Thursday, July 11, 2013

Save Baltimore’s Graffiti Alley!

So this is pretty crazy first 5 Pointz now the graffiti alley in downtown Baltimore which has been a centerpiece in the city for years. I pass by this alley every time I am coming and leaving Baltimore, I have always dreamed of doing a shoot their and I've seen countless videos and epic photos of this great area. It's one of those special gems that you have to experience. Please sign the petition on their site, make sure you read the full  agreement of the petition and then sign up. 

Check some of dope photos of the alley after the jump


Chef Solomon Johnson x Clean Cut Catering x Bluestem Brass (Interview)

"Your niggas is falling off and my niggas is climbing" It is a great thing to see your friends you grew up with succeeding in the goals they have set for themselves and living their true dream. My brotha Solomon set his path by moving out West to San Francisco to complete his dream of being a Top Chef  in the culinary world. My man can cook his ass off though, I've had the chance of him doing event for me and the food was Amazing. Check my mans article by Powell Bernhardt from The Couch Sessions Food & Drink special, great interview check it out. 


Shinobi Ninja - Power Strangers (Video)

The good homies Shinobi Ninja drop this trippy horror flick music video (very dope by the way) from their forthcoming album #EscapeFromNewYork #PowerStrangers. I always enjoy the tunes from these guys, they always give me that great mix of heavy rock with little bit of rap.

Check the video after the jump 


Hippie Sabotage - Sunny

After 2DBZ got me hip to White Tiger couple weeks ago I've been hooked to Hippie Sabotage.


Juicy J Feat. Wiz Khalifa - SHOOTIN'

Trippy mayne!! Unk Juicy leaks this new track with Taylor Gang CEO Wiz Khalifa, Stay Trippy coming soon. 


Joey Bada$$ - Norwegian Breakfast

On the The Smokers Club: OIL:710 mixtape



EP titled "LURKAVELLI EP", which is set to be released this Fall of this year. This track is a story loosely based on VELLI life growing up in the LES dealing with people he once considered friends.


Sikai - Shock The World (Video)

The Connecticut MC returns with new visuals from his mixtape Painkilling: 1500mg


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