Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meek Mill's Artist Lil Snupe Reportedly has been Murdered.

Sad day in Hip Hop when someone is lost to the dirty game we live in called Life. Meek Mill's artist Lil Snupe who has been getting a lot of buzz as of late since being linked to MMG artist Meek Mill, the Louisiana native has been pushing himself out of the freestlye scene to make himself a well known name in the the Hip Hop Community. I read the tweets this morning before any real news hit and my heart kind of just dropped, this kid could real spit and you heard his passion and energy in his rhymes. I downloaded his mixtape but never unzipped the file and planned to when I had a little more time in my day to go through all the mixtapes I have lingering and I had his on top just for the fact I wanted to hear more of what he can do. My first real listen came when he was in Philly battling Eagles WR Desean Jackson artist which he totally killed and I saw the promise right there and then. It's a shame that so many people try to get out of their situations in life to really make something of themselves just to be killed before they even get close to the top, Snupe had things going for himself this upcoming year and it is sad we will never get to hear his story.

This is the video of Lil Snupe battling Desean Jackson artist Retro, if you never seen it just watch the talent this kid showed.

The story is still developing on the situation of the young rappers death, but Rest In Paradise young bol a true talent that passed away very young.

The industry has been shaken up by this tragedy, Meek Mill has yet to say anything about the situation but he has found out as we all did over the Internet, his tweet below shows his concerns and disbelief in the acts. 

Other well known artist and celebrities chimmed in on the matter to show their respect for the young rapper as another Louisiana artist Curren$y who had couple tweets on the situation and who is clearly effected by it. 

Cleavland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving:

Teyana Taylor and her last memories:

Trinidad James

Casey Veggies send his condolences:

Former LSU TIGER and current Arizona Cardinal Tyraan Mathieu:


LIL SNUPE  Official Mixtape after signing with DreamChasers R.N.I.C


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