Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baiyu - FIRE

You want to listen to some "Fire"? Baiyu the Indie singer drops of her newest single bleeding out some emotions.
What sets humans apart is less so the way that we look, and more so the things that aren't seen. Frankly, a lot of those things are still mysteries to us. We are resilient. We are dynamic. We are sentient beings. While each and everyone of us is a unique mix of all these factors amongst others, I want to believe that destiny ultimately places us in the presence of very specific individuals that have the ability to truly transform us. To embrace this is how we evolve


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For this blog the sky is the limit there is no end in the possibilities that we have from Fashion, Trends, Art, Music, Graphic Design, and Technology to things happening here in the GOOD OLD DMV. If you are any type of artist or someone who wants to get a word out here just shoot me an email and we can get things started. I am here to get anyone & anything out there from struggling music artist, clothing designers to whatever you can think of.

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