Saturday, March 24, 2012

Leak- The Leak

You have many emcees now taking on much of their major music influences in to their music and adding little twist of themselves to really make it their own. With artist like Harlem's A$AP Rocky having his NY demeanor in his music but hear heavy influence from 36, Bone Thugs  or even Spaceghostpurpp from Miami with his revamp of the classic Miami sound many new artist are setting themselves apart from their typical area sound and making a new sound. This is what I get from this artist I found very randomly known as LEAK who is local DMV artist, I hear a lot of the OG Cali sound in his music like artist Too $hort. As I listened through each song it got me waiting to see what LEAK was going hit me with next, you are getting away from the typical MC's out in the DMV area and I guess that what had me keep listening. LEAK is easily a story teller something that has been lost in the rap game by over use of metaphors and trying to go over many folks head, Leak gives you his story over some trill beat selection with just straight spitting which lead me to the comparison to Too $hort. Would not mind to see some more from Leak just to see his versatility as an artist but from this "The Leak" mixtape I can say I vouch for it as dope project and its easy to say its a real (not just talking about yayo, sparking herb, running up on cats, etc) Street tape, you get topics of family, School and just the everyday struggles one faces.

Check the tape out.


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