MC def has talent, wish his verse was little longer just to get a better feel but I'll wait till he sends me couple more other tracks to give a better verdict. Check him out and comment.



Morgan drops her Little Red Corvette project today and the dope female DMV MC is def been on her grind. Well put together project she has here go download!



WOW we finally get a video for this song, my closet has to be one of my favorite tracks of Big Sean because e just goes off on it. I did not know it wasn't really his track till now,but either way I needed to see this drop, and Big Sean is a fresh mofo I thought they was going have the LV condom hahah 


Pac Div – Your F*ckin’ Song (Video)

This is my "F*ckin Song " LOL, but nah this dope track that I always blast and glad they drop the visuals for that. Mania! is one of the illest mixtapes to drop this year I think.



Tyler, the Creator - Transylvania (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

" i love bitches especially when they suckin dick and washing dishes"

Dope Video, yea the kids are involved in crime, drugs, obvious rape charge and just being "delinquents" and care free IDGAF mentality their is a bigger picture then this through out the whole video. These videos that OF have done for all there tracks have been dope and like mini movies and that's what the people want to see.


Jay Rock – Hood Gone Love It f. Kendrick Lamar

 (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
Jay Rock gets his homie Kendrick for this one and Kendrick kills it, Jay Rock did his thing but that verse Kendrick did was just straight spazz and was dope.


Drake- Trust Issues

Drake drinking the lean now? Wayne must of got him hip but anyway ill track drake has def been dropping tracks that are all hitters, no one can complain with what he has been dropping. I say this because I am usually the one to complain and say how I have been disappointed by what he has been putting out but this summer everything has been legit.


Fat Trel "Yall Niggas Aint Real"

I guess he is beefing with Wale but not really sure what that is all about, had some thoughts because have not seen much of him around the BOA movement they had going on and heard tracks from my view as acknowledging something that dealt with that but that's pretty much it. I have not really gotten the chance to sit down and listen to Trel's music but I know he has a big following in the DMV and not really that surprised but this track is off his mixtape April Foolz


Mac Miller x Talib Kweli – “Family First”

I am happy Mac had a chance to link up with Talib on this track, Talib is definitely well respected in the game and I know he gave Mac some valuable lessons. Mac Miller is dope MC who is definitely building his skills up trying to do different things with his music to find the limits of the range he can reach. People have been underestimating him but he has been grinding and having great people backing him up. Family First is an ill track wish I had a couple more verse on this track though, Mac is trying to switch up and rap about all topics and get deep with his fans good stuff.
And shout out to my man Like for producing this ill beat, it does sound like something Pac would spit on.


Monday, June 20, 2011

J.Addo "So Fly" ft. Scotty Casshe & Domo (Official Music Video)

Off of J.Addo R&B Mixtape "Cold World"


D.R.G - Step Aside (Remix)

The fam from D.R.G have been grinding and sent me this remix from their mixtape "Regular Shyt Vol. 1". They enlisted the help of some of the dopest artist out Michigan right now. Keep tuned for them soon while they make a tour with the Smokers Club Tour


Shay-J and Mickey Retro - "The Hype" (Official Music Video)

I've thrown up Shay-J live performance a while back so he sends me his official video with the help if Mickey Retro for their track The Hype check out his bandcamp here


Morgan - # LRC

After the local performance success of Feb. 2010's 'Train of Thought,' DC emcee MORGAN is back with #LRC (LittleRedCorvette), her highly anticipated new project. Channeling the artistry of PRINCE, the most familiar tie to the tape's title, and one of MORGAN's favorite artists, #LRC is a prime example of an artist in growth: the maturation of her lyricism and overall artist presence is highly apparent in this project, and will surely pay more-than-decent homage to REAL music. Equipped with "perfect verses over tight beats," have a seat and buckle up as we take a ride with MORGAN in her Little Red Corvette.

Check the promo after jump


Ill Skillz - Ill Skillionaire

New Music sent my way.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hustler Watch w/ Pac Div (Video)

Hustler's Watch: Pac Div from Eighty81 on Vimeo.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stussy – Summer 2011 Cruize Collection

Yea summer time is here and everyone is been enjoying the weather, all about pool parties, cookouts, cruises and summer trips. Stussy here trying to get you fresh for these occasions.


T-Mobile – Angry Birds Live

Prob one of the biggest phone games of this past year Angry Birds get a dope real life video of this game. I didnt get into this but Ive seen so many people addicted to it.


Entourage X Nike SB Dunk Low Premium – Lights Out

With probably every guy favorite show that inst Espn or NBATV, HBO hit show Entourage is in its last season which will air July 24th. Nike link up with a dope shoe Lights out to go with the series finale. The all black shoe with the elephant print overlay is crazy dope and I need these in my life. Haven't bought a pair of dunks in couple years but this year the SB family has been delivering us some dope kicks that I possibly look into.


Lil B " I'm Gay" Album Cover

Controversy on this album title and many people still judging Lil B on this title name. Lil B gets his inspiration for the album cover from the Late Great Marvin Gaye "I Want You". Lil B explains the title of the album is of original term of the word Gay meaning Happy.


Curren$y -“This Is Hip-Hop”

Curren$y is one of those Old Souls, he is an OG from everything e spits about he trying to put you on, school you, let you know, he is just a chill dude. He really enjoys his craft and loves the life he is in now and finally made it with his career. Just talking about the struggles and just the influences, its good to get to know the artist you listen too.


Casey Veggies – Discreet (prod. Chuck Inglish)


Who Loves Orange Soda?

I Loveeee Orange Soda I do I do I do-ooooooo


Rocko – “Just In Case” (ft. Rick Ross) Video

For my Rocko Fans yall be ridin for this cat LOL, but dope beat and def can bump in the Whip but is Rocko working with MMG I wasn't hip so yeaa.


Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back"(Video)

Eh here goes the video still a lil blah about this song just because of the whole Tupac back thing but it is what it is.


Curren$y – This Is The Life


Frank Ocean - Novacane(Video)

frank ocean [novacane] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

Another Dope video from the OF kids, Frank Ocean delivers visuals to his song Novacane very simple but intriguing video. I am happy with direction a lot of the members go with their videos and do something different.


Wale – I’m On One Freestyle x Lacefrontin’

Wale working hard like usual and dropping two dope tracks. Wale goes in and rips I'm on One and by the track you No Days Off is Wale lifestyle he is hungry for this and is showing in his work. With Lacefrontin Wale goes back to his classic sounds that he is known for and best on, Wale has just been going in on every track he has been on like he is trying prove something and you gotta love that from artist to always go in on there tracks.

I'm On One 


Kendrick Lamar – Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) f. RZA

Yea Kendrick cant do anything wrong really it seems, with what could be one of the dopest projects that are dropping Section.80 have many folks anticipating greatness from the Compton Mc. Kendrick links up with Wu-Tangs Rza on this and making crazy music, Kendrick got folks listening and is def teaching folks with what he is saying. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Damn is it Big Sean day? It might be Big Sean Summer and Year with all the positive work he has done so far, the grind has paid off for him. With song after song feature after feature Big Sean has been on the map and being requested for many songs, Kelly Rowland looks for Big Sean Don on this track and this was a major move for him and her I believe. Dope Song


New Music: Big Sean feat. The Dream “Livin’ This Life”

I know folks who are going love this song, I got some friends who rock with dream heavy still dont know why LOL but him and Big Sean Link up for this one. With the leaks of the album dropping it only made bigger impact for Big Sean with so many positive reviews I still believe people will buy his album. This song is perfect for Big Sean just like the title says Livin This Life and just enjoying and making it and being Finally Famous. 


Big Sean – I Do It (Video)


Kanye West – Mamas Boyfriend


Method Man on OFWGKTA being compared to the WU.

So this comparison has been def thrown around a lot, even Tyler himself has talked about this and how they are not Wu they are the first Odd Future and dont want to be compared to anyone. Method Man explains his thought and he agrees and says this world like to compare things to another way to much and wont let someone be original in a sense. Lets be real Method wouldn't compare anyone to Wu in the first place LOL, but I am glad he see's these young as fresh and dope for the game.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Wale feat. Rick Ross & Jadakiss – 600 Benz

We finally get visuals of the one song everyone is probably bumping in the whip. That Miami hat would be ill if they won though LOL


Mellowhype - 64

Just started getting into MellowHype just to see what else OF brings to the table and Left Brain ad Hodgy def are some talented kids. This is prob one of my favorite tracks of there just the whole theme goes in and the video is killer, these cats have really been bringing videos back and entertaining like it suppose to be.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sean Garrett – In Da Box f. Rick Ross (Video)

Man I only posted this because it was soooo NSFW like really OD so don't even try to sneak this one on the job lol but thats why I love it.

And yeaa can I make that King Of Diamonds Move please and thanks.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Frank Ocean - We All Try (music video)

Frank Ocean - We All Try (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

Still getting into Frank Ocean and all , havent been big on R&B in a long time plus I am not a singing ass N***A REAL N***A S**T over here unless its Jhene Aiko LOL but I am digging what this cat has going on.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Rick Ross Soundboard

Another Dope board from Complex


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Just got this via Twitter dope video from Dom and what most folks been waiting for, West$ide II 6.28


Drake – “Marvins Room”

I am liking what Ive been hearing lately from Drizzy his upcoming album might be something that is actually him this time around.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yelawolf - Daddy's Lambo


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Country Sh*t (Remix)

NICE!!! Ive been waiting for this video for awhile when this comes on this gets blasted in the whip easy just gets you in the mood windows down, music loud and just cruising.


Entree – Tribute Wall To Jonas Bevacqua & LRG Family

Dope tribute wall to pioneer Jonas Bevacqua the designer of LRG who changed the game of fashion and inspired many of the clothing labels out now.


C'Mon Apple Users

You really believing yall hype? The cloud system is dope as hell but it isnt a new idea, this has been in works for pass couple years and all major business are working with this. Its just apple has such a big name those mofos can sell anything, put apple logo on trashbag and that thing will sell. These ideas are not new so don't feel so special like its exclusive thing. Watch the video 


Pusha T – Alone In Vegas (Video)

Pusha been dropping video after video and they all been legit.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Wale, Black Cobain, Tone P and Stalley -The Cookup


Thug Friends - Drunk Off Titty Milk

Thug Friends "Drunk Off Titty Milk" from Absolutism on Vimeo.

THUG FRIENDS if you see this can I get a feature yall are too Dope LOL, these cats are to hilarious and just look like they have such a blast in this video


Trademark Da Skydiver & Young Roddy – Nothin’ Lesser (Video)

One of my favorite tracks off the Cookin' Soul tape


#JETLIFETOUR Baltimore [Prod. by i'AWoL]

The homie MattyMakeItWork over at intl_awol got a chance to get some dope footage of Curren$y Jet Life Tour and stop in baltimore. I slapping myself for missing the show because I easily couldve went but instead went home and ended being sick smh anyway I am waiting for the rest of the footage the homies took from the show.


Kendrick Lamar – Sex With Society (prod. THC)

Yea Ive been out of town, no internet and been sick all in a week so yes I been slacking on post amd def real late on this one. But Kendrick delivers another dope track off of Section.80 he has easily been killing everything he has went on. 


Lyn Charles- Life of Solitude (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The homie Lyn Charles send me over official video of Life of Solitude, real solid track and dope video.


SEMI - So Appalled (Freestyle)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tyler, The Creator – “She” (ft. Frank Ocean) Video

I really just had to post this video, this joint is way to ill the whole concept was dope. Videos now are not the same anymore , you have no story or anything and they def brought one for this one here.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Curren$y – She Don’t Want A Man


KiD CuDi – “Marijuana” Video

KID CUDI - MARIJUANA from Grassy Slope on Vimeo.

Directed By Shia Lebeouf

I thought He quit the herbs?


Old School Video : A Tribe Called Quest feat. Faith Evans - Stressed Out

Classic Song and my consequence has always been doing his thing


Later Shaq

One of the most dominating players in the league Shaq calls it quits, prob one of my favorite players growing up had his jersey and everything. Shaq was the man in the 90's from killing it on the court or having tracks with greats like Jay-Z and Biggie and dont forget the movies Shaq was the man. I doubt he is really done he might come back like Brett Farve but if he doesn't its been a good run!
Check the vid of him Killing it!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Studio Sessions: STS ""

In Studio Sessions: STS "" from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.
my man def spazzes on this track


Legit - Thirteen

Not to sure what it is about cats out Midwest but they always ave a crazy flow you just got to vibe out and bob your head too. I get sent Legit from Uncovered3rd another featured artist they have, Legit has a dope worldplay, Legit is currently working on a new project coming out soon "Coloring Outside The Lines"


Rime Crazy- Book Of Rimes

My little cats are working hard out here and I def proud of them because this is an actual project that is put together. You have seen RC on the site couple times over the years but this is first major project from them that is full with different ranges of tracks, production and dope vibe. Songs to look forward to are Pocket Full of Paper, iNeed Your Love, Jahhs Thought and Beezys Thought Check out the mixtape and download and leave comments at the bottom and let me know your thoughts!


KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius – Perfect Is The Word

NEW CUDDER!! yea thats my man I cant even lie, Cudi makes music and thats what makes me enjoy his music because I get to just vibe out and understand him as an artist and just relate to it.


Akello Light: Trust Me Video

Dope music from Akello Light received a lot tracks from this artist but the videos always catch me I cant lie and the photos they use great marketing, keeps you always looking for more


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